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  1. Serpententacle

    Lead up two-hander

    Where should a two-fisted (two-handed both sides) flat hitter lead up their racquet for best control? Don't need to know exactly how much lead, but would appreciate advice for location of lead. Thanks.
  2. Serpententacle

    A New Prince Longbody?

    Does anyone know if Prince will develop or release a new Longbody?
  3. Serpententacle

    Just to keep it in the conversation on Fed...

    This is an amazing article. Some of you might have read it, or know of it, but it is truly well written and offers a stunning portrait of Federer. It was written in 2006, but I find it kind of relevant today:
  4. Serpententacle

    Prince Diablo XP

    Is this racquet out yet? Or has it been out for a while?
  5. Serpententacle

    If Federer wins this year's French Open...

    he will officially have my Greatest of All Time vote. I know others have always thought he was Greatest of All Time without the FO. But let's admit.... the FO would congeal it.
  6. Serpententacle

    Two-handed groundstrokes

    When I was in high school, back in the mid-'90s I learned by using two-handed shots from both sides (forehand & backhand). As I am sure that some people can attest to, the two-handed forehand was kind of a cross-over development from previously playing baseball. As a right-hander, myself, I...
  7. Serpententacle

    Why not a new forum subject?

    They should make a separate subject forum specifically for those who need help on finding a new racquet. This is getting out of hand! :-? I personally enjoy the racquet reviews here... or maybe they should make a separate forum for racquet reviews... Or... nevermind...
  8. Serpententacle

    It's a Wilson K-Factor 6.1 95 (18x20)

    Just beating the Delpo bandwagoners to the punch.
  9. Serpententacle

    Donnay OS Neon Orange!!!

    I just got my new TW Donnay Pro One OS today. I was a little disappointed by the fact that it was strung with Babolat Attraction and not Addiction like I originally asked. I guess it would be half my fault, b/c I confirmed the order with the mistaken "Attraction" written in... but on my email...
  10. Serpententacle

    Estusa Aeormax EPT

    Any one of you classic racquet buffs know where I could find grommets for my Estusa Aeromax EPT? Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.
  11. Serpententacle

    Estusa Aeormax Grommets.

    Grommets for my Estusa Aeromax EPT... or any advice where I could find some. Thanks...
  12. Serpententacle

    Grommets for my racquet

    TW, I know it's a long shot, but I have an Estusa Aeromax EPT that's old as hell. It was my favorite racquet ever. I am in need of some grommets for it. Is there a chance that grommets made for another racquet can fit mine? If not, where do you suggest I find some... or is it a lost cause?
  13. Serpententacle

    Tour Pros Delpo

    Bravo TW for finally adding Del Potro to the ATP list in your website!!!
  14. Serpententacle

    Best Fed article EVER R.I.P.— David Foster Wallace— fellow writer, player, and fan...
  15. Serpententacle

    Rafa's racquet?

    WHAT RACQUET IS RAAAFAAAA using? WHAAAAAATS his string tension? Whhaaaaaaa? Whahahahahhhahahhaaaha:roll:
  16. Serpententacle

    Delpo highlights

    (Delpo vs. Bellucci) Anyone got a link to them? It seems even after a day later, the USO website has neglected to post them. I've been really disappointed with USO coverage this year. p.s.— do an image search on Bellucci and look for Monica Bellucci: ooo la la!
  17. Serpententacle

    "Pulse" Points

    The USO website has a section called "Pulse". You can predict scores and win or lose points. Right now, Nadal is serving for the match and I have accumulated 2,494 points. How many points does anyone else have? Anyone playing "pulse", or am I the only dork?
  18. Serpententacle

    What Was This About? Watch the change over, and listen closely.
  19. Serpententacle

    rza fantastic transaction

    "rza" did a great job in my trade. Racquet arrived timely and it was just in the condition described and as pictured. Great communication & professional attitude. I'd do business with him again if the opportunity arose.
  20. Serpententacle

    FT: 8.5/10 APD w/ cortex for KSix-One 95 (18x20)

    My APD with cortex is 8/10 (more precisely 8.5/10) w/ 4 3/8 grip. The white grip is a darkened from little use. Minor, almost insignificant scuffs on bumper guard. Infinitesimal scratch on side of frame @ 3 o'clock position. I need a Wilson KSix-One 95 (18x20) in 8/10 or better condition...
  21. Serpententacle

    A Seppi (ITA) vs [3] N Djokovic (SRB)

    How will Nole play? Better than his last match?
  22. Serpententacle

    Holy Grail vs. Excalibur

    Why call the ultimate racquet the "Holy Grail" when "Excalibur" is a better analogy for a racquet? Seems to me a tournament trophy could be a holy grail. Isn't the sword Excalibur just as unattainable as the Holy Grail?
  23. Serpententacle

    [7] J Blake (USA) vs E Gulbis (LAT)

    If you wish to comment on this match. This ought to be interesting & entertaining.
  24. Serpententacle

    Fed racquet change?

    Hope this isn't a double post... if so... sorry...
  25. Serpententacle

    Where's Tsonga?

    Anyone know what's up with Tsonga? I've not heard or seen anything from him in a long while.
  26. Serpententacle

    Prince O3 Speedport Black Long Body Racquets

    Has anyone hit with this racquet? I would like to hear about how it plays. Anyone?
  27. Serpententacle


    Heading to Boulder, CO for a stint. Can anyone recommend good public courts?
  28. Serpententacle

    Stringing—time consuming?

    Just a question... sorry if asked before... How long does it take, on average, to string a racquet? I realize it might take longer on the smaller machines. Please, responses will satisfy my curiosity. I wouldn't mind learning how to string racquets for personal use as well as for friends...
  29. Serpententacle

    TW version Donnay Pro One Mid+ (9/10) for trade only.

    I am willing to trade my 9/10 TW Donnay Pro One International Mid+ (strung with Babolat Fibertour (Fiberace) 16 string at 55lbs... grip size 1/4) for a TW version Donnay Pro One Oversize in 9/10 or 8/10. Only if the Oversize doesn't have cracked grommets. Mine has only been used in two...
  30. Serpententacle

    TW Customization for my racquet

    I did the TW customization tool, and I am told to add 0.9 gram 1/2 inch up from the handle (then 11.1 grams at 11 & 1 o'clock or 28.4 inch spot). That 0.9 gram is virtually nothing. Would it be okay if I just tape a penny under the grip? Should that do the trick? It just seems a pain in the arse...