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    Wanted--POG midplus 4 striper 1/4

    I just sent you an email reply.
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    ~:[POG Club]:~ Open to all POG users

    Hi, I am interested in your POG mid. Is it the 90 or the 93 and is it a 4 striper?
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    Wanted--POG midplus 4 striper 1/4

    I am looking to buy or trade for a POG mid or midplus 4 striper with a #2 or 1/4 grip.
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    differences between the POG midplus

    Additionally what is the difference between the old racquets and the new graphite exo
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    differences between the POG midplus

    I have read a lot of rave reviews concerning the POG midplus (4 stripes) so I went and demoed it. The demo was a 4-striper in a 3/8 grip and I instantly fell in love with my backhand shots (TH and slice) using this racquet. When I concentrate and prepare early enough, the forehand is also very...
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    DNX 8 vs Cat 8 VE

    Has anyone hit with both sticks? How much stiffer does the DNX 8 feel? Is there a big power difference? I have read from various threads that the DNX 8 is better for baseline exchange whereas the Cat 8 is more of a S & V stick. What are your impressions? Thanks
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    DNX 9 users

    Karl, I normally play with a 1/4 grip so a 1/2 is too big. Thanks anyways. Joey, I just emailed you with my email address.
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    DNX 9 users

    I know that this might be deleted but where did you guys get your sticks from and for how much? I don't know if I can wait around for two months for it to come to the US.
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    Who from old members is still here ?

    I like to troll the board more than post on it. And I get a kick out of you guys negative criticisms of each other. Can't we all just get along? :)
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    DNX 8 Users and Demo'ers

    Thanks Vin. The PD and the DNX8 if you compare side by side they look like paint jobs of each other. Their specs are almost the same except that the DNX swings a bit lighter. I liked the PD when I first played with it but after about three months, I noticed that my wrist was starting to...
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    DNX 8 Users and Demo'ers

    I am currently using the Tour 10V-E MP--modified grommets. After reading your threads and doing some thinking, I decided to give the DNX 8 a whirl because I wanted a bit more pop on my serve. I was impressed with its power from the ground and on the serve. However, I could not generate the...
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    gut uncoated vs coated

    I know this thread has been discussed in the past but what are the advantages and disadvantages of uncoated vs coated gut, i.e. Klip? And do you need to prepare the uncoated gut in a special way prior to stringing it? Thanks
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    Volkl 10 V-engine users

    Thank you professors!!! I will give it a whirl.
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    Volkl 10 V-engine users

    It looks like a c-10pro bumper guard. I wonder if I could switch the original V-engine bumper guard for the c-10 pro--of which I have an extra bumper. Also please walk me through the surgery. I am just starting my residency :)
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    Volkl 10 V-engine users

    How do you "do bumper guard surgery" to slightly lighten the head? Can anyone send me a picture of what it looks like? Thanks
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    Help from NoBadMojo please

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    Weak return of service on very slow balls..

    This problem occurs because of various reasons: 1. The ball moves slow so you take it easy and did not set up properly with your feet. Hence when you try to "smack" the return it sails long or into the net. 2. Along the same line you became eager to punish your opponent and looked up to see...
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    The more relaxed your strokes are= the better?

    It does not matter who you face, being relaxed on your strokes is key to playing well. The reason that most people hit better when practicing is because there is a minimal element of nerves. Most people consequently play roughly half a level worse than they practice (4.0 practice and 3.5...
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    Ed (NoBadMojo), what's your take on the Volkl t10 v-engine mid?

    NMB, Thanks for the quick reply. I tested the Cat 8 as well and I was not quite as impressed with that stick as Rabbit is. I really like the VEMP and was looking for something along the line of the c-10 but with a slightly more oomph on the serve and on the ground :)
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    Ed (NoBadMojo), what's your take on the Volkl t10 v-engine mid?

    NBM, I picked up the 10 VEMP yesterday to demo. I thought that it had a bit more power than my c-10 and I was impressed with it to the point of almost wanting to switch right away. What held me back is the fact that I am recovering from TE and cannot assess the slice backhand or the serve...
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    The Most Unsportmanlike Opponent of All Time!

    I have an incident that I would like to relate to you guys while we are on this subject. It was the dubs finals of a local tournament. We were leading 6-3 5-2 with the other team serving at 30-15. One of the opponents--who have been staring us down the entire match with every out call within...
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    Tennis Elbow Risk?

    Good grief, I am using a mouse and typing this reply while rehabing from TE currently :(.
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    Volkl VE Tour 10 vs. Tour 10 MPG2 vs. C10 Pro ?

    Interestingly TW listed the VE MP as flex 62, strung wt 11.9, and low powered. The c-10 pro on the other hand has flex63, 12.2, and low-med powered. How is it that all you guys think that the VE MP is a slightly more powerful racquet? Is it perhaps that the VE MP has a slightly bigger sweet spot?
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    Any vietnamese??

    Sounds good to me. Shall we play for who is buying :)?
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    How to best adjust to today's game...

    I did not think that the phrase "baseline bashing" carries a negative connotation, but I could be wrong. In my mind, the term brings up images of someone, ala Nadal, who plays mostly from the baseline, offensively and defensively. They tend to hit mostly heavy topspin and use either a...
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    Attn Rabbit

    I did and thanks.:)
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    Attn Rabbit

    You were the one on this forum who mainly got me to switch to the c-10 pro MP from the Prince NXG. I read somewhere that you now switched to the Cat 8 VE. The Cat 8 is 10.7 oz and its frame is 24mm. That's totally different from the c-10. What's your reason behind this? Just curious.
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    A cure for tennis elbow!

    ?? I don't get this reply.
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    Please helpppp!!!!

    You have to shorten your stroke in order to take the ball on the rise. If you think about the angles created, a ball rising off the ground and bouncing off a racquet face that is square will rebound upwards. So what you need to do is shorten the stroke for better timing, meet the ball with a...
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    Any vietnamese??

    Immigrated in 1975.