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    It is a Pro Kennex.
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    Thanks I will try that.
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    I did several years ago.I replaced it with a Volkl Organic V1 Mid.
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    I have the following Kennex racquets that have gone dead.KQ15,KQ15 Advanced Kinetic System,Kinetic Pro 7G. When I shake the racquets I cannot hear the Kinetic material. I thought it was supposed to go to the handle. Has anybody had this experience?
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    Help finding grommets for Wilson Triad 6.0

    I bought three sets for a Head S12 they were actual bumpers.
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    Help finding grommets for Wilson Triad 6.0

    Znak Go to klipper usa. Click on accessories,click on grommet/bumper sets,choose brand-Wilson.Model Triad 6.0,head size 95. Hit buy now, it will show catalog number A334 for 6.95. Hope this helps. Flatball.
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    Stringing info.

    Need short side length for one piece .
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    Stringing info.

    Need stringing info. for a Volkl Organic V1 Midplus. Thanks
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    Shoe types

    Would it be possible to list shoes for foot types? I am a overpronator and I would like what shoes would be recommended. Thanks flatball.
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    Stringing info

    Thanks Jim. Flatball.
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    Stringing info

    Need stringing info for a wood Wilson Jack Kramer racquet. Thanks flatball.
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    Looking for a Volkl Cat 2 for a friend of mine. He does not want the Gen 2. Thanks flatball.
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    Prince Rebel EXO Rebel stringing info.

    I need stringing info for:Prince EXO3 Rebel 95,Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95. Thanks flatball.
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    A search for an elbow-friendly string - again

    Ashaway Dynamite. Important to reduce tension 10 to 20 per cent.
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    ProKennex 5G

    Schenkelini What string setup do you use in your Ki15PSE?
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    Prokennex 5g dead spot

    Film one Use your palm of your hand and hit the string from the throat to head if you hear a dead thud your Kinetic material has probably shifted. I had this happen years ago,returned it to TW who sent it to Kennex who repaired it. I also had the same thing happen on my K15 and it was replaced...
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    Advice on ProKennex Pro 7g, Ki 5, Ki 15 PSE

    Doug 4 I have used the 7g several years ago. Before I used the 5g. I now use the Ki15PSE and the Ki15. The Ki15PSE is more powerfull than the 7G. The swing weight of the Ki15PSE is about the same as the 7g.The K15 has a lower swing weight . The K15PSE is more powerfull than the K15. The K15 is...
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    Stinging a Hyper Hammer 4.3

    Stringing crosses The racquet was a Wilson hyper hammer 4.3 power hole . Sorry about not including power hole model in the original post. Gil
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    Stinging a Hyper Hammer 4.3

    I strung my first Hyper Hammer 4.3 yesterday. I had to us a pathfinder awl on the crosses. Is there a better way to string the crosses? Gil
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    Quick Poll. Home stringers.

    Stringing machine PMATA814 The Revo 3000 was before the Revo 400. Great machine .
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    Quick Poll. Home stringers.

    Home stringer I string for myself and a few friends on a Revo 3000. Great machine.
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    Good Racket For Player With Tennis Elbow

    Good racket for tennis elbow Another vote for Pro Kennex 5G or 7G.
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    Any Love out there for the ProKennex Ki15 PSE or 15G PSE?

    Ki15PSE I agree with stroke. It is a very stable,comfortable,powerful racquet. I played with the old version of the 5G for a few years,sold it to a friend who had a painful wrist,pain went away. I then used the 7G which I liked even better. I contacted Kennex and asked for advice on a racquet...
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    Alpha Revo 3000?

    Alpha Revo 300 Diz Boi Danny Do you have the owners manual? The part I am talking about is number21 in the manual. Loosen the allen head screw and lift the mounting system base up and lube. I am sorry but I do not have a camera . I am 72 years old I would not know how to use it anyway. If you...
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    Alpha Revo 3000?

    Alpha Revo 300 DizBoiDanny I ave a Revo 3000 that I purchases new in 2001. I have strung over 200 racquets on it with no problems. I calibrated it once. The mounting base started to shudder when rotated about two years ago. I removed the base cleaned and lubed the post with wheel bearing...
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    Racquet finder

    It came back up today. Gil
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    Racquet finder

    Is racquet finder inop ? Have not been able to pull it up for two days. Thanks Gil
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    Shiroji great buyer

    Transaction with Joe was smooth. Great communication,nice guy.
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    Alpha DC Plus - Shaky Base Problem

    shaky base Remove rotating base,cleanshaft and washer with alcoholand coat both with a heavy grease. This worked for me. Flatball.
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    Powerful Arm Friendly Racket

    Powerful arm friendly rackets I agree with Scotus, Pro Kennex 7g,Ionic15, Ionic 15PSE. Flatball