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    Would you ever buy a used/pre-owned racket?

    I have no choice now, the frames I use were discontinued 5 years ago. I only buy when they are obviously hardly used though. I've landed a few lemons which were nowhere near as good as in the photos and even a few with hairline cracks so I am super careful now.
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    Head Microgel Radical - I've tried to switch and always come back for more

    It's a base for modding. In stock form its obviously going to be very low powered because of the low weight and flex.
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    Head Microgel Radical - I've tried to switch and always come back for more

    I've been tempted to fit CAP grommets and lead to an MG rad for ages. It could potentially be a much better frame than any recent prestige MP but I'm put off by people saying the current MG rads aren't as good as the originals?
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    Best way to add weight to the handle???

    Kitchen scrub sponge. It dampens vibration a tiny bit but not as much as silicone - way easier to remove though. Adds as much as 10g. I don't like the extra weight all in the buttcap, just feels wrong.
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    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    That's all true but a racquet you really like is a nice luxury. An LS doesn't do anything a Camry can't. It wont get you to work faster or break down less but it will ride a bit smoother, the seats will be better, the doors will make a more solid clunk when you close them. That's why I would...
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    My goat...

    There's something so nice about the way the 90's strike the ball, they are very satisfying. I always surprise myself at how well I play with them, it's just defensively and returning strong serves where they start to hurt me. There's no such thing as "newest tech", it's just marketing BS. I...
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    Does countervail really work?

    Vibration is not feel. Some of the really great racquets have barely any vibration, even well outside of the sweetspot. I have a few iPrestige's MP's which are superb for this. My IG Prestige's are better than most but still have a slight buzz outside the sweetspot.
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    broken grommets

    Yeah, the clear grommets break very easily. I used to play with the Ex Pro 2.0 and cracked a few of them, same story with the IG prestige MP's I have now. I'm replacing them with the older black grommets which I have never managed to break.
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    I want Federer calves!

    Mix in some hill sprints. You'll get them burning. Tennis loads them up good too if your footwork is sound - split-stepping and on toes
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    Wilson Prostaff Classic 6.1 grommets

    I think all the grommets for the six one 95 series are interchangeable except for the last BLX version which had "parallel drilling". Obviously they need to be for the correct string pattern - 16x18 or 18x20. 6.1 Classic is one of the best racquets ever made and still used by loads of pro's...
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    The Cult of PT57

    It's ok with an 18x20. With an open pattern anything other than poly mains drives me mad. A decent syn gut is fine for a cross IMO. I like solinco outlast/pro-stacked which comes together in a pack.
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    questions regarding prostock

    He's trolling you a bit with the orange paint. Djokers frame is made using the ti radical mold but otherwise is bespoke to him (PT113B in geek).
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    What is the absolute best model in any line?

    Some of the older frames are objectively better. I recently bought a made in Austria iPrestige MP, it's fantastic. Amazingly solid and just does not vibrate, even well outside the sweetspot and without a dampener. Even my IG MP's (a very good modern frame) have that slight buzz outside the...
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    What is the absolute best model in any line?

    Like what? Strings, yes. I can't think of a genuine change in frame tech since about the late 80's?
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    Trying to get back into tennis after 10 year break. looking at racquets and would like advice.

    You can't go wrong with a microgel radical. Cheap, won't injure you and perfect for learning because it doesn't add anything to your strokes. You can add weight to it as you progress or replace when you know what you really want without losing much cash. I would just use syn gut for now, get...
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    Trying to get back into tennis after 10 year break. looking at racquets and would like advice.

    Yeah, I did similar. I recently started playing after a few years of almost nothing and tried the PD. At first the easy power & spin was a real wow (why didn't I get one before!?) but as my strokes came back, I had to string the poly tighter and tighter. Arm starts to ache (I'm not even that...
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    Head IG Prestige

    Yeah they're stiffer but I think it's in that nice, crisp sort of way and with no vibration. I have always liked the 6.1 Classic and PS90's so I don't mind a higher RA if it's done right. In comparison the Graphene is also quite stiff but it's jarring and hollow like a lot of Babolats. I...
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    Head IG Prestige

    I have 4 IG MP's, with leather grip & a few g's lead they are a nice frame and way better than anything Head have made since. However, I bought an iPrestige MP and I wish I hadn't because it's a different league of niceness. Maybe even the best racquet I have played with. I will try to resist...
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    HEAD PETITION: Sign below if you want HEAD Prestige Mid 89.5 TK52 or TK237 Grommets!!!!!!

    Signed. I don't think the Wilson 90 is dead. They are almost certain to do at least a Fed retirement 90 so that's grommet stock up time. Head are more stubborn. It's like they're embarrassed by their classics so I won't hold my breath.
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    Classic racquet hunt in Japan Op shops

    The iPrestige's are a great find, one of the best all-round do anything frames ever made IMO. I'm trying to stock up with some but not having much luck finding at reasonable prices - only 1 so far o_O
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    Do people who say “its the player not the racquet” simply have ham-fisted nervous systems?

    Unless the racquet is really poorly suited to your game, the difference in performance using one instead of another is gonna be miniscule. You adjust to it. A racquet which you like the feel of and enjoy playing with is a nice thing to have though.
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    Prestige Butt cap question

    I use glue and 1 staple on each side - with a normal staple gun, nothing industrial, usually have to tap it in a tiny bit more with a hammer. Changed loads & never had one go loose.
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    Sports Illustrated article pushing BO3 at slams

    The problems in tennis have been masked by having 3 ATG's (OK, mainly Fed) in the game at once. When they're gone, the popularity/ratings etc are gonna free fall and they are getting worried. BO3 is a joke. They slowed the game down, allowed tech changes which killed net play and now think...
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    Which Prestige MP from the lineup?

    I like both. Six One is a bit of a thug compared to the Prestige. Heavier, stiffer, slightly thicker beam. They hit a mean ball if you're strong enough. Leather/OG/damper and you'll probably be in the 360g's without an inch of lead. My IG MP's with leather/og/damper and some lead at 12 are still...
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    Wilson six one 95 18x20 2017

    There is a third way - the 25a Classic (if you can get them). Those things *crush* the ball, maybe even more than the RF97 but it's reined in by the 18x20 pattern. I would use the 6.1 but my IG Prestige MP's are so effective. With just a small amount of lead & leather grip they do everything...
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    Wilson six one 95 18x20 2017

    So many players string 18x20's with 16g poly in the 50's then complain about a boardy feel. Gotta go low & thin. Can't go wrong with a six one.
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    Best Currently Available Serve and Volley Racquet?

    It's personal pref but for purely serves and volleys I prefer a small head with a thin beam. My serving goes up another notch with a Prestige mid or PS90, both spin and raw power. I just can't quite get the same racket head speed and instant maneuverability with a bigger frame. I use an MP though.
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    TW HEAD Prestige Classic 600 Reissue

    Props to TW for trying to make it happen but this thread is depressing. Judging by the mad prices for pro-stocks and ancient secondhand frames, there is a lot of demand but HEAD don't want to know. They then waste their efforts bringing weird, not quite what people want, racquets like the Mid to...
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    For those who don't remember , this is what Peak Roddick FH looked like

    The pussyfication of his FH probably made him more cash over his career but maybe killed a second slam.
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    Federer and Ronnie O'Sullivan

    No - the UK, masters & WC are the majors. Smaller tournaments would be equivalent of atp 1000, 500 etc. It's hard to compare with tennis because obviously different surfaces & one major having a bit more prestige than the other (ok, arguable wimbledon because of the history). Don't...