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  1. Cashman

    Most Impressive Slam Achievement?

    Just curious what people think.
  2. Cashman

    Why was Adriano Panetta so unsuccessful off clay?

    He had a big serve and was a famed net rusher, executing well enough to beat Borg at Roland Garros twice in the '70s and take the title himself in '76. Many would say he was the greatest-ever practitioner of S&V on clay courts. Yet of 26 career finals, 24 are clay. Aside from a win in Stockholm...
  3. Cashman

    Should WTA Players Serve & Volley More Often? The article puts forward the statistic that women at last year's USO won 76% of S&V points compared to 48% of baseline points. I would probably like to see more detailed statistics...
  4. Cashman

    Buying a Good Woodie

    My grasscourt club organises retro woodie days every once in a while. Being a fairly old-school S&V player I've always thought it would be fun to play. However I need a racquet and I have no idea what I'm looking for. Basically, I want something that is decent quality without being especially...
  5. Cashman

    Replacement for Volkl PB Mid

    Have played with the PB 10 Mid for many years. I just love it - so stable and hefty, but easy to swing. Perfectly suits my game - strung with poly mains and multi crosses, I get great control on my serve and volleys. I was disappointed to see that it is out of production . Can anyone suggest a...