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    choochoo= GREAT

    Bought a like new racket from choochoo and it really is like new; no chips, marks, scratches, etc. Communication was fast and great and I recommend this seller to anyone. A++
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    ? about TW used demos

    HI! I just saw the Donnay X-Red 94 show up on your used demo list. I was wondering if you could tell me what the approx. condition of the demos being sold. I've been looking for the X-Red 94 for a while, but when the demo's are only $10 less than the discounted Donnay X-series rackets...
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    Donnay X-Red 94 Plus question

    I noticed that these just showed back up. I was wondering: 1. Is there any chance of the normal X-Red 94 normal showing back up in the future? 2. Is the extra weight of the PLUS model lead tape or something else that can be removed? Or is the extra weight built into the frame? Also...
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    Keeping my rhythm against inconsistent players???

    Hi, let me quickly explain the situation: I play 3-4 times a week, 2-3 hours each time. I don't know my level but should be somewhere around a 4.0 (variety of serves, power/spins/direction control off both wings). Half of the week I play a friend that is close to my level and we have...
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    Djokovic Series 6-Pack bag as Backpack?

    My wife just got me a Djokovic Series 6-pack bag as an early Christmas gift. It's was advertised as having backpack straps, but when it came tonight, I can NOT get it to work well as a backpack at all, no matter which direction I try to wear it. We double checked TW and it says backpack...
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    Dunlop Tour Classic Leather Grip?

    I can't seem to find any real feedback or info about this grip. At the tennis store the other day, the small square sample on the front of the package felt softer and more tacky than many of the other leather grips being sold. Any user experience? Thanks! marcus
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    Tgk 238.4 Vs 238.5?

    I hope this is the right place to put this. I thought I might have more luck in here than in the normal racket forum, since it is asking about pro rackets. Is the only difference between these the drill pattern? What about stiffness? I ask because I have a retail YT Prestige Pro and a...
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    Ever heard of a Head TGT 238.4? (no typo) PIC

    I really meant to type "TGT" NOT "TGK". I just got a TGK 238.4 from a very trust-worthy member of a string forum online. It was brand new, and I do not doubt it is authentic. I changed the pallet to a TK82s, and I snapped a picture when I did. I didn't even notice when I was changing the...
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    Travel tennis bag I use

    Just wanted to share this: I have a High Sierra 29" Compass like this: I have this bag and have used it to travel with tennis rackets. I went to Hong...
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    Berdych and Cilic rackets from China Open Final last night

    Just a few pictures I took from the final last night in case anyone is interested. Obviously, it's interesting that Berdych used the Radical MP PJ (I'm 90% sure from the pictures that it says MP), and you can also see Berdych's lead tape at 3&9 o'clock. Also, I noticed that none of these seem...
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    Is this a real Head Pro Stock TGK?

    I just got a TGK 238.4 XL from a string forum online, and I have some doubts about it. The reason is that: 1. It doesn't have lead on the head even though I was told it would. In fact, it came with Radical grommets (which I knew it would), and they are trimmed so that there is basically no...
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    TGK 238.4 XL bare weight?

    Looking for the bare weight of TGK 238.4 XL. Just curious and don't really want to take the pallet off if I don't have to. Wondering, without any lead or silicon, what the bare weight is? Just so I know where I'm starting from as I try different set ups and try to find the specs that work for...
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    Is swing weight sometimes misleading?

    I'm new on these forums, but I've been playing tennis for about 12 years now. After a 3-4 year break after a move, I've finally gotten back into tennis and I've been playing 4-5 times a week for about 7-8 months now. I can never get enough court time :) I've never been rated, but I guess I...