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    I have the following Kennex racquets that have gone dead.KQ15,KQ15 Advanced Kinetic System,Kinetic Pro 7G. When I shake the racquets I cannot hear the Kinetic material. I thought it was supposed to go to the handle. Has anybody had this experience?
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    Stringing info.

    Need stringing info. for a Volkl Organic V1 Midplus. Thanks
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    Shoe types

    Would it be possible to list shoes for foot types? I am a overpronator and I would like what shoes would be recommended. Thanks flatball.
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    Stringing info

    Need stringing info for a wood Wilson Jack Kramer racquet. Thanks flatball.
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    Looking for a Volkl Cat 2 for a friend of mine. He does not want the Gen 2. Thanks flatball.
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    Prince Rebel EXO Rebel stringing info.

    I need stringing info for:Prince EXO3 Rebel 95,Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95. Thanks flatball.
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    Stinging a Hyper Hammer 4.3

    I strung my first Hyper Hammer 4.3 yesterday. I had to us a pathfinder awl on the crosses. Is there a better way to string the crosses? Gil
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    Racquet finder

    Is racquet finder inop ? Have not been able to pull it up for two days. Thanks Gil
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    Shiroji great buyer

    Transaction with Joe was smooth. Great communication,nice guy.
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    Debit Card

    Will TW accept debit cards? Thanks for the happy birthday message. Flatball
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    Kennex Ki15PSE

    What strings and tension do you use on your Kennex Ki15PSE? Gil