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    I was reading a couple of older threads about the (specifically service) yips and wanted to follow up on a few things I read. One was that some of you have experienced the yips once (or twice) and never had them since (I think it was Cindy and Raiden); is that still the case or have they...
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    Major Changes

    As a captain in our local league I received the following in an e-mail today in reference to a captain's meeting that has been announced for 11/15: "We will be announcing MAJOR CHANGES that are effective immediately and will directly impact all team registrations for spring 2010...." Has...
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    Best shot when both opponents at net

    In doubles, what's the best shot to hit when both your opponents are at the net? I know that the most common answer is the lob, but this week I had more success blasting forehands at the weaker net player. Still, my partner and I lost the match, which got me to thinking about strategies here. I...
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    Southern 5.0 Combo Teams

    Any other 5.0 Combo teams out there in the Southern section? Our team just got an invitation straight to Sectionals in Mobile as we are the only team in SC. I checked the bigger cities (Atlanta, Memphis, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc.) on and didn't see any 5.0...
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    Former Top 5 Jr. Self-rated at 3.0

    Is a former top-5 junior allowed to self-rate at 3.0? I know it's legit for top juniors to self-rate at 3.5 as long as they weren't top 60 (I think) in the Section. Anyone know the rule (if any) here?
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    DQs at States/Sectionals

    I was wondering when or why the rule was instigated that DQed players at championships such as States or Sectionals do not have to forfeit the matches they won. I seem to remember hearing something about this regarding a team from Texas, but I'm not certain. Does anyone know why the rules differ...