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  1. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    I don't think what he meant applies here , at least it doesn't cover everything. Jose was talking about the subar results from United in both Europe post 2011 UCL final and league post 2013 title has contributed to the inexperience of the players when it comes to those high level stages where...
  2. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    I never expected this from City. After seeing Bayern in the previous round too , i realize that , It was really stupid of us to base our entire season on whether we win the CL or not. The competition is too tricky , sudden momentum shifts can be so dangerous , being clinical is everything. We...
  3. AlexanderTheGreat08

    About Nadal/Alcaraz....

    I'm wary of Alcaraz at RG tbh.
  4. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Indian Wells SF: Carlos Alcaraz vs Rafael Nadal

    Unless Nadal has a metldown , i don't see Fritz winning. Just his opponents name and the stage will kill him mentally and he will turn into a ue machine
  5. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Indian Wells SF: Carlos Alcaraz vs Rafael Nadal

    18 year old Shapovalov defeated a better Rafa. So i cannot give Alcaraz credit for this loss
  6. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Indian Wells SF: Carlos Alcaraz vs Rafael Nadal

    I'm not digging him. Nowhere near as charming as Rafa
  7. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Is Nadal one of the top 5 greatest hard court players of all time?

    He's the more natural hardcourter though. He can adapt to more conditions , But Nadal will surely surpass him with one more major
  8. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Rafa : “I have a foot problem that does NOT have a SOLUTION” - Acapulco 2022

    Nadal has suffered plenty of big losses when healthy and he's well aware he isn't invincible jfl , the things you guys come up with
  9. AlexanderTheGreat08

    2022 Acapulco open ATP 500 Semi Final :- Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal

    Anticlimatic way to become No.1 in the first place and then losing to 35.5 year old Nadal in straights. Very nextgen
  10. AlexanderTheGreat08

    How could Djokovic beat the big servers of the 90s?

    Have you seen Wimbledon matches from the 90's? Honestly , even as a Nadal fan , i'm not too optimistic at all about his chances on 90's grass , considering that he has shown vulnerability in the slow grass. Djokovic's chances are higher , but i still don't see him winning if Sampras is there...
  11. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Who will have the better career: Alcaraz or Sinner?

    I'm gonna say Sinner on the odd chance he does end up winning more , so i can bump this thread in a decade and brag about it
  12. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Nadal winning Australian Open's 13 years apart is mindboggling

    Right so Nadal put a gap of 8 majors afte RG 14' against Novak and could've been 6 up if he wins Wimby 18' , damn. Hopefully he wins RG 22' and try to hold out
  13. AlexanderTheGreat08

    2022 Acapulco Open (ATP500)

    Tough draw for Rafa. A potential semi against Medvedev:sneaky:
  14. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    Imagine Abraham and Brojas looking at Lukaku right now.
  15. AlexanderTheGreat08

    2022 Open 13, Marseilles (ATP 250)

    Would be very nice to see Felix lifting 2 titles in a row
  16. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    I see him as the best forward U30. He's the heart of our attack , if we really do end up losing Kylian this summer , which is likely to be the case. Replacing him will be impossible though , i expect us to improve the midfield to try to balance things out , but any forward coming in( Likely to...
  17. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Did you watch Federer-Nadal 2004 live?

    @vive le beau jeu ! Did you?
  18. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Tsitsipas must prove 2021 clay season wasn't a fluke

    Sinner is rising there too. Only stopped by Nadal in the past 2 years
  19. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Will Djokovic win 8 or more Wimbledon ?

    Wimbledon should speed the grass
  20. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Better Slam distribution now-: Federer or Nadal?

    Nadal for me , but you could argue either way. I'll wait and see what more can he do , He's 1 W/USO away from burying this discussion. Either gets at least 3 majors in all surfaces or joins the others as USO record holder
  21. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Why Federer will be regarded as better than even Pete

    He never won RG though. That alone disqualifies him and it could probably more excusable if no one ever won all 4 majors , but his own rival Agassi managed to do it.
  22. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Will anybody surpass Fed's record at Wimbledon?

    Given the state of the grass field and Novak who's still very much motivated for the GS record. It's in actual danger of being tied and though unlikely , it can be surpassed. Wimbledon 2019 final was so damaging to Federer , He could've taken his record to 9 while keeping Joe at 5 with the next...
  23. AlexanderTheGreat08

    ATP fans, Have you lost interest in BO3?

    Yes , unless Nadal plays. I'll probably catch a few Delpo matches on his return , outside of that , i don't see any reason to keep up with BO3 tennis Wha...
  24. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Will the current gen/next gen enjoy similar longevity as the big 3?

    Once they win some big stuff and accumulate some wealth , i can see them retiring in their early 30's
  25. AlexanderTheGreat08

    If Rafa has to win 1 more slam off clay, your wish for where it should come?

    I choose Wimbledon , because i think it would mean a lot more to Nadal personally. But the USO is more important for his legacy
  26. AlexanderTheGreat08

    A cruel truth about 'NextGens'

    Multiple generations failed to create even a Murray level player