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  1. Raiden

    Martina Hingis' husband: "I caught her cheating"

    As Martina Hingis prepares to be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island this weekend, her estranged husband has broken his silence about their marriage. Thibault Hutin, 26, a French equestrian, married the 32-year-old Hingis in Paris in December 2010...
  2. Raiden

    Serena: "Nadal & Djokovic are weenies"

    ... said in a press conference today (source)
  3. Raiden

    Serena and Venus' mother blasts Kim Clijsters

    Source: Yahoo Sports Oracene Price, mother of Venus and Serena Williams, is rooting for Li Na in Saturday's Australian Open final, both because she likes the idea of someone new winning a Slam and because she doesn't like the idea of Kim Clijsters winning one. During a succession of...
  4. Raiden

    Jimmy Fallon does Roger Federer...

    ...and Nikolas Mahut for a bit
  5. Raiden

    The Funny Tennis Images Thread

    Someone just did