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  1. Avles

    Guess the players!

    Can you guess who these players are? (some are first name +last name, some last name only) 1 .Stick seaweed 2. Genoese team meets Ellison's Destroyer 3. Pasta with tiny eggs 4. Celtic progeny 5. Copper puts the fix in 6. Car lifting Cosmo 7. Sparkling wine with a young Korean lady
  2. Avles

    Kure/Carolina beach area, this Thurs-Sun

    I'm traveling to the NC beaches this weekend, would love to have a hit if there's anyone out there and available. I'm a 3.5ish player-- PM if interested!
  3. Avles

    Glucosamine/Chondroitin may reduce colorectal cancer risk

    Thought this was interesting: Looks like glucosamine+chondroitin supplementation lowered colon cancer risk by 23% in this study population.
  4. Avles

    New study on low carb vs. low fat diets

    A controlled study-- the results seem pretty striking.
  5. Avles

    1HBH update

    3 of the top 10 5 of the top 20 10 of the top 30 The 1HBH is hanging in there... admittedly many of these players are on the older side, but it looks like Dimitrov and (probably) Thiem will keep the shot in the top 20 for a long time to come.
  6. Avles

    Fixing bent elbow on the 1hbh

    I went out on a recent lunch-hour and did some bounce-feed BHs to try out the super slow-mo feature on my camera: Looking at the video one thing that sticks out to me is how bent my elbow is through the forward swing. I don't straighten it until...
  7. Avles

    A few serves

    I went out and taped a few serves today: It looks to me like the tossing arm needs to stay up longer, and I could be moving more into the court (the last serve was an attempt to do this but it resulted in an awkward lunge at the ball). Any...
  8. Avles

    Visualization-- has it worked for you?

    Does anyone here use visualization techniques to work on their tennis? If so, I'd love to hear about what you do and how, and what has worked best for you. My court time is currently very limited (at most a match a week, plus sneaking out to hit serves and self-feeds on my lunch hour). So...
  9. Avles

    "Bag trick" for relaxed serve

    A creative drill from Tomaz Mencinger:
  10. Avles

    Blake-Santoro USO 2007

    Just came across the highlights from this match on Youtube, and wow... the matchup sounded promising and the highlights didn't disappoint. Highly recommend! Part 1: Part 2:
  11. Avles

    Forehands Gone Wild (video)

    The other day I devoted an hour or so of ball machine time to getting a little more consistency on my forehand, which ranges from okay to disgraceful. Videos from that session are below-- all criticism is welcome! Front View: Side View...
  12. Avles

    A mental cue that has helped me with topspin

    So in my struggle to develop an adequate topspin forehand, I've noticed that cues like "swing low to high" or "brush up on the ball" haven't worked too well for me. When I think this way my swing gets tense, and I tend to start opening the racquet face and scooping the ball long. So instead...
  13. Avles

    Racquet in ready position?

    For a long time I assumed that the ideal ready position was something like this: But I've noticed that some players (Almagro is one example) seem to favor a ready position that's more like this: What are the relevant differences here? Maybe the second is better for 1hbh players...
  14. Avles

    Harry C Lee Traveler?

    Found a Harry C. Lee "Traveler" at the thrift store the other day-- anyone have any info on the company or the racquet? I couldn't find much online, just an ad for a similar (but not quite identical) racquet from the 1930s. The art-deco font that "Traveler" is written in makes me think this...
  15. Avles

    Steve Johnson Wikipedia page

    Steve Johnson's wikipedia page is kind of an amusing read-- pretty clearly either written by Steve himself or by a friend/family member: Most of the article seems to have been written from an IP address in San Clemente, CA...
  16. Avles

    Nice wall drills video

    Video demonstrating a lot of ideas for wall practice:
  17. Avles

    missed "not-up" calls-- what do you do?

    A few times in recent matches I've had opponents fail to call "not-up" on themselves when the ball visibly bounced twice. I'm pretty sure these were all honest mistakes (I find not-up to be a tricky call, as I'm more focused on getting my racquet on the ball than on seeing whether or not it...
  18. Avles

    shojun25=great seller

    Excellent communication, racquet arrived quickly and as described.
  19. Avles

    Star ratings on threads-- why?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but... I don't see what purpose the star ratings on threads serve. They don't help me navigate the forums, and it irritates me to see perfectly reasonable threads with 1-star ratings because somebody apparently dislikes them for some reason. I...
  20. Avles

    Lock & Roll Tennis videos

    Just found these instructional videos on the tube: They look good! I like the division into small chunks based on stroke and the concise, no-nonsense teaching style.
  21. Avles

    Slazenger aluminum racquet

    Hello all-- Could anyone tell me anything about the racquet on the far right in this picture? I picked one up today at the thrift store, and I'm curious about it. Thanks!
  22. Avles

    Malbro Mark No. 1-- any info?

    Hi folks-- A while back I picked up a wooden racquet at the thrift store labeled "Malbro Mark No. 1". When I consulted the all-knowing internet to find out more about it, I was suprised to discover essentially nothing. Eventually I did find one reference to the brand, on this Italian...