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  1. Erik van der Laan

    NG: Tonic+ Feel and Tonic+ Longtivtey

    Hello, is there a big difference between these two Babolat Tonic+ stings....
  2. Erik van der Laan

    Advice NG Hybrid for PureDrive2015

    Hello, Im considering to chance to a hybrid with NG in the mains and a poly in the crosses. My options for the gut are: VS Touch 1.30 / 1.35 Tonic 1.35 Im considering the follow poly... A round one, with less string friction and a good durability and low power. 1) Head Hawk 1.25 / 1.30 2)...
  3. Erik van der Laan

    Electric tacker or aircompress tacker

    What is a good solution to tack a buttcap? I have now a simple tacker without aircompress or elecric.
  4. Erik van der Laan

    The thinner the gauge the lower the tension??

    If I string the same type of string with different gauges is it better to sting the thinner gauge with a lower tension. For example HyperG 16L @ 22kg , then the HyperG 18 @ 20 kg??? What are your thoughts about it. Im looking for forward to all the reactions
  5. Erik van der Laan

    Which string for loose stringing?

    [/URL][ I selected this stings for loose stringing. From the database of TWU... Tensioen 40 lbs, fast swing and polyester. Which string you choose and why??
  6. Erik van der Laan

    First attempt low tension stringing with Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

    Last year I have played with the Head Youtek IG Radical Pro with the Head Lynx 17 @ 24/23 kg. I bought secondhand a couple of Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. This racket is stiffer then my old one. I gonna try low stringing and I have 1 set of Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 1.30.... The stiffness of this...
  7. Erik van der Laan

    Head Radical Tour OS (A.A. Agassi Tour)

    Hello, Yesterday I received my second racket from the UK and I see a diffrence between both rackets. Can someone explain the difference or is it the same? Both are Made in Austra, yellow metallic color and a barcode. Both are gripsize 4. The first racket is A.A. Agassi Tour and with Lynx 17 /...
  8. Erik van der Laan

    Best multi as main in a multi/poly hybrid?

    What is the best multi for a multi/poly hybrid. I personally string with Head strings, but other suggestion are welcome - Head Reflex MLT - Head RIP Control (textured) - Head Velocity MLT (almost same as Reflex, but half a price) - Wilson NXT Control - Prince Premier Control - Signum Pro...
  9. Erik van der Laan

    Looking for advice for Head Twin Tube Radical Tour (Candy Cane)

    hello guys, I try to give some more information so I can get some advice from you all... I played last months with the Youtek Radical Pro 16x19 with combi WCUC / Lynx 18 @ 23 kg. Last week I played with a Candy Cane MP with following setup WCUC / Lynx 18 @ 21 kg. With new Head Pro balls it...
  10. Erik van der Laan

    HEAD Twin Tube Candy Cane

    Guys what do you think of this hybrid? Main: Rip Control 17 Black Cross: Head Lynx 18 Yellow Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G928F met Tapatalk
  11. Erik van der Laan

    How to pack a racket in a poly bag?

    I want to do some extra for my costumers to put their racket after stringing in a polyester bag. What is the best method to do that. I'm trying and trying and it's not looking like the professionals at the Tour. It's looking messy with a lot of extra poly at the handle.... I hope that...
  12. Erik van der Laan

    Pre weave mains

    Hello everyone, yesterday I read a stringing tip from Pat Markey who's stringing at pro tournaments. The tip was to pre weave the mains. You don't have to search the tip every time after tensioning a main string. I'm curious about everyone opinion about it and who does this also with stringing?
  13. Erik van der Laan

    Only stringing polyester strings

    I'm thinking there are a lot of polyester strings on the market. Is it a option to create a assortment with only polyester strings and not with SG or multifilament. There are so many strings with different characters so I think there is always a polyester string for each player. If someone has...
  14. Erik van der Laan

    Rainbow string in Europe

    For some clients who likes colorfull string I'm looking for a good string? Does anyone knows where I can buy it in Europe? Thanks
  15. Erik van der Laan

    Natural Gut, with of without poly cross?

    Yesterday I played for the first time with natural gut. It was a hybrid of Kirschbaum Helix / Babolat Touch VS @ 24 /24 kg. This was a eye opener en I want to play more with natural gut. I'm thinking about to play with a full bed of KLIP Legend 16, but I play with topspin and also a slice...
  16. Erik van der Laan

    Isospeed Axon Multi 125

    Hello, Is this string a good choice for a cross string in a hybrid with a natural gut like Klip Legend? Are there people who use this string?