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  1. David Le

    2021 Yonex VCORE Limited Edition

    For those who loved the Galaxy Black colorway but love the 2021 VCs better, Yonex is coming out with ltd editions again but this time in a black/grey/volt colorway. The volt accents are where the blue was on the OG red colorway. At this time, it looks like only VC100 and 100L will be available...
  2. David Le

    What’s your racquet(s) set up/specs?

    I’m not too sure if there’s a thread on this, but oh well. What’s your set up/specs for your racquet(s)? Here’s mine: 2018 Yonex Vcore 98 GB 305g (1 out of the 6) Weight: 350g strung 16L @45lbs with 16g total of lead @12 and blu-tac under buttcap, OG, and dampener SW: ? RA: 64 Balance: ?
  3. David Le

    Babolat old and new grip mold.

    When I was around 10 years old I got my first ever adult size racquet which was the Babolat APDO in 4 1/4. So a decade later, I tried the PAO in the same size and noticed that the grip/handle wasn’t the same as the OG. Till this very day I till love the handle mold of the APDO. The question I...
  4. David Le

    Favorite Yonex paint jobs?

    I’ve been using Yonex for the past 7 months and love it so far. For those that are fans of Yonex or just casual fans of nice looking pj, which ones were your favorite over the years? For me it goes like this (no particular order): RQ-120 RDS 001 EZ Xi SV Cool Black Regna G2 VC Galaxy Black VC...
  5. David Le

    Attacking Nadal is my favourite :D

  6. David Le

    New surface at the USO this year

    My apologies if there’s a thread on this already, but this year’s USO will be interesting. From watching some matches at ‘Cincy’, it looks fairly quick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. David Le

    "Peak" Grigor Dimitrov on clay?

    Obviously clay is his weakest surface, but imo this version of Dimitrov during this match was sublime. (He didn't peak mentally during it though)
  8. David Le

    ‘19 Nadal vs ‘99 Agassi

    ‘19 Nadal with a season record of 58W-7L and reached 3 GS Finals (AO, RG, USO) winning 2 (RG & USO) ‘99 Agassi with a season record of 63W-14L and reached 3 GS Finals (RG, W, USO) winning 2 (RG & USO) They both ended the year, as World No.1. So the real question is, who wins?
  9. David Le

    Head Youtek Radical MP vs Youtek IG Radical Pro/MP Mold

    I have a question for the people who know more about the Radicals than me. Anyway, is the Youtek Radical MP mold the same as the Youtek IG Radical Pro/MP? Besides the different drill pattern of course.
  10. David Le

    Sun Reflector for Tennis bag?

    An odd question imo, but have anybody ever thought on using a sun reflector (windshield) for your racquet bag? Some bags from different brands don’t have the climate control/thermoguard liner (6 pack), so I thought it would be interesting to see if that would work too. You could put it right on...
  11. David Le

    Babolat RPM Power Playtest/Trial

    Are you guys one of the retailers running a playtest/trial of the strings?
  12. David Le

    Grigor Dimitrov FA19 Shirt

    Hi TDub, is there any chance you guys will get the current shirt that Dimitrov is wearing in Celestial Gold? It’s the Fall Court Crew.
  13. David Le

    Wimbledon ‘08 Final vs Wimbledon ‘09 Final vs Wimbledon ‘19 Final

    Idk If there’s a thread for this already, but which Final was better in terms of drama and/or quality?
  14. David Le

    Would Federer be able to beat Nadal 5 more times?

    I usually don’t make threads like this, but could Federer beat Nadal 5 more times before the year ends? Considering it’s grass and hardcourt (indoor too) for the rest of the season. Also just to be clear, I’m not trying to be an @$$. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Fedal, even though I’m a...
  15. David Le

    Kei Nishikori’s ‘19 Barcelona shirt.

    Anybody got any sources on when it’s going to come out? I dig the design and colors as well.
  16. David Le

    Dimitrov, Kyrgios, Edmund, and Isner plays Cards Against Humanity ATP Edition.

    I just watched this on YT, and it was great asf. I wish this was more of a regular series on TennisTV or on the ATP YT Channel. Enjoy guys! :D
  17. David Le

    Andy Roddick’s frame

    So I was checking out Twitter and I came across Roddick playing an exo at the NYOpen against Courier. Anyway, I noticed he was using a blacked out frame(like many ex-pros) but it didn’t look like the Pure Drive. Any guesses on what it is?
  18. David Le

    ‘17 AO Federer vs ‘19 AO Nadal

    If these two would play/have met, who would win? ‘17 AO Federer was playing sublime tennis and ‘19 AO Nadal is playing just as good. It would be a great match up imo.
  19. David Le

    Wawrinka Doha shirt

    Do anybody have any clue on where that shirt is from? Is it for the AO? I dig the color and the simplicity of the design.
  20. David Le

    Bouchard current set up?

    Does anybody know what her set up is now? Weight, SW, tension? I saw on her IG story that she has lead at 12, 3 & 9. I know she uses RPM Blast with VS Gut combo but with the poly in the mains and V1 of the SV 100.
  21. David Le

    Agassi x Dimitrov?

    Saw on TennisTV Instagram that Grigor is supposedly working with Andre. I guess it’s a trial since the late Summer hardcourt swing. (They were together in Atlanta) Any thoughts? His results this year sucks a%* but this is interesting.
  22. David Le

    Prince POG 107 Bumpergaurd/Grommets?

    When would you guys have these in stock again?
  23. David Le

    Ana Ivanovic

    Could Ana Ivanovic be in the top 20 or even top 10 if she came back on the WTA Tour? Also, I believe she deserved more slams than just the one at RG.
  24. David Le

    BB&T ATL Open

    Just saw the video you guys put up about the stringing team at the BB&T ATL Open. Is Chris there as of now? Is anybody else there from the TDub team?
  25. David Le

    Wilson Pro Staff 97S/93S?

    Any news of an update? I’d even take a reissue 95S with a 18x17 pattern, and a 19mm beam honestly.
  26. David Le

    Head Microgel Instinct MP

    Thoughts on this racquet? I’m looking into getting one but need some insights. I love how the stiffness is 64 which I prefer over the other models.
  27. David Le

    Agassi to consult or coach Dimitrov?

    Saw on Georgia Tech’s Twitter account. Agassi was spotted with Grigor. Idk if Dani is out, but recently saw that Agassi also followed Grigor on IG.
  28. David Le

    Wilson Burn FST 99/99S

    Anybody on here still play with any of these two models? What’s your current string set up on these? Which one would you recommend?
  29. David Le

    Any recommendations of a Adult size racquet for a 13 year old?

    My little Sister is currently looking into playing tennis for the first time as a main sport. She has played before for fun but used a Jr size racquet. We used the kid friendly Wilson red/orange balls for her to start since she isn’t used to the normal tennis balls. She is currently 13, and...