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  1. argentinagang

    Nike Airliner insoles?
  2. argentinagang

    Useful tennis community! Question about quality!

    Hello I was wondering what you guys thought of the Nadal Fearless Jacket XL photo blue/grey? Is it warm? good quality? does it look nice? please feel free to post up live pictures of your jacket!:)
  3. argentinagang

    Babolat Grips!!!

    I was wondering whats the best babolat grip you could recommend? I have no previous experience with there over grips. So im looking for some suggestions! Thanks.
  4. argentinagang

    USO Question!

    Are any more fearless nadal jacquets coming out for this month? As they ran out on
  5. argentinagang

    Difference between adiPure pro and adiPure pro Lux?

    the only clear difference is instead of having leather marked as Adituff as the toe protecter on the lux. On the pro you actually have plastic for the toe. I personally would go with the pro.
  6. argentinagang

    Post Close-Up Pictures of Pros' Shoes

    i would like to post some nice pictures of rafas shoes but...i dont know how to post pictures.
  7. argentinagang

    After All

    I have tried tons of polys, natural guts, nylons, synthetic guts, basically all strings i can think of but after all play i finally decided to try Babolat Xcel Premium. I believe personally its GOATS for multi-fills.
  8. argentinagang

    New Re-designed Barricades Are On Sale!
  9. argentinagang

    Post pics of your Nike Vapors, CB, and breathes
  10. argentinagang

    Babolat xcel question

    I just strung up Babolat Xcel 16 G at 58lbs on my head youtek radical pro. How does this string play compared to rpm blast? (full bed)
  11. argentinagang

    String Question!

    Would you guys recommend dropping the mains to 58 pounds? and crosses at lbs?
  12. argentinagang

    String Question!

    do you guys think that the hybrid of Rpm blast 16G mains and Xcel 16G crosses at 62 llbs would produce good touch and spin? I dont want other recomendations of strings i just want thoughts on this string. Thanks!
  13. argentinagang

    March 2011 Converse Jack Purcell Playtest

    How do you get chosen for playtesting? And you don't have to return the shoes right?
  14. argentinagang

    HOLY MOLY! Check these kicks! Vapors Black/Green!

    overseas i dont think so but in china it was released i saw it.
  15. argentinagang

    HOLY MOLY! Check these kicks! Vapors Black/Green!

    Lets Gooo! 2040 views as currently of 4/2/2011. Thanks to all you interested tennis fans! thanks!
  16. argentinagang

    Wilson Trance All Court Review (Great Shoe-Highly Recommend)

    So lucky! i wish i could test shoes!:)
  17. argentinagang

    For the Interested, For the Excited, For those who care

    yes you are! i pretty sure thats the outfit
  18. argentinagang

    HOLY MOLY! Check these kicks! Vapors Black/Green!

    me neither way too out of his style!
  19. argentinagang

    HOLY MOLY! Check these kicks! Vapors Black/Green!
  20. argentinagang

    Looking for some new shoes - Suggestions?

    wide foot? then go for Bk210 Sort of wide and narrow like in betweenish then go for the vapor 8 and narrow like medium width then go for cb 3.3 most comfortable is the vapor i believe most durable is the cb and most stylish in my OPINION is bk210 ^^ as well as cheapest!
  21. argentinagang

    For the Interested, For the Excited, For those who care

    http://**************/us/en_us/?l=shop,men&sitesrc=EMEALP#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-383060/pgid-375561 Just ordered one!
  22. argentinagang

    Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Sole Wear Diary of a Madman

    Mad man, where has he gone?!? I suppose the Mad Man has either given up on posting Vapor Pictures, or is just tooo lazy! I'd love to see this diary to continue! Thank you "MAD MAN"!
  23. argentinagang

    Head Youtek Radical Pro

    When do you believe they are going to drop the price of the racquet? Thanks~!
  24. argentinagang

    Head youtek radical pro users

    I have two of those racquets as well. SW is high, which is how i prefer it as well as low HL. So its perfect for ME, and yes when hitting some forehands if hit well it literally feels you completely shattered the ball on the court. Great Racuqet IMO
  25. argentinagang

    Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Sole Wear Diary of a Madman

    I have the same problem! Well, indeed that the CB 3.3 didn't live up to its hype on durability. However the Barricade 6 has a lot more durability than the Cb 3.3 in my opinion. What I recommend is what i do is buy at least 3 pairs of Barricade Vs from Eb@y which then last a great time and...
  26. argentinagang

    CB 3.3 Warranty Countdown **ShOcKing PhOtOs**

    can you take pictures of the sole as you did for the cb 3.3 to see the wear how quickly it wears? thanks!
  27. argentinagang

    Nike Cb 3.3 Clay

    sorry sir. but unfortunately they are only for europe. :/
  28. argentinagang

    Nike Cb 3.3 Clay

    the pictures aren't there :/ upload them to image shack! :D
  29. argentinagang

    Verdasco wearing B5 @ IW

    so true. 10 char +1