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  1. Raiden

    Should Fed retire BEFORE Rafa reaches 20 slams or after? One would think the former is preferable if his legacy is to be maintainted

    Bad idea. Bad mentality for Rog to even contemplate. If he had followed this "logic" he would have retired somewhere in 2013-2017 (while Nadal was constantly creeping closer while Fed was stuck at 17). Now is in fact the moment to intensify his urge to win more slams because his prospects to...
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    Nadal bragging on Instagram

    What happened on Instagram happened. What happened on Facebook happened. What happened on Twitter happened. Here we are. We're on Warehouse.
  3. Raiden

    Laver Cup Included in Official H2H Stats on ATP

    This is why players should always aim to win exhos (they may get legalized later) BTW that's how all tournaments began: as exhos/invitationals. I don't see the complainers moaning that pre WW1/WW2 slams be abolished (since at various stages multiple players and especially the defending...
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    He's not there. Only the irrelevant Slamrev is present.
  5. Raiden

    A Sad Realization for a Thiem Fan

    Actually if Thiem did those things then I'd give him a chance to beat Rafa. Rafa couldn't straight-set Goffin. That tells me this slam is Djoker's (or possibly whoever beats the Serb)
  6. Raiden

    Reasons behind Osaka's struggles????

    She behaved unprofessional (out of the blue she changed, nay, dismantled her own winning team. Any sports pro will tell you this is disruptive. Disclaimer for the idiots: I'm not saying that Naomi can't win without Sascha Bajin but simply state the obvious that by firing him, she abruptly...
  7. Raiden

    After victory against Goffin, Nadal is 114-2 in best-of-five matches on clay

    No she didn't. Faux "green clay" (aka Har Tru surface) doesn't count. Nadal's stats are all on pure unadulterated real (red) clay.
  8. Raiden

    Federer to face the son of his 1999 rival

    The kid seems rude. Declares his fandom for Nadal without being prompted/when only asked about Fed ("... but I am a Rafa guy..." I hope tha hata gets spanked by Roger hard.
  9. Raiden

    Federer to face the son of his 1999 rival

    Bad reporting They could have used another sentense to tell the (legitimately) newsworthy item about the dad being "around" a long time ago. I do believe that is genuine topic because it is extremely rare in tennis to have a successful tennis pro dad having a successful tennis pro son (unlike...
  10. Raiden

    Kyrgios penalty is a joke

    He did say something: that punishments need to objective and fit the crime. Throwing stuff into empty open space (not directing it towards a person) is a mild not-ban-worthy offense in the sport. The hissy fit of everyone is misplaced as it exists only because of who did the offence, rather...
  11. Raiden

    Is Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slams still inflated?

    That too is a fraudulent cutoff. There is no monotonous "60s and early 70s" either. The Australian slam was better attended by top players the late 60s than early 60s. Court had to go thru the likes of Bueno and BJK to haul some Aussie slams. So what you did EXACTLY demonstrates my point. You...
  12. Raiden

    Over six candidates will stand against Justin Gimelstob in the ATP Board election

    That's what the council is doing right now. But evidently it seems like there are powerful elements who don't want that to happen. They want players to simply accept CEO Chris Kermode and be quiet about how the sport is run. For for some reason these elements have latched on to Gimelstob as the...
  13. Raiden

    Over six candidates will stand against Justin Gimelstob in the ATP Board election

    Tsk tsk. I'm glad Tim Mayotte is not on the shortlist. That tweet disqualifies him. Shows he is unfit to be elected. I'm not even remotely a Djoker fan but publicly insulting your team's captain and also tagging Wawrinka only (but not Kandy and Pospisil and Stakovsky and so forth -- the others...
  14. Raiden

    Is Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slams still inflated?

    That's a facetious argument as AO was regularly skipped even in the open era long after Court retired (well into the 1980s). Only in the late 80s when they moved to their current Flinders Park facilities and started dishing out big prize money that it became a "must go" place for everybody. But...
  15. Raiden

    Is Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slams still inflated?

