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    TW: Prince TT Scream MP

    I believe the one you carry is the old version the one with the 800 power level, and I know that the new one has a 825 power level. Im looking to buy me 2 more and wanted to know if you guys carried it.
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    Serena vs Golovin

    Not the best match to watch but Golovin is some eye candy thats for sure. Wearing the short shorts..... Makes me want to go over to Great Britain :lol:
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    Prince TT Scream MP

    What do you think of this Racket
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    Need New String

    I need Help on some new string to get my for Prince Triple Threat Scream, I would like one that plays well and doesnt loose tension or break easy. Also if it wasnt that expensive it would be a plus. Any help is appreciated
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    Help on Backhand Slice

    Since Im a S&V player I need to have good slice approach shots esp from my backhand being my weakest link. My question is that should the racquet be more perpendicular to the ground or at a angle when I swing
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    More Power on Spin Serve

    I have a pretty decent spin serve when it comes to the spin part. I cant seem though to get enuff power on it. The way it is now is effective but I know it can be better. How do add more power to it without sacrificing the spin.
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    Need New Racket

    Im a 3.5 player looking for a Midplus racquet that is not to heavy and either balanced or alittle head-light. I have a short-medium swing, uses topspin alot, and Im a Serve and Volley player. Currently using a Fischer GDS Take Off. Any Help would be appreciated.
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    Eastern --------> Semi-Western

    I just started to switch from a Eastern forehand to a Semi Western and I wanted to know if there was any tips to keep in mind while trying to master this new grip.
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    Just wanted to say thanks once again. Today I won my first High School Match of my Career 6-0 6-0 and Doubles won it in tiebreak 7-4. Your help has been a major factor in my game development and I just wanted to say Thanks.
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    Any Tips

    I have my first match tomorrow, and I wanted to know what some of you veterans do before a match to keep your nerves down and prepare for a match.
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    New Player

    Hey, I just started to play Tennis and I was wondering if anyone would mind lending out some helpful pointers to help me and a racket that is good for starters I would greatly appreciate it. Right now Im using a Triad 4.0 Midplus