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  1. RalphNYC

    US Open app shows who's practicing together

    Today they are practicising on the regular courts including the big show courts. Isn't free to go and watch - even on Ashe (yes I want to see federer)
  2. RalphNYC

    If you don't love Wawrinka, you don't love tennis

    Loving Wawrinka more than ever! Great job Stan!
  3. RalphNYC

    Davydenko baby pics

    Found a great video of Davydenko when he was a baby, his hair really hasn't changed much in all these years :)
  4. RalphNYC

    Ernests Gulbiis

    Yes, let's do that. My opinion is unchanged. I still think he's the most talented guy out there.
  5. RalphNYC

    Seems like Fed wqas in pain those last games

    Yep, look at his serve speeds, he was serving at 85mph. No doubt about it.
  6. RalphNYC

    Anyone notice Fed hitting a lot more Nadal-like forehands lately?

    It seems Fed has incorporated it more lately into his game. I see Fed using it in new situations. Of course everyone has used it on the running forehand cross. But I see him using it more on down-the-line forehands (something Rafa may do better than anyone, especially as he curves it from the...
  7. RalphNYC

    Hass has a better 1 handed BH than Fed

    It is a better backhand. Less wrist, and less overall shoulder rotation, which isn't needed much in the 1H backhand, and with that compactness comes more power and more consistency. I think it's better than Gasquet's as well.
  8. RalphNYC

    Anyone notice Fed hitting a lot more Nadal-like forehands lately?

    In years past I never saw Fed follow through over his right shoulder - it was always the windshield wiper. But lately, even in Halle I see him hitting lots of Nadal-esque forehands. Not as insane and exaggerated as Rafa's but he's doing it, no?
  9. RalphNYC

    Is this sour grapes from fed??

    Should have gone with a body serve
  10. RalphNYC

    your opinion of Ivan Ljubicic

    Wish I had his serve. And volley. And ground strokes.
  11. RalphNYC

    Đoković's arrival in Belgrade

    Where does he get his clothes?
  12. RalphNYC

    John McEnroe," He is a like a ballet dancer." Regarding one of Roger's magical point.

    Not sure why tennis channel and ESPN only showed this match from 5-2 in the 2nd set.
  13. RalphNYC

    Nadal is the best - Murray

    Looking forward to this myself.
  14. RalphNYC

    Federer's ground strokes during Madrid match against Nadal...

    Fed also seemed to have gained confidence from his match with Nadal. I was in Madrid with my wife at the Fed/Soderling match. Fed was making incredible gets, and out-forehanding Soderling in a lot of important points - which really looked like the clash of the titans. But for his first few...
  15. RalphNYC

    Grigor Dimitrov wildcard match starting soon

    Amazing, he's now facing Wawrinka in the second round!
  16. RalphNYC

    Grigor Dimitrov wildcard match starting soon

    Looks like Grigor won Round 1, 6-1 6-1
  17. RalphNYC

    Grigor Dimitrov wildcard match starting soon

    Good luck to Grigor, I would really love to see him play a first round match on national TV.
  18. RalphNYC

    Once more - Federer between the legs winner (special one)

    Agreed, I do that between the legs shot facing the net all the time.
  19. RalphNYC

    Federer: "I want the nr. 1 ranking back"

    I'd like to be no. 1 as well next year, to be brutally frank. But I think Roger's chances are a good deal greater than mine.
  20. RalphNYC

    How should King Roger bow out?

    He's very Swiss. He will schedule his retirement years out. And let everyone know. They will be saying goodbye and kissing him on the cheek for 12 months straight.
  21. RalphNYC

    Despite the brave talk, Fed knows his career is nearing the end

    He's had the dream career. No, the fantasy career. No, the career that no one on earth could possibly have imagined in their wildest dreams. In early interviews he says he hopes he wins a slam some day. He's very grounded and realizes that he was blessed with the most amazing experience beyond...
  22. RalphNYC

    Has Federer's serve weakened, or are the returners just better now?

    Do you think his second serve has improved also? It looks like t-time on his second serve even against qualifiers. Btw, I am watching him now in the Stockholm final and it looks like he's borrowed stan's backhand for the day. Never seen him hit it with as much confidence and power.
  23. RalphNYC

    Has Federer's serve weakened, or are the returners just better now?

    Seems like Federer gets broken a lot these days, and generally struggles to win points on his serve. And guys seem to completely blast away on his second serve. Has it slowed down over the years, or are the returners that much better?
  24. RalphNYC

    Grigor Dimitrov just won his 3rd challenger in a row?!?!

    Sorry but at the end of this video he picks his nose and eats it.
  25. RalphNYC

    Nadal says for those in NY or near he has some surprises

    A friend saw him signing autographs around 57th and 6th in the afternoon a couple days ago. I think he's making appearances - and it's probably connected to his sponsors.
  26. RalphNYC

    Wimbledon 2008 Final Nadal vs Federer Documentary

    Unfortunately, youth fades and nothing in life lasts.
  27. RalphNYC

    Congratulations James Blake

    For winning the 2010 us open. The draw fraud has allowed the tru goat to hoof it right to his rightful victory!
  28. RalphNYC

    Where will the US open be held?

    I would guess New York. Maybe we should have a poll?