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    Staple removal ... help!

    Trying to change butt cap on a Prince Phantom and Prince has five (!) staples on it, four of which won’t budge. One, isn’t that a little excessive? Two, how the hell do I get them out? Tried everything.
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    off center vibration dampener placement?

    I know this sounds crazy. Probably is. But last night I was playing a match and noticing the stringbed on my Head Graphene EX Extreme Pro was feeling great, that perfect blend of comfort and response, and I was playing well. Won the first set 6-2. At some point, I realize the dampener is not in...
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    Need something like Asics Gel but with more ankle support?

    I've been wearing Asics for years and love them, but I've been having some ankle problems and looking for a shoe that's not quite as low cut. Help me out TT, I've almost burned a whole in these things! ... Thanks
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    Best leather grip for maintaining grip size

    I’m looking to add leather grip to Prince Phantom 100 without making the grip any larger (or smaller). Suggestions? I know there are charts with the thickness of different leather grips, but I’m still not sure which to use.
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    Best poly for light racquet, e.g. 2018 Pure Drive Lite?

    I got a great deal on the Pure Drive Lite, so I bought it. Doesn't look like it's widely used here, but I wanted to take a shot at a lighter racquet after struggling recently with my Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro. Anyone playing with the new or old PD Lite and have any tips on strings and...
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive Lite 1/4

    To buy or trade
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    Grip size conundrum

    I have medium sized hands and switched awhile back from 3/8 to 1/4 grip. Seems like I could really whip the racquet better. But lately I feel like I’m struggling to find the right size. Been messing with ultrathin grips, single or double overgrip, wrapping them tight vs loose etc. This weekend...
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    One or two ankle braces?

    Rolled my right ankle badly on Monday (heard a crack but X-ray shows no fracture ) and bought two ASO ankle braces. Wondering if I should wear it just on the injured ankle, which I rolled several years ago also, or both ankles? The other one I’ve never had a problem with. I’ve seen players...
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    Trying to save money by stringing

    I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, haven't found a clear answer: I'm trying to save money in the long run by doing my own stringing. But it would be *very* long run if I forked out a ton of cash for an expensive machine. Anyone have experience with the cheap machines around $300? Do...
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    Wanted Head Graphene Touch Speed MP (1/4)

    buy or trade
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive Team 1/4

    To buy or trade. Thanks.
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    Wanted Head Graphene Touch Speed MP (1/4)

    preferably to buy, but also have some racquets to trade
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    Best Wilson Burn?

    Picked up my old (original version) Wilson Burn 100 today and played well. Kinda remembered why I used to love it. It hits such a heavy ball, but just had a few too many balls flying on me. It's so overpowered. I'm thinking of getting the old 95 (on sale!) or the new 100 or 95 CV. Trying to get...
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    Graphene XT Prestige Midplus strung HIGH?

    Lost an infuriating match to a pusher in 85+ temps when all my balls seemed to be flying long in three sticks strung with fresh poly 52-55 pounds. When I got home I started looking for a very low-powered 18x20 control racquet for these types of situations. Likely up around 95 degrees. I ended...