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  1. California

    Truckee, California tennis

    Hello, Looking to hit in Truckee, CA. Going to be up there this weekend for about a week. Anyone interested? 4.0 to 5.0. Live in SF and haven't played in about 2 months. Let me know if you are available. Thanks
  2. California

    Looking to hit in London 7/28 - 8/5

    I am a 4.5 player looking to hit while I am in England. I will be in town the 28th of July thru the 5th of August. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks! ML
  3. California

    Tennis in Gothenburg Sweden July 11th thru the 16th.

    I will be in Gothenburg for vacation and would love to play some tennis. I am a 4.5 player. Let me know if you are interested to hit some. Thanks, ML
  4. California

    Wimbledon tickets

    Thinking of going to Wimbledon next summer. Trying to find tickets, came across a website for Wimbledon Debentures which resells tickets. Anyone have any experience with them? Any other suggestions for tickets? Thanks.
  5. California

    Tennis in Mallorca

    Here in Mallorca in the Palma area to visit family. Looking to see if anyone around here would like to get together to hit some? Let me know.... Thanks. ML
  6. California

    Tennis in Mallorca

    I am in Palma for the next week and would like to hit with someone if possible... I am a 4.5 player, email if you would like to play some. I leave on the 2nd of August. Thanks, ML
  7. California

    Hitting in Wilmington, N.C. for 4.5/5.0

    I am looking for someone to hit with in Wilmington for the dates of 6/21 - 6/28. If you are interested let me know... Thanks, ML
  8. California

    Traveling to Manchester CT...

    I am traveling to Manchester, CT. I am looking for 4.5/5.0 players in the area who would like to hit the 19th-25th of August. Email me at Thanks, ML
  9. California

    K-Factor 6.1 18X20 vs. Head FXP Prestige MP

    Can anyone compare these 2 frames? I have hit with them both at different times, and plan to get them both out at the same time for a better demo session... I was just interested to hear what anybody else had to say about the frames. Which do you like better and why? Thanks!