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    McEnroe vs McEnroe

    On ESPN+, McEnroe played a virtual avatar opponent of himself from 79, 81, 82, 84 and 92. I thought it was gimmicky and poor quality tennis, like exclusively baseline rallies even though he was a pure serve and volley. But interesting to watch if you are a Mac fan and like going down memory lane.
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    Brad Gilbert - Was he a baller?

    More accomplished as coach and ESPN commentator. As a player, always here the words “pusher” and “winning ugly.” But he did get up to #4 ranking in 1990 and has some big time scalps like Becker, McEnroe and Agassi in prime. Not pushing his way into the upper stratosphere of the game. What else...
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    Best Player on his Best Day?

    Listed some greats from 80s / 90s alphabetically. Who do you think was best on their best day? Do you think these were the best tournament runs? Interested in your comments. Agassi - 2003 Aus Open. Didn’t go through murderers row but untouchable in this run when entire field seemed resigned to...
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    What was your favorite US mens tournament? Non grand slam or master series.

    US has lost so many tournaments over last 30 years. So many have come and gone in places like Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Vermont. My favorite was my hometown Philadelphia indoor that was played every February at the Spectrum. They would get great fields including McEnroe, Connors...
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    Who Wins? 85 Wimbledon Becker or 90 US Open Sampras.

    You name the venue(s) and / or surface(s)
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    Best coach in the 80s / 90s?

    Tony Roche Bob Brett Tony Pickard Nick Bolletieri Tim Gullickson Brad Gilbert Jose Higueras
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    Does Chang beat Becker in 89 RG final?

    Becker was always a difficult matchup for Chang, winning 9 out of 10 sets in there 3 biggest matches - 91 RG QF, 95 ATP F and 96 AUS F. Seems like he was simply overpowered by the likes of Becker, Sampras and Agassi. Chang on the other hand played a great final against Edberg in 89 RG. He took...
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    Blue Clay anyone?

    Just having a hard time following the ball on red clay during day matches. Maybe I am getting older, but TV resolution is better too. Or the ball is moving faster. Maybe Tiriac was on to something, I know many top players didn’t like and red clay is historic in tennis. But if they can get the...
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    TC Plus - no announcers?

    Had to purchase an annual subscription earlier this year since Tennis Channel is no longer on my streaming provider YouTube TV. I have been enjoying TC Plus and really don't miss access to Tennis Channel. But it's a little strange that some matches don't have announcers, especially the Rome...