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    TW: Move to Indiana!

    Language!! I'm reporting you to a moderator... @mikeler?
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    Tennis Warehouse: Tourna co-polyester PLAYTEST!

    Tourna Silver 7 Tour playtest What string did you receive? Tourna Silver 7 Tour, 17g Tension(s) used for playtest: 48lbs on a Wise tension head using a 10% prestretch. It was fairly easy to string, with no issues tangling/kinking and minimal coil memory. Regular string set up: Yonex Poly Tour...
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    Luxilon gut sale?

    There's another site that is having the same sale on the same day (was in an email I received), so I'm guessing the 3 for $99 sale is likely going to happen. Now I just need to remind myself to place an order...
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    Broken drop-weight?

    Oh, and yeah, I had the same thing happen to me on an old Pioneer. There's a piece of the spring that sticks out and slides into the drop-weight portion of the clutch...
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    Broken drop-weight?

    My father had a pair of these back in the day: I'm 'brand agnostic' and have jumped from Rossignol to Salomon to Fischer to Dynastar. Basically, whatever I can get a good deal on for previous year's models...
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    Return Serve from Service Line

    My favorite line from that movie is: Also, if you're going there, then you need to add 'The Groove Tube' to the list. The 'Brown 25' commercials are classic...
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    Return Serve from Service Line

    All classics. I will throw Blues Brothers in there as well.
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    Return Serve from Service Line

    Really?!?! Sneak Attack By Roger
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    Warm Up Problems

    If this is doubles, there is an important side note in 'The Code' that many people aren't aware of (see bold text): So, your players could easily have said "Thanks, but no thanks. We're going to warm each other up".
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    I won!

    Reading through the history, I'm reminded once again of why I stopped playing league matches...
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    Overgrip for Yonex EZONE 98+

    Yonex SuperGrap. I like more flare on the butt cap, so go around twice before going up on my VCORE 98+, and I finish around 1/4" shy of the top. I imagine if you wrap it normally it will do the whole handle. And, as a bonus, its essentially Wilson Pro, so you shouldn't have to adjust to a...
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    Are all middle school / high school girls obsesed with black, or just at my club?

    I think you summed up the issue right there. I can't tell you the number of times my wife picked something out for our daughters, something they normally would have chosen for themselves, but the minute it came from us, it was no longer cool. Seriously. Maybe next time point them to the site...
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    What USTA League Level should I play? Thinking 4.5

    Its hard to tell from simply hitting, but I'd say 4.5 is probably a good starting point. You definitely have (or had) all the strokes, so its likely just a matter of getting back into playing games/sets and point construction. You may go under 50% in your first season, but its better IMO to...
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    Can't beat older/foxy players

    Holy crap! Its more like "The player who ate Kafelnikov"!
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    That depends... a couple of my injures last year could have been avoided: Strained groin at the beginning of the year (not sure how) Tennis elbow in February (4G Rough experiment...never again!) Back injury in May. Fractured rib wakeboarding (note to self: act my age) Basically, the TE and...
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    This year, so far, so good. Last year...turned 50 and the wheels started to fall off...
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    Head Gravity

    HEAD GRAVITY S: Head Size: 104 Weight: 285g / 10.1 oz String Pattern: 16/20 Length: 27 inches Beam: 24 mm Balance: .7" HL/ 325 mm Swingweight: ~didn't bother to measure but pretty easy to swing...
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    Is it time for Nishikori to switch Racquets?

    That's probably the most compelling argument in all of this. He obviously needs *something* to get him past the big guys, but then again, so do most people (especially vs Nadal on clay). I'd like to see him hit w/ an extended Pure Drive VS. Slightly more powerful, 98 sq in, 16x19 pattern...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Tourna co-polyester PLAYTEST!

    I'm in VA, and mine arrived last night. I got Silver 7 Tour. I will likely string it up tonight and hit this weekend.
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    Oh yeah!! Drak is back!!!
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    Which modern racquets do you think will be future classics down the road?

    I think you need to define 'modern' first. For example: I don't think this belongs on the list, unless of course you're considering 'modern' as circa 1991. I mean...they released a 25th Anniversary Edition a few years ago. Its already a classic. While I'm not a fan, some iteration of the Head...
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    Suggestions for Kevlar substitute.

    And if that doesn't work, he could try Googling 'South America tennis shops'... :)
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    Tennis Warehouse: Tourna co-polyester PLAYTEST!

    Anyone get their string yet? Was hoping it would be in today’s mail, but no dice.
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    Anyone else have maybe too many rackets?

    Is that an Arthur Ashe Competition I see? Looks like you have an original, and a '2' or '3'? I think I used that...when I was 10...
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    No stencil for Khachanov

    I think he’s mid sponsorship change. He was playing Head earlier this year, then went back to his Wilson.
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    Most of us have multiple racquets. How do we use them for optimal string performance?

    I always do #2. There’s no concern on my part about the tension after sitting around for a few weeks. In fact, it allows me to ensure most of the settling has finished, so there’s minimal tension drop within the first few games. But I do compensate a bit for it as my desired tension is 48lbs...
  27. McLovin

    Kenin Head on her Serve?

    Isn’t it obvious? It allowed her to serve out the set vs Serena. In my opinion, EVERY female player should start serving this way. Maybe then we’d have less Serena talk on the broadcast.
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    What racquet does Paes use?

    ...and yet he’d still hit sweet volleys...
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    What racquet does Paes use?

    Yes, I realize this thread is 4 years old... Watching Paes/Paire right now. Paes looks to be using a VCORE. Anyone know if it’s the SV or the new line? 95 or 98? Extended? I swear, that guy could drop a volley on a dime w/ ping pong paddle.
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    Tennis Club Recommendations in NOVA

    Correct, that is what I meant, although re-reading my post, I see where I wasn't clear on that. When I said 'nothing in court fees' I was inferring he'd be playing outside for the spring/summer/fall months. Ah, yes, ACTA. That was the non-USTA league I was referring to in my initial post. Many...