    Meaningless gibberish. No slam was seven round during those days. That came later. That the Aussie slam was weaker than the others during that era is something I agree with... but what is ludicrous is to then take the next step and claim that "weak era" equals "legitimate excuse to subtract...
  16. Raiden

    Osaka News

  17. Raiden

    How can a player who has declined in some aspect be at their "peak"?

    Should not even be taken seriously. And I don't think anyone does. That kinda crazy nonsense idea need not be dignified by a response and anyways no one believes in it in the real world (outside of internet fora). Almost all athletes peak when they are younger -- only a minority peak when they...
  18. Raiden

    Lori Loughlin College Admission Scandal

    I dunno what on earth that's got anything to do with anything. Do you also go to domestic abuse shelter and yell "get another man"? Do you perhaps drive around saying "there are other cars" to auto theft and vandalism victims? I still see a deeply flawd logic in comparing a theoretical maximum...
  19. Raiden

    Sara Erani's Serve getting abuse

    What is even more odd is that no one is asking her how this happened. Clearly the yips are caused by what she already had long ago: flawed technique. One of the reasons why players should have a decent serve is as a prevention of future premature breakdown of the motion.
  20. Raiden

    Lori Loughlin College Admission Scandal

    This isn't some victimless crime as you are pretending it is. The cheats deny that spot for many other families with properly qualified kids who end up being denied admission simply because the class or school is full... full of unqualified cheats that is. "Helping" your kid in such a way that...
  21. Raiden

    Lori Loughlin College Admission Scandal

    Not that that makes it any ounce OK that it otherwise would be.
  22. Raiden

    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Hey thanks I was looking for this (originally saw a clip of it on twitter but then the twat deleted the tweet, claiming that he got scared of a (real or imaginary) takedown notice to twitter sent by player agent/IMG or something.
  23. Raiden

    Naomi Osaka: future multi GS winner

    Funny how that story (orignoially pushed by Forbes) turned out to be a hoax. As it turned out she never signed an extension of her Adidas contract in the aftermath of her USO win. She smartly held out (or else Adidas foolishly held out). Which then led to her winning another slam -- which no...
  24. Raiden

    Tara Moore loses first 11 games, wins match

    I don't follow British scrubs but just happen to know Tara Moore because she got New York Times attention for being the lesbian wife of the Swiss WTA pro Conny Perrin (the couple are both scrubs but managed to get the attention of NYT for supposedly being the first two active WTA players to be...
  25. Raiden

    Best female tennis athlete ever?

    "greatest athlete" is a fraudulent concept. "tennis athlete" likewise. The fastest is not the strongest, most flexible/leanest etc etc... Only the best decathlon/heptatlon/pentathlon sports performers are genuine allround athletes (since they are the only ones who deliberately are persuing...
  26. Raiden

    Tara Moore loses first 11 games, wins match

    It was a winner. Ponchet got miffed when what should have been a matchpoint ball rather proceeded to clip the net and bounce on the line Only Jesus can "fix" that.
  27. Raiden

    Tara Moore loses first 11 games, wins match

    You can't fix a letcord (turning point of the match)
  28. Raiden

    Novak: a "computer generated prototype of what a tennis player should be"

    The OP put in a circle-jerky insensitive way but the topic is in itself legitimate to discuss. I'm a Federer fan but don't subscribe to the OP's opinion that Djokovic being less popular than Federerer is, quote, "a problem". No it's not. Popularity ranking should not be craved by an athlete...
  29. Raiden

    Why do WTA players squat on some groundstrokes?

    You should ban yourself from posting in this thread until you have checked "squat" in the dictionary.
  30. Raiden

    Novak: a "computer generated prototype of what a tennis player should be"

    Here we go again with hyperbole It's not one thing or the other. Djoker is more clinical and less flamboyant gamewise, but at the same time it is he who also is more complicated (emotionally charged, philosophical and experimental in life) than straight-n-square tennis robots Nadal and Roger.