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    Prince phantom Pro 93p 18x20

    tem Description (Brand/Model/Year):phantom pro 93p Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 93 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 1 hour *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): used for...
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    Signed up this week for Ultimate Tennis league

    I joined the ultimate tennis singles league for spring. I haven’t played league tennis in 4 years or so due to my old job and traveling so I’m pretty excited. I still play if course, just hasn’t been very competitive. That’s pretty much it, just wanted to share.
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    2019 Prince Whiteout - include the 93p!

    Hey TW, If Prince does whiteout frame(s) for 2019 Wimbledon the 93p should be included. It would be a nice addition for the 93p users for sure. Please make this happen!!
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    Alpharetta Tennis Warehouse location

    I noticed today that there is a Tennis Warehouse location on the same street I work off of. Is this a retail location (couldn't determine for sure online) and do they have an indoor place to demo - a half court with a wall, etc? Thanks!
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    Is the PDT really more powerful than the PDT+?

    When watching the racquet reviews the playtesters all praised the PD Tour Plus, but talked about how the PD Tour standard length was too powerful and hard to control. Looking at the numbers the plus had a power of 94 and the standard 90. How is this true? Babolat claims the Plus is more...
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    With Graphene radicals coming out, with IG take place of Microgel?

    What do you guys think? With the looming release of the Graphene Radicals, do you think the IG Radicals will continue to be produced at a discounted rate? We just saw the last of the liquid metals a few months ago, and the MicroGel are still available. Personally I'm hoping we see this since...
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    PST (non GT) rattling/vibration in top of hoop

    Anytime I hit a shot high in the string bed on my PST I get a rattling vibration. This was a replacement for another stick I had sent back to Babolat in 2009 that I played one match with in 2012. I had to have shoulder surgery shortly after and am just now coming back to tennis. Is this...
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    PST to PSTGT

    I searched and couldn't find the answer I was looking for so.. I have been out of the game for 3 years due to a shoulder surgery and life stuff. I have started playing again recently and am trying to become competitive again. I had been playing with the PST for 3 years, but out of my 2, one...
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    Getting permanant marker off raceuet

    There are some n code tour 90s for sale locally that are in great shape except someone decided to color all of the white black with a marker. Is it possible to get this off? I'd like to buy them if so but unsure if not.
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    String tension and launch angle

    I was reading in the "Jolly looking for a new string thread" at which it was mentioned that lower string tensions produce a higher launch angle. is that to say, that with the exact same swing, grip, etc etc *all things equal* that a ball hit with a racquet strung at 65 will be lower to the net...
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    Babolat Addiction to a synthetic

    I currently play babolat addiction 17, but I'd like to switch to a regular synthetic gut mainly due to price. What synthetic might play the best comparably? I am thinking of just getting the prince with duraflex since it's the best selling, but I'm looking for opinions...
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    heathenrider is a great seller

    Racquet was just as described, and was at my door 3 days after payment. Would recommend doing business with him again!
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    4D 300 tour mold same as m-fil plus?

    I feel like I read somewhere on here that these two racquets are the same mold only a different string pattern. Is this true? I've Bern wanting to hit an 18x20 but hate changing frames so this could be a great upgrade opportunity if it's true
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    slazenger viking

    Is there any collectible value to this stick? I am in the dark to the wood sticks of yesteryear, but there is one at a local antique store for a few dollars that I though about picking up to go in my man room with everything else.
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    Donnay Graphite Plus 25

    Just picked one of these up for $11 in 9/10 condition! I bought it for my collection, but I can't wait to hit with it just for kicks. Anyone know anything about this stick? I tried a search, and came up empty handed...
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    How much does a serve potentially change your NTRP Rating?

    I regularly practice with a player who is a solid 4.5 player, while I am a 3.5. Hitting rallies, I can hang with him all day, but what really separates us is his ability to hit a great first and second serve, where I have a descent first serve and a terrible second serve. Should I just start...
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    Prince tour diablo mid

    there is a prince tour diablo mid at my local play it again that is in 9/10 condition. It's the matte black and red and it's definitely an older frame as it has the squared beams like a ps 85 or old 200g. What is this stick worth going toward my collection? Anything at all? It looked like a...
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    prostaff classic si 6.1

    I picked one of these up at the thrift store yesterday for 5 bucks in 9/10 condition. What is the difference in the prostaff classic 6.1 and the si version?