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    Remedy for aching feet?

    Does anybody have any tips or advice on managing or relieving generalized achiness in feet after playing a couple of fairly strenuous sets? It's getting frustrating that at 42 years old I seem to not be able to play multiple matches in a day in a tournament situaton without just really feeling...
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    Does anyone actually enjoy Davis Cup?

    Do any tennis fans actually look forward to this thing at the level of slams or even 500/1000 level events? The phony nationalism, a doubles match being pivotal in deciding the winner, an individual sport being transformed into a "team" event with silly on-court coaching and other players'...
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    Scenes from Wimbly

    Most of the ticket-holders sitting in the parking lot, debating whether it's even worth coming in.
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    Kansas City 4.0 and up hitting partners....

    Is there anyone in this city of over one million who is a legitimate 4.0 and above who wants to hit? Or are all the decent players giving lessons to 8 year olds on the Plaza? 9 one 3 2 zero 6 7532, Midtown KC area, prefer Loose Park but will travel to play. Thanks, Derek
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    Is there a way to slow down new balls during a match?

    The indoor courts at a club in town are extremely fast, ridiculously so. There is a 5.0 tournament coming up that I'm playing at this facility and I'm wondering if there are any techniques to "working" the ball, maybe pulling up the fuzz a little that might help to counter these glass-like...
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    This BNP Paribas Open is now on Donald Young's racquet...

    At his current level of play there is simply no one standing in the way of D-Young getting into the quarters, and there he will likely embarrass a lead-footed Sodsy, who's moving around the court like he's dragging a plow these days. D-Young's unique combination of fast-twitch to slow-twitch...
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    Masterfully done video I watch before beating up on local clown and mugs

    This is quite simply the most inspirational tennis video I've ever seen, starring Yannick Noah. Well worth 3 minutes of your time, as it can transform your game as it has mine. I now not only "Win Ugly" the Brad Gilbert way, but have added a...
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    Grand slam victory without a single unforced error?

    I won't spoil it but this was accomplished on the men's side today. Anyone know how often/when was the last time this was accomplished? I don't think I can recall ever seeing it before. Seems similar to a pitcher throwing a perfect game, but it has to be even more rare.
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    This has to be extremely rare...

    Ferrero just dispatched some clown without committing a single unforced error. Anyone know when the last time this was done in a best of five grand slam match before? Seems the equivalent of a baseball pitcher's perfect game.
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    Wheelchair Tennis Federation demanding equal pay for 2011 Wimbledon

    The WTF today notified the All England Lawn and Tennis Club that after viewing today's Ladies' Singles final there is no reason why wheelchair athletes should not be paid an equal purse as the mens' and womens' champions. Roland Coast, president of the WTF, announced this decision at...
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    What grips does Bethanie Mattek-Sands use?

    I think that her strokes are some of the most gorgeous on either the WTA and ATP. Classic, pure and fluid. Does anyone know what grips she uses?
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    Lobster Elite 3 absolutely worthless right out of the box

    The biggest mistake I ever could have made was not using this during the first 30 day return period - but bad weather and work made that impossible. From the first use this machine won't hold an elevation for two balls in a row, every shot and any speed or spin jerks the elevation up 5 to 10...
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    Federer pre-match sleeping ritual

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into Fed's pre-match sleeping schedule. I mean, do you think he gets the full 8 hours before every match or tries to get by on less in the early rounds before meeting any tough competition? I'm just trying to get my own pre-match ritual...
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    Hypothetical GOAT in a bar fight

    I apologize as this has probably been covered in multiple other threads, but I was wondering which players from any era everyone thought would fare best when it's time to roll up the sleeves and engage in a bit of the fisticuffs. Keep in mind we're just talking about mano-a-mano bare knuckles...
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    BNP Paribas: The Fifth Major

    Maybe in the same level of seriousness that I consider Taco Bell to be my Fourth Meal. I keep hearing people throw around the "fifth major" term when describing this event. A major tennis event does not determine a match by a third set tiebreak in the mens' draw. Call it a great, fan...