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  1. The_Mental_Giant

    Top form of Big 3 at grand slams, which Slam peak looks scarier?

    RG 2009 wasnt federer peak at RG at all, he just was lucky to avoid nadal... he played 2 4-setters against acasuso and Mathieu, and he played 2 5-setters against Haas and Delpotro to reach the final... Compared to 2006 when federer only dropped a single set before reaching the finals... and He...
  2. The_Mental_Giant

    If you exclude the AO, Djokovic mental strenght at Slams is similar to Murray's...

    Murray is 2-6 at slam finals... 25% of wins DJokovic is 3-8 at slam finals (outside of AO)... 27,2% of wins.. what do you guys think about htat?
  3. The_Mental_Giant

    The real title count (excluding atp 250)

    Real title count.. Federer 61 atp titles (no atp 250 included) ... including atp 250 = 85 Nadal 57 atl titles (no atp 250 included) ... including atp 250 = 65 Djokovic 47 atp titles (no atp 250 included) ... including atp 250 = 53 What do you guys think about that? Now...
  4. The_Mental_Giant

    Djokovic 5 out 8 slams from the least prestigious slam venue

    How can he be in goat conversation if he only has 3 slams in the most prestigious slam venues? both nadal and fed have 13 grand slam in the 3 most prestigious tournaments in the world... sampras won 12... borg 11.... Lets face it.. even with 18 slams but mostly aussie opens you are...
  5. The_Mental_Giant

    Djokovic 5 out 8 slams from the least prestigious slam venue

    How can he be in goat conversation if he only has 3 slams in the most prestigious slam venues? both nadal and fed have 13 grand slam in the 3 most prestigious tournaments in the world... sampras won 12... borg 11....
  6. The_Mental_Giant

    Federer hasnt reached a HC SLAM final in 5 years, is he done?

    Federer hasnt reached an HC slam final since AO 2010. Roger has only played 1 of the last 11 grand slam finals.. and won 0 titles. After his last slam title his results consist in 3 SF, 3 QF, 2xR4, 1xR3, 1 xR2. and 1 Final. IS he FINNISH winnig slams...
  7. The_Mental_Giant

    Proof Diego Maradona is the GOAT of all sports

    Maradona visiting Naples in 2013.. No sportman would receive such acclamation in his arrival.
  8. The_Mental_Giant

    Whats your favorite match where your Favorite player Lost?

    I'm nadal fan and my favorite match when rafa ended up losing was AO 2012 final... definitely one of the most epic matches of all time... grand slam finals of the last couple of years are a big bore for me..
  9. The_Mental_Giant

    Nadal making H1ST0RY at RG?

    how would you rate his chances to win RG? Do you think its compulsory to win Rome in order to get back to confidence?
  10. The_Mental_Giant

    unreal numbers on a particular surface? Nadal in clay

    He has the chance to reach 20+ m1000 titles in clay 10 rg during this year.. Would it be the most impressive resume ever on a single surface?
  11. The_Mental_Giant

    Max amount of calories you have eaten in a single day?

    I think about 4000-5000
  12. The_Mental_Giant

    Should Media give more exposition to lower ranked players?

    It seems that all we hear now is Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray on a lesser extent. Has tennis turned into a glory hunting sport? :oops:
  13. The_Mental_Giant

    Andy murray Winning AO would cement his status as BIg 4.

    If he doesnt win it.. and Wawrinka does his status as big 4 will be questioned even more than before...
  14. The_Mental_Giant

    Predict Ao 2015 SF and F results.

    Semifinal 1. Berdych vs Murray Semifinal 2. Djokovic vs Wawrinka Semifinal 1. Murray def Berdych in 5 Semifinal 2. Wawrinka def Djokovic in 4 Final: Murray def Wawrinka in 5.
  15. The_Mental_Giant

    CILIC generated A tennis Revolution.

    All the mental midgets are doing better after he won the USO. I think guys like Berdych started to think, now if CIlic can do this, why not me? afterall Im a better player than him... the same for other guys who are daring more and trying their best against the BIG 4, such as Nishikori...
  16. The_Mental_Giant

    what timeb will be the AO 2015 draw released ?

    It says friday 15 jaunary but it doesnt give an exact time. I suppose its melbourne local time, no ?
  17. The_Mental_Giant

    Predict Quarter-finalists of AO 2015.

