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    My X-6FC needs parts. 1 of the frame support slide knobs (#270 in X-6FC manual) came off of the...

    My X-6FC needs parts. 1 of the frame support slide knobs (#270 in X-6FC manual) came off of the bolt. It's the plastic knob version. Can this be replaced? I recently found a small pin down in the tray of my stringer. It's from the clamp. When the clamp handle moves, there's a little roller so...
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    WTB: Head Classic Mid

    I think I might have what you're looking for. It's a 4 5/8 grip though, but of course that can be changed.
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    FS: Head Youtek Prestige Pro

    Trade for Youtek IG MP? Just a shot in the dark, but since you're selling the Mid and Pro, I thought maybe you'd want the MP. I've got 2 IG MP's and would be happy to trade one.
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    Best match at the French so far (Men or Women)

    I chose Gas-Waw match. It was one that I've looked forward too and it was just as good as I'd hoped. I also find it interesting that despite getting absolutely hammered constantly by the online community, Isner was on the list twice, and really has had a number of memorable matches in the...
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    Need a string in this order

    I've tried a few of the strings listed and PPA is definitely nice. I still prefer Rip Control though and always keep a couple sets of it around. For me it basically has the control and spin of a smooth poly, holds tension better than any poly, is soft on the arm, and pretty affordable. I've...
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    QUESTION: Head IG Prestige MP Pallet Swap

    Most people just get a longer grip and wrap it higher up toward the neck a little. That provides plenty of room for a 2hbh, and doesn't make the racket longer (unless you really want an XL racket...).
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    Best Spin String?

    I've never found anything that spins like Tour Bite (haven't tried the soft version yet but I will soon). I was actually a little surprised when I first hit with Tour Bite. The only bad thing is that it seems like the magic dies after about 8-10 hours. I also found that the thinner 19g Tour...
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    Steam 99S and 105s users - now the hype is dying...

    A little off topic, but unless you've tried and love Gosen Polylon, I strongly recommend looking at other options. I bought a reel of it because it was the cheapest on Tennis Warehouse, and I really regret the purchase. I've been testing out some Pros Pro strings lately and they are MUCH MUCH...
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    Donnay Xene core - True? or BS?

    My experience/insight: I have a pretty iron arm when it comes to rackets. I've rarely felt any discomfort from any racket. I picked up one racket a couple years ago though that, despite a 60RA flex rating, started really bothering my arm. During and after play, my arm (from below elbow to...
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    FS: (3x) Head i.Prestige MP (98), 4 1/2, 8/10

    emailed you yesterday, let me know if still available. Thanks! Marcus
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    Racket stiffness not the whole story?

    I have also found that there can be a big difference in feel despite similar stiffness ratings. There's a couple things I've theorized, but of course have no way to prove without some in depth experiments and complicated tests/machines: I feel there might be a difference between static...
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    Which brands of tennis racquets do you DISLIKE

    I voted but wish I could choose a couple. I have a hard time finding Wilsons that feel good to me, but I like some of the Pro Staffs a lot. But overall, I'm not a Wilson fan. I also wish I could choose Babolat. Haven't ever used a Babolat I enjoyed. The PD 2012 isn't bad but still...
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    How much do you hate losing?

    Depends on how I play. I could be loosing but playing well and I'll be in a great mood. OR I could be winning but playing crap tennis and ready to go home and try another day.
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    are low-powered racquets better for developing your strokes?

    Ya, I've been doing some casually friendly teaching for some friends and for my wife and I find that many beginners have the same issue of blasting balls to the back fence. I've never had a beginner who swings too slow and hits the ball but it doesn't go over the net. No... they all swing too...
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    are low-powered racquets better for developing your strokes?

    One of the best steps for me was when I found a nice deal on a pretty Prestige a while back and went from my lightweight, head-heavy tweener to the Prestige. I struggled for a long time and even put the Prestige up for sale. But then it started clicking and suddenly I realized that I couldn't...
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    I love silicone, what about you?

