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    Yonex RQs 11 ??? anyone use ?????????

    HI! Anyone Use rqs11 ?? i wanna know about its control . i used it , yeah i like it but it is too much power for me. so i want other that afford me more control and less power. how about Rqis 1 Tour xl 95. ?
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    what have Ivanovic done ???

    she can get 4-0 in 3 rd set but she lose 4-6 to Radwanska ... How can she do ??? i didnt see that match.
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    Head Microjel Radicle mp VS Yonex RQis 1 Tour XL95 ??

    ็HI! Everyone i am wonder about a different bt two of them. i will buy a new one soon. and i will consider two of them. please help me to compare about control , power,stiffness ,comfort ,shock of the arm and other ways and how about the feeling about two of them. i am all court player...
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    Anybody have ever used RQis 1 tour XL 95 ??

    hi, now i am considering buying a new one . i am interested in Ivanovic racket. but i have never demo it. becuz in my country there are no deme. How is it power compare to rds001 . and how control compare to rds001 . please compare it to rds 001 in different way . pleaseee thank u very much
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    Rqis 1 tour XL95 VS RDS 001mp VS RDs 002

    hi everyone, nice to meet u . i am a fan of tennis too. i am just being registering today hehehe. now i am playing with Yonex RQs 11 ( my first racket too)(Main Luxilon bb rought 16 58 bls,Cross Dunlop max comfort 17 60 bls) but i want a new one that less power , more control ,more...