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  1. SirBlend12

    Mods, Please Rip Apart The Crying Threads!

    Started the thread so it could be noticed easily. There are too many of these cropping up for all the wrong reasons. Plenty are bashing one champ all while taking away the glory of a victory for the other. This needs to end. Please do what you must. The Titanic that this forum is has gotten...
  2. SirBlend12

    What Grass/Grass Blend Is Used at Queen's Club?

    Does anybody know what they seed with? Just curious because I may be building a grass court later this spring and I would want a good blend to work with. For that matter, what do they use at Halle? In general, I'm looking for a blend that has a solid durability, