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    New ezone in 2019?

    Will Yonex release its next iteration of the ezone line in 2019? If so, can you provide any info (timeframe of release, any sense of directions the line is taking (hopefully, back to the feel of the DRs))?
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    Adidas Men’s Ubersonic 3 upper stretch

    like all shoes, I’m sure that the Men’s Ubersonic 3 stretches some, but can you give me a sense of whether it stretches a lot or a little (relative to most shoes)?
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    Prince Phantom 100 18x20?

    Do you know whether Prince plans on adding an 18x20 to their Phantom lineup with either a 98 or 100 square inch headsize? Thank you, David
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    Barricade 2018 Boost colorways

    I’m loving the 2018 barricade Boost. Terrific shoe. Do you know when you’ll be getting in new colorways? And what those colors might be?
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    “Authentic” MicroGEL Radical MP?

    I understand that Head somehow changed the composition of the Radical MicroGEL MP, so that the ones currently for sale are not the same as the ones that were originally produced (correct me if I’m wrong here). I’m wondering whether there’s a way to know whether there’s a way to know whether an...
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    Dunlop Srixon 2.0 CV Tour 18x20 in a 4 5/8?

    I'm interested in the Dunlop Srixon 2.0 Tour 18x20, but I'd like a 4 5/8 grip size. I know that you don't currently carry the frame in this grip size (and that no other online retailers seem to). I used to play with the Wilson Ultra Tour and it wasn't available from TW in a 4 5/8 ether. However...
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    New Head Tennis Bags?

    Will you be receiving any new Head tennis bags in the near future? If so, can you briefly describe which ones you're expecting? (You seem to have a relatively small selection and I don't see offerings for the Speed or Prestige lines.) Thank you
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    Head Youtek Prestige IG MP VS Head Graphene Speed Pro VS Wilson Ultra Tour

    Any thoughts on differences between any of these rackets?
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    Which butt cap for new Wilson Ultra Tour?

    Can you please tell me which butt cap should I order for the new Wilson Ultra Tour (2.0)?
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    New Prestige Lineup in 2017?

    Many people are eagerly awaiting the next Prestige lineup. I've heard (though it could be an unfounded rumor) that new Prestiges are due out later this year. Two questions: Do you have a general timeframe as to when they'll be released? Do you know whether they will offer a somewhat flexible...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour 18x20 grip sizes and pre-sale

    I have a few questions about the Wilson Ultra Tour 18x20. Do you know when it will be available? (and when might it go on pre-sale?) Do you know whether it will be available in a 4 5/8? (Unfortunately, many rackets no longer offer this grip size) Thank you
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    The myth of smaller grips???

    I understand that SOME top pros are using small grips, including Fed and Nadal. That is, grips that wouldn't leave them any room between their fingertips and the base of their palms when gripping the racket. However, I wonder whether it's a myth that a majority of the pros are going with...
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    FS 2x Yonex Tour G 330 4 5/8

    Racket: Yonex Tour G 330 Grip size: 4 5/8 Quantity: 2 Head size: 97 Condition: 9/10 Specific time used: 45 minutes of play on each frame There are no blemishes that I can see, other than a few fragments of ball felt left on the strings. The rackets are strung with nylon strings, one with a Yonex...
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    New flexible 18x20 frames in 2017?

    Wondering whether any of you know of any flexible 18x20 frames that are due out in 2017. I currently play with the Yonex 330 Tour G, which I'm fairly happy with, but I'm looking for something just a little more maneuverable and with 18 mains. It seems like the older iterations of the Prestige...
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    2017 VCORE 330 - Quite an opportunity for Yonex

    Though Yonex hasn't announced it yet, it seems like we're due for a new VCORE 330 in 2017. Moreover, it seems like Yonex is well positioned to make a rather appealing racket. Their previous 330s have received excellent feedback, and I trust have decent followings. IMHO, given that lines such...
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    New Yonex VCORE 330 in 2017? or the DR98?

    I play with the VCORE Tour G 330 and tried the most recent version (Duel 330) but found it to be too stiff, and therefore a little hard to control at times (just as Andy did in the TW review). Anyway, do you know whether Yonex will put out a new version of the Tour 330 in 2017? And for that...
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    Tricks to remove staples on butt cap?

    I've been shaving 1/2 inch off of my rackets recently. I've managed to remove butt caps before sawing the handle, but removing the butt caps is quite a chore. I've been using a small screwdriver to pry up the staples before removing them with needle-nosed pliers. This takes quite a bit of time...
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    Yonex EZone DR 98: consistency of "quake shut gel" in handle?

    I'm interested in the EZone DR 98 and usually customize my rackets by cutting a half inch off the handle. The EZone DR apparently contains "quake shut gel" in the handle. I'm assuming that this "gel" is somewhat like silicone, making it not a problem to cut through it without compromising the...
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    Yonex EZone DR 98 "quake shut gel" and customization

    I'm thinking about purchasing the new EZone DR98, as all of the TW reviewers seem to love it. I usually customize my rackets, by taking 1/2 inch off the length (by removing the butt cap and sawing off a bit of the handle). Anyway, I noticed that this racket has "quake shut gel" in the handle...
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    Asics Solution Speed 3?

    Do you know whether Asics will come out with a Solution Speed 3 sometime soon? Thank you
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    New colorways for Resolution 6? Resolution 7?

    Are any new colorways coming in for the Resolution? And, for that matter, is there a Resolution 7 on the way? Thank you
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    Older/newer ASICS Resolutions

    I've read the TW review of the Resolution 6 (along with some reviews on the forum), and Chris complained about heel slippage. Others have also made the same gripe. Someone on the forum suggested that s/he felt like ASICS had resolved this issue somehow (perhaps by going with more rigid...
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    Why no love for the Gamma 8800 els?

    I'm in the market for a new stringer and am considering a Prince 6000 as well as a Gamma 8800. I've searched the internet for info on these stringers (including reading over this forum), and I can't seem to find a ton of information on the Gamma. I did read one rather detailed review of it that...
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    Seeking Specific Prince 6000 Info

    I'm in the market for a new stringer and am leaning toward a Prince 6000. I've searched the net for some specific info on this machine, but I've come up short. Anyway, I'll likely have to store the stringer in a closet when it's not in use (wife and I are expecting another child and won't...