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    heavy raquets (over 400 grs) (sampras ps 6.0)

    Hi guys lon g time since my last post over here... Anyone of you know the weight of the pros raquets??? are they around 360/370/380 GRAMS ???? Is there a pro using a raquet over 400 grams? I think sampras used to customize his PS 6.0 and the weight was close to the 400s.... Do...
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    double hips stroke

    Hi guys has anyone heard about that kind of stroke???? Its blocking your arm, take a very short backswing and the rest is done by the hips!! I mean its like twisting your hips forward,then backwards then forward again with the stroke and follow thru... Rythm is very good,it lets you...
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    rod lavers never handled the raquet with non dominant hand (right one)

    Hi guys i was watching the incredible ability that Rod Laver has;its not a coincidence why many consider him the GOAT... So i noticed that he never ever or very very few times he touched or handled the raquet with the other hand (in his case the right one) hes left handed.... Any other Pro...
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    what means "feel" for you and how important is it??

    hi guys Id like to know what is the term "feeling" in a raquet for you;how you describe it??? is it according to flexibility??? some people call it butter feeling?? Is it :flexy raquet (below 62 rdc) = feeling raquet?? And how important is for you to play with a raquet with "feel" as...
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    TW label leather grips

    Dear TW guys: Hi when are TW label Leather grips comingout?? i thought it was announced for this week.- BTW more or less when are these leather grips arriving to TW stock?? thanks andreas75
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    sysop: nadal spain Nike wristbands red/yellow

    Hi tw guys;2 days ago i saw the red/yellow double side Nike Nadal wristbands the one he uses in davis cup.- Right now its not on TW nikes stock anymore Seems that this item appears and then dissapears from Nikes stock on TW. Are you out of stock? If yes when will this item will be...
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    TW SYSOP:adidas oddysey zip top 1/4

    Hi guys It seems the adidas odyssey zip top 1/4 swaeter is not on sale anymore out of stock?? Do you still carry at least one or two?? You had it on dark navy and black. It is going to be replaced or definetely out of stock 4 ever?? thanks.- Andreas
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    lead at 12 oclock question

    Hi guys ; its known that lead tape at 12 oclock position adds dramatically SW and power also; so: Yesterday I added 2 stripes of 2.5 grms each (5 grms total) at 12 twuelve oclock to an Bbolat AeroPro drive plus + (non cortex) (the old grey one) to increase stability and enlarge sweetpot ; so...
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    Babolat vs Gamma vs TW label vs Wilson Leather grips

    Hi guys off course i know fairways are the best ones do doubt also the volkl is the heaviest and very good too but; Which is the best sold in TW:(pros and cons) of each one?? according to your experience?? 1)Gamma 2)Tw own brand 3)Babolat (gold letters) *(see Ps) 4)Wilson which...
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    volkl leather grips replacements on TW and (fairway)??

    Hi id like to know if TW carry volkl replacement leather grip?? And how good is the private label (generic) no brand leather replacement that comes in 2 sizes + 2 diferents thickness??? Has TW sold "fairway" leather replacement grips once ?? Thanks
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    SYSOP:Adidas jacket summer response group Navy or Black??

    Hi: From the Summer Response Court Group im looking for the: Adidas Men's Summer Court Woven Jacket in black. It appears "in stock" in navy and in white but the pics of the navy seems black.So??? It says navy and also white in stock but the picture is definetely black. check...
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    Anyone from Venezuela here??

    I know this is the pro player forum but its the most visited also and could find somewhere else to post my question apologyze guys thanks anyway.- andreas
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    Rossignol f 200 carbon

    Hi there; Anyone knows the specs of this raquet??? it was Mats Wilanders raquet.. in terms of weight,balance,flexibility and SW ?? thanx
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    pete sampras PS 6.0 weight in handle (lead)

    Hi guys.. First of all somewhere in the forums i read that Pete Sampras PS 6.0 has a huge amount of weight inside the handle exactly at the top of the handle just when throat starts. Its like 3 1/2 oz of extra weight... Is that true??? So his raq would weight like 450-60 grams...
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    mats wilanders rossignol F200 carbon

    Hi guys;anyone knows the weight of the rossignol f 200 carbon that Mats Wilnder used to play with?? And (if) any extra weight (customization) (lead)on it also??? thanks andre
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    luxilon bb alu power spin VS silver VS ice

    hi guys anyone has tried the new alu power spin (pentagonal)?????????? How it feels compared to standart alu power silver (not fluoro,not rough) just the old silver one????? Something else: alu power silver vs ICE???? Any difference??? or just the same????? thanks a lot guys.-...
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    rafas aero customized?? lead? how much?? where???? balance????

    Hi guys anyone here knows if nadals raquet has lead (gel,lead tape strips or whatever) at 3 & 9?? And inside the grip to counter balance???? and how much his raquet weights and more or less how many HH or HL points???(balance) IMHO Its imposible his raq weights less than 400 grams (14...
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    Open grip (FH) on todays ATP circuit??

    Hi guys; ive got a question here;i was wondering if any of today pros lets say top 200 use an open (continental or eastern) on their forehand?? As far as i know federer (off course) and younes el aynaoui also does but who else??? Thanks Andre
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    Marcelo Rios Forehand grip

    Hi guys;id like to know what kind of grip`Rios used to have on forehand???? Eatern or Semi Western cuz it seems to be an open grip... Also which grip was Sampras forehand also continental or eastern???? thanks a lot..-
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    Babolat pure storm Ltd. 95 sq in.???

    hi guys any comment about this IMHO first true players babolat raquet??? Even the grip is leather,full carbon and 95 sq inches.. 19 mm and 335 grams...
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    babolat aero tour plus + @ 67 lbs.

    babolat aero tour plus + Hi guys anyone here puts 67 lbs to (the babolat aero tour plus +) without cortex?? Isnt that too much or it makes woofer technology doesnt work properly?? thanx
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    babolat aero tour plus @ 67 lbs.

    babolat aero tour plus + Hi guys anyone here puts 67 lbs to (the babolat aero tour plus +) without cortex?? Isnt that too much or it makes woofer technology doesnt work properly?? thanx
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    no plan vs Bad plan (choking)

    Hi guys Recently i posted a thread about choking under pressure ;and maybe i found the solution: I think when you are working or thinking in a specific plan or goal during the match you forgett all the (demons) that makes you choke etc etc... Its much much better when u got a plan...
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    Aero tour drive plus tension

    Hi guys: An interesting question here: I used to have a Volkl c10 pro tour (93 sq inches) and used to string it very tight cuz im big and strong and needed to keep the ball in the court. Tension i used to use was 65 lbs with a pacific poly strin 16g Now i switched to a babolat aero...
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    choking under pressure..

    Hi guys i need some help here: Probably ive got all the shots excellents(i mean like guy ranked 600-700 atp more or less).. Pace,control,power,good foot work etc etc But (not under pressure)i mean when the match starts i really really decrease my level and i start to choke and play at...
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    No replacement grip at all..(Guga and Nadal)

    Hi guys i read on these forums that jonny Mac said taht Rafa Nadal doesnt use replacement grip at all.... Just from 2 to 4 overgrips over the handle plain!!!!! and someone also said that Guga also does the same thing!! Is that true??? Thanks guys. ps:It makes a lot of sense cuz...
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    Calfskin leather

    Hi guys.. Where can i find calfskin leather grips?? any pics overthere?? thanks friends. Andre
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    leather vs cushion grip

    Sorry if theres too many threats about this;cuz im new here in 2 words: 1) thickness diference between both(leather vs cushion) (im using a volkl leather) i know its heavier than fairway and others. 2)weight (in numbers i mean grams) between both. Anyone has a list? (weight) of all...
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    removing material from bumper (Lower Swingweight)

    Hi guys i read that removing some material from bumper guards is good to lower SW. It makes a lot of sense. Has someone done that??? How or which is the correct procedure?? To a Babolat Areo drive plus +.(not cortex) Thanx for your advices fellows. Andre
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    babolat aero with fairway leather vs cushion

    Hi guys. I m a fan of replacing the cushion grip and putting the FAIRWAY leather(or any kind of leather). So id like to know the pros and cons due to adding leather grip? All this process is donde to an Babolat aero drive tour plus + (not cortex)} Thanx a lot andre