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    tension calibrator alternatives

    Seems many ppl use digital scale for tension calibration. Just wonder any particular ones you recommend? I searched a little bit, but found that many models do "lock" the reading after it stabilized. I am hoping to find one without locking feature, so I can keep monitoring the tension...
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    Can I get away with no starting knots?

    Quite new for stringing, searched but can't find a definite answer. I am confused with the starting knots, thinking why can't we just use normal tie-off knots. I guess the reason it that the holes reserved for starting knots are usually bigger than others, so we need a bigger knots? But by...
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    Questions about Prince Neos (vs Eagnas combo 900le)

    I am brand new to stringing, and considering to buy a used machine to string for my family and friends, so probably only a couple of jobs a month. There are a Neos and a Eagnas combo 900le for sale locally. They both have about similar price between 200-300. Neos belongs to a sports club and...