    I think they will be Wawrinka,Djokovic, Federer, Ferrer, Murray, Raonic, Nadal and Dimitrov quaterfinals Wawrinka def Djokovic in 5 Federer def ferrer in 4 Murray def Raonic in 5 Nadal def Dimitrov in 4 Semifinals Wawrinka def Federer in 4 Murray def Nadal in 5 Final...
  18. The_Mental_Giant

    Why ferrer barely skips tournaments?

    He has to be the only player on your that almost never skips a tournament (even federer skipped several m1000 tournaments across his career) 1) Never skipped a slam 2) never skipped a yec he did qualify in 3) Barely skipped any m1000 bar the first year of his career. (had 7 years span in...
  19. The_Mental_Giant

    Players that would have won slams without the BIG-3

    I think Tsonga would have won WImbledon and AO (obviously) Ferrer would have won RG (2 or maybe even 3) and maybe 1 AO. Berdych would have won Wimbledon. Wawrinka would have Won USO and maybe more than 1 AO... Delpotro would have won WImbledon. Soderling would have several RG Roddick would have...
  20. The_Mental_Giant

    Top 10 players by decade. 70s-2010s

    70s 1) Borg 2)Connors 3)Newcombe 4)Vilas 5)Rosewall 6) Kodes 7)Nastase 8)Ashe 9)Smith 10??? gerulaitis? panatta? Orantes? Gimeno? 80s 1) Lendl 2) Wilander 3) Mcenroe 4) Becker 5) Connors 6) Borg 7) Edberg 8 )Kriek 9) Noah 10) Chang 90's 1) Sampras 2) Agassi 3) Courier 4) Edberg 5)...
  21. The_Mental_Giant

    Without federer, nadal and djokovic in the ATP Tour, would you still follow tennis?

    I personally wouldnt. Give your opinion folks
  22. The_Mental_Giant

    Is murray the most talented of the Big4?

    Raw talent which means variety, touch, natural strokes, versatility , strokes out of nowhere (unexpected shots). I think he is the most naturally talented of the Big 4, others look better at times because are mentally stronger and more aggressive at their peaks. When I see peak murray...
  23. The_Mental_Giant

    Finals within the BIG 4 , Nadal has played the most, Murray the least

    Nadal-Djokovic 22 finals / 7 slam finals Nadal-Ferderer 20 finals / 8 slam finals Federer-Djokovic 11 finals / 2 slam finals Djokovic-Murray 9 finals / 4 slam finals Federer-Murray 8 finals / 3 slam finals Nadal-Murray 3 finals/ 0 slam finals vs the rest of big 4 Nadal - 45 finals / 15...
  24. The_Mental_Giant

    Matches that surprisingly never/rarely happened.

    Agassi and Nalbandian only played 1 time. (tmc 2003) Any other matchups that rarely happened but that have met several times? Federer being of the same generation as Nalbandian met agassi 11 times..
  25. The_Mental_Giant

    Is nadal a better doubles player than djokovic?

    Judging by the match of today.. even nadal at his worst beat djokovic in a doubles match.
  26. The_Mental_Giant

    Tennis Generations since 1990?

    What are the tennis player generations who dominated tennis since 1990? 1) Agassi, Sampras, Courier (all born 1970-1971) Dominated across the 90's more specifically 1990-1996 ... Agassi achieved more in late 90's early 00's and Sampras was dominant all across the decade up 2000. We have some...
  27. The_Mental_Giant

    Tennis player with biggest personality offcourt? (ever)

    Who do you think was that? certainly not delpotro :lol:
  28. The_Mental_Giant

    Your Favorite player is able to add extra tournaments (half of slams he has won).

    How would you distribute that? what would you add in his resume? LEts set an example: Roger Federer has won 17 Grand slams trophies (record)... that's about 34.000 atp points, so federer fans receive half of that which accounts for 17000 free atp points to fill his resume, what tournaments...
  29. The_Mental_Giant

    Why USO should be the most prestigious Slam and wimbledon the last.

    60%+ of tournaments are played in HC 30%+ played on clay less than 10% of tournaments played in grass. The more widespread a court is the more competition and the higher the level gets, so the most traditional HC tournament should be regarded as the most prestigious, no? In that case...
  30. The_Mental_Giant

    Weakest number 1 ever?

    Who of the current 25 atp players who ever reached that spot impressed you the least?, who had the weakest game at the time he turned number 1? (not talking about the level he reached late up on of his career or total achievements). Muster? Ferrero? Moya? who?