    "buttheads" + "kids" = "did not trash anyone or call them names so I don't know where you or others came up with this fiction" ?? I don't say this to patronize or be sarcastic, but if you don't see the problem here, you might want to do some self-examination.
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    I love silicone, what about you?

    I was going to find the silicon and post a picture, but I can't find it right now. It's from walmart. I can't remember the brand but it's a tube of clear silicon from walmart.
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    I love silicone, what about you?

    I've never used cotton or anything else to block silicon. The silicon I use is so thick that I have to use a stick to push it down into the hairpin. I think that even if I left the racket upside-down, it wouldn't move at all. But I still dry it handle-down just to be safe. After putting it...
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    I love silicone, what about you?

    that will be my next experiment. So far, I've just been filling the end with different amounts. Next I'll try the same amount but in a different location and see what it effects. But even just having it in the end makes such a difference that I can't imagine it getting much better :)...
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    I love silicone, what about you?

    I love that someone screws it up and immediately claims everyone else is wrong and don't know what they are talking about, instead of just admitting "I must have screwed it up." I've installed and removed silicon from many rackets and it's always been dry. Sometimes, if it's humid, it might...
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    Best 11.5 0z racket

    I have a pretty tough elbow, but I had one racket that really started making it ache after hitting. I stopped using the racket, but the pain continued even after switching back the the Prestige that I had had been using before without any issue. Then, I picked up a Donnay (X-Red 94+), and...
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    Time for another rules quiz!

    Agreed! If I can't win a point where my opponent lost his/her racket... I'm the ONLY ONE to blame for that, not the racket hitting the ground.
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    Heaviest Racket you ever tried

    I got a Head Prestige MP prostock that was about 387g and had a swingweight of 402 (25-30g on the head, made up of 8 strips of 1/4" lead from about 2:30 to 9:30, and 2 strips from 2 to 10, IIRC I'm not looking at my notes now). I played wonderfully with it, such smooth strokes, such power...
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    14.09 joker 1-2 down changeover racquet total black

    Interesting that TWE on facebook says "Noticed this mysterious HEAD racket, next to Novak Djokovic´s bag?" They specifically said "HEAD" racket, and they've play tested it. And I thought I saw a HEAD stencil on the strings during the change over. But I noticed it didn't have the same...
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    Jerry Janowicz is a top 5 player

    So, the final was just what I expected to see. Like I said before, we've all seen how he plays when he's excited, winning, and his strokes are clicking. I wanted to see how he could play when he was loosing, tired, struggling. I expected him to make more unforced errors, and that's exactly...
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    Jerry Janowicz is a top 5 player

    I've watched most of his matches in Paris and he definitely is doing some special stuff. But, ultimately ranking depends on what average level you can consistently maintain. I think it's way to early to be able to judge this for Janowicz. Of course, if he can keep his Paris level up...
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    The 2012 Paris Masters general discussion thread

    YA! I was already thinking about this yesterday. I think the most entertaining final will be those two. Ferrer will grind it out and get to a lot of Janowicz's hits, and Ferrer could wear him down, but I really want to see a Llodra playing well against Janowicz. It will be a big change...
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    G Simon d Berdych

    I think it's easier for opponents to draw Murray into a 'shoot-out' / 'punching match'-type tennis rally than it is Simon. And Berdych thrives on shoot-out rallies, so if he can pull his opponent into one, he typically does better. But Simon just isn't tempted to get drawn into these types of...
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    G Simon d Berdych

    Did you watch it? I saw most of it, and I did see Berdych making a lot of errors, but I don't think it was tanking errors. It was just Simon doing what he does well. Simon did an excellent job of getting to balls, defending well, and keeping Berdych from doing what he does best, hitting...
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    Poland Giant

    Don't think he's injured. He just mentioned in the interview that the Murray game was very intense and his back and shoulder are sore. As long as he preps well and stretches it/keeps it warm, it should be ok. But I'm pretty sure that Tipsy is planning to make him run as much as possible, so...