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  1. Irvin

    Badminton flailing tool

    @graycrait weren’t you looking for a flair / flare tool at one time? This is for badminton but should also work for tennis.
  2. Irvin

    Measuring SW (and / or TW)

    There is a balance board thread that was getting hijacked talking about contraptions for measuring the inertia of a tennis racket so I thought I would start another for the inventors out there and show one of my own. To begin with IMO I believe the device that holds the racket if it is pivoting...
  3. Irvin

    Goodbye 2018

    Happy New Year everyone, from my family to yours I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.
  4. Irvin

    2018 Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC Rackets

    I picked up a few of the new T-Fight tennis rackets yesterday. I’ll post the spec first and take some pictures shortly. I strung all rackets with Black Code 4S 18 gauge and installed a Pro Contact overwraps. T-Fight 315 XTC Weight 336.2 g Balance 31.4 cm Swing weight 315.3 at 10 cm MgR/I 21.00...
  5. Irvin

    Found a use for two starting clamps

    Does this picture look strange? Look at the knots the mains tie off on the bottom crosses tie off and the cross ties off on a main tie off. Why do that? Try to figure it out before I explain below. This is a racket where the mains skip 7&9 and tie off at 6T which results in a double blocked...
  6. Irvin

    Thought for the day

    Why is it when you mount a racket on your stringing machine with the logo on the butt cap right side up the printing in the throat are is usually upside down in the throat or on the bottom of the racket?
  7. Irvin

    TFlash 315 2017

    Someone asked about the TFlash rackets not long ago but I forgot who. I've seen pictures of the 315 on Tecnifibre's Facebook's page and now it is also on their Website. But it does not show when they will be coming out. I assume it will not be too long now.
  8. Irvin

    Proportional Stringing

    I tried a proportional stringing pattern (Sergetti @ sergetti .com) and I liked it a lot. But using that process can be quite expensive with multiple rackets, tensions, and strings so I thought I test out some other alternatives. I'm going to use the spreadsheet diredesire has on his site...
  9. Irvin

    Repair bumper guard

    I seem to remember someone repair a worn out bumper guard by glueing or plastic welding a patch in the worn spot. Does anyone remember who that was or have the link to the thread?
  10. Irvin

    Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

    I was replacing grommets on a Head YouTek OS and the grommets at 6H, 7T, and 9T were pretty mushroomed. I did not want to cut them off so I though I would break out the heat gun and soften them up. As they softened up they also closed back up a little and were easy to remove. I think if the...
  11. Irvin

    Do the YouTek OS grommets fit the Ti.Radical OS frame

    I called TW and they say no they are two different frame. Just wondering if anyone knows if the grommets are interchangeable. I know they are different colors. I'm doing a stare and compare on the two frame now any they look identical. EDIT: I also see the bumper for the YouTek has one more...
  12. Irvin

    How do you pronounce Nutcracker?

    Now I understand, I was wondering why everyone was having problems with their pronunciation.
  13. Irvin

    Delray Beach and Tecnifibre stringing team
  14. Irvin

    Search function

    It looks like the search function is not working @TW Staff
  15. Irvin

    Hairpin dimensions for TK82 pallet

    I'm trying to replace a pallet on a T-Flash racket which has a 0.72" x 1.0" hairpin (18.2 mm x 25.4 mm.) I was wondering if anyone knew the outer dimensions of any other hairpins and or the inside dimensions of any pallets. Thanks in advance.
  16. Irvin

    In a perfect world ...

    The original poster would be able to approve / hide comments made by trolls. Then no one would read the comments from posters who have nothing to say. And when the original poster has found out what he wants and no longer approves posts no one is ever bothered again with that thread. No more on...
  17. Irvin

    Calculating Twist weight

    @TW Professor @TW Staff I was looking in the TWU TWISTWEIGHTS Table ( and I see different TW values for for the RF97 rackets than the results I myself found for these rackets (both the old and new models were 13.0.) I was wondering if you...
  18. Irvin

    SwingWeight Axis

    @TW Professor @TW Staff When using the TWU SW Calculator to calculate the SW, is the SwingWeight given that about a 10 cm axis or some other axis? Thanks in advance, Irvin
  19. Irvin

    Gobble, gobble, gobble...

    Gobble 'til you wobble! Happy Thanksgiving.
  20. Irvin

    SW Calculater

    @TW Professor I've been using an apparatus that allows me to swing the racket from the handle (10 cm) instead of using a string on the head of the racket. Just playing around with the SW Calculator I've found that any time I put in a hang point lower than the balance point I end up with a...
  21. Irvin

    EZLOCK Eyelets

    @TW Staff do you sell Tecnifibre EZLOCK eyelets separately or do the just come in the grommet sets? EZLOCK eyelets are Tecnifibre Code # 54EZLOCKGR
  22. Irvin

    Best way to add silicone in the handle

    I've never done it but I would think squirting silicone in the handle could get quite messy and it would be difficult to measure out the exact amount of silicone you need. Well what if you could mold a ball of silicone and add or remove just enough to get the exact amount you need just like it...
  23. Irvin

    Calculating COP

    @TW Professor @TW Staff I want to use the formula from The Physics and Technology of Tennis to calculate COP (COP = 9.78*T^2.) And that formula depends on the period (T) of the racket when swung from an axis. QUESTION 1: Is the axis that point where my index knuckle meets the handle? I'm...
  24. Irvin

    New Tecnifibre 315 T-FIGHT DC S3

    My new racket came in today. All I've done so far is to measure the weight 312 g (3 g lower than published) and balance 30.9 mm (0.1 mm more head heavy than published.) I think I'll take it out and check the specs on an RDC machine before I string it up just to see how it compare to specs. EDIT...
  25. Irvin

    No grip just an overgrip

    I know there has been posts on this before but I'm starting a new one just because I can. LOL! I have been moving between 3/8" and 1/2" grips with an overgrip for as long as I have been playing tennis. lately I have been taking the grips off my 1/2" grip, installing a 2" long heat shrink tube...
  26. Irvin

    How to use a Pathfinder Awl

    @Gamma Tech I've seen in the past where stringers did not like the pathfinder awl because the broke too easily. I think that's because of improper use and not the design. This morning I strung an RF97A one piece. On a racket that skips 7&9 H&T I use the short side string to run all the mains on...
  27. Irvin

    Tecnifibre PRO RED CODE WAX

    Tecnifibre has a new Co-Poly string they just released. I just strung a 315 Limited 18M and 16M using the 18 gauge version. It smooth co-poly the measures 39' 6" or 12 meters in length. The untensioned diameter is 1.20 mm and when tensioned at 54 lbs it goes down to 1.17 mm. Stringing was...
  28. Irvin

    Splicing string

    I've heard of this but never ran into it. I was stringing some Kevlar string this morning and cut 20' 6" from a reel for the mains in a racket. After threading the string and centering the sting to start the mains I noticed a splice right dead center on the first right main.
  29. Irvin

    Hide posts

    @TW Staff Is it possible to get a Hide Thread button? I would be nice if you could hide a particular post you may not be interested in for one reason or another. I would still like to have the ability to see the Thread if I received an Alert because of a quote, like, or tag in the thread.