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    Anybody else feel that one handed backhands are the most fun thing about tennis?

    For me its really fun to pimp slap the ball with alot of topspin. Its almost cathartic.
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    Do most pros work out and run distance runs?

    Just wondering if most pros hit the gym heavy or if they mainly just let playing keep them in shape.
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    Best tennis game for nintendo switch (mario aces or tennis world tour)?

    Im leaning towards world tour even though it got lower marks on reviews than mario tennis aces. The spin on world tour seems to have better more controllable dynamics, at least it looks like that. Anybody played both?
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    Anybody here skateboard?

    Id guess not too many, but i was just wondering
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    Best control/spin/low power poly that doesnt fall in performance with age?

    Is there anything as durable/long lasting as kirschbaum string but with a bit more livelyness like lux alu pwr?
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    Are most racquets used by pros slightly teardrop shaped?

    Or do some pros still use racquets with symmetrical oval hoops?
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    Why do alot of people still think “made in china” means the product is low quality/sketchily manufactured?

    The main thing that matters is the engineering and the attention to detail of the factory workers. Lots of very quality stuff is made in china. Chinese people make alot of well made, reliable products. A racquet designed in china might be a different story but a good chinese factory worker with...
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    Are there other flex factors besides RA stiffness that affect the way it plays?

    Like is there an elasticity/recoil/absorption factor that doesnt get listed in normal racquet specs?
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    How much lower than normal to string kirschbaum pre-stretched poly?

    Mainly referring to their “max power” poly. I strung it at my normal tension and its possibly too stiff.
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    Graphene touch speed mp vs graphene touch prestige mp?

    Anybody tried both racquets?
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    Does a rapidly spinning ball (Nadal, Sock, etc..) lose more speed in the air than a flat one?

    It seems players like nadal and sock need to smack the 5hit out of the ball in order to get a winner while players with flatter shots send balls down court that keep their momentum better.
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    Do people who say “its the player not the racquet” simply have ham-fisted nervous systems?

    Im not saying there arent people out there who obsess too much over getting the perfect racquet, but i would be amazed if any very high level tennis players would be so numb and uncoordinated to say the right racquet doesnt matter a tremendous amount. Another thing to consider is different...
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    Is it common to use feds fh grip with the index knuckle on the corner between bevel 3 and bevel 4?

    I have tried all sorts of grips but the most comfy/snug/consistent grip for me is when the base of my index knuckle is right on to of the corner btween bevel 3 and 4. Just wondering if this was common or if its a bad habit etc... I have seen some charts showing eastern grip as base knuckle on...
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    Anybody else hit best with their index knuckle on the corner between eastern fh (bevel 3) and semi western fh (bevel 4)?

    My hand feels more locked in and snug when my index knuckle is right on the corner...
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    What ATP players would be better if they had grown up learning 1HBH.

    Immediately i would go to players that are plenty strong but not that lanky like sock and verdasco. When is it too late to for an up and comer to switch from a 2HBH to a 1HBH?
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    Best wrist sweatbands?

    Are ones made with stuff like dryfit work better to black sweat from reaching your hand? My hands dont sweat much but my forearms have rivers of sweat flowing right down to my palm
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    Would a kyrgios sock dubs team beat they brian brothers

    Seems like they could dominate as a dubs team
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    Diff between ps 97 and rf97, subjectively/experience?

    Referring to the old ps97 red hoop with black paint at 3 and 9, and was wondering how people felt it compared to the RF97
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    What racquets/strings work best as buffer that evens out pace?

    For example, a buffer racquet would work like a buffer solution in chemistry class. If you hit the ball too soft, the racquet flexes in a way that gives more power. If you crush the hell out of the ball, the racquet would ease up on the power so you dont hit it a mile out of bounds. In other...
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    How would you rank top ATP pros by natural (pound for pound) strength?

    By natural strength i mean how strong the player is relative to their weight. For example someone with alot of natural strength might be 5 foot 5 and able to slam dunk a basketball. My list would go 1- kyrgios 2- safin/Nalbandian tie 4-Nadal/djokovic/sock tie 7- dimitrov/verdasco/tsonga tie 10-...
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    Do any pros find the pre match interviews and pre match pictures annoying?

    If i was in the zone and focused on my match, the last thing i would want to do is answer questions in the hallway or say cheese for a picture with my opponent out in the center of the court. Who started the trend of all these pre match obligations?
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    How do they measure how many rpms a pro puts spin on tbe ball?

    Do they just use slow motion video and count the number of spins during 1 second and convert?
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    Do pros tend towards tackier overgrips or more suede leathery type overgrips?

    An example of a tacky grip would be something like wilson pro ( and leathery would be something like wilson advantage...
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    Has any ball manufacturer ever made novelty spin balls that are lighter and more furry? crazy spin o

    iit would be fun to play around with balls that you could put crazy spin on like a ping pong ball.
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    Which single attribute is more important to the pros, coordination or natural strength (leverage)?

    worth noting that with more natural strength comes better proprioception, which is a part of coordination, so theres that... but at the basic, which do you think is more important in atp pros?
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    How does del potro hit such a huge FH with no backswing?

    i read in another thread his racquet isnt that powerful, which is also pretty interesting...
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    Why dont TV broadcasters show matches from court level?

    just watch a minute of this match and tell me court level isnt way better than normal birds eye view. Court level view makes you actually see how 3 dimensional the game is. You cant even tell the spin differential between men and women from the normal birds eye...
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    Is it degenerate to connect the crosses to the mains (all one length of string)?

    it seems like the corner where the mains and crosses were linked would leak tension from the mains to the crosses over time and result in an asymmetrically tensioned stringbed which would exert an asymmetric load on the racquet hoop. Seems like a pretty big cop out when you think about how easy...
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    This is not a thread about TT moderation.

    I am only stating a FACT that I have seen multiple forums suffer an exodus of members when moderation reached the point of biased Censorship. I am not talking about TT moderation. Im only stating a fact that free speech is literally a drug to hundreds of millions of internet users and like a...
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    Anybody else find isner matches boring?

    Hold serve Hold serve Hold serve Tiebreak Hold serve Hold serve Hold serve Tiebreak Very boring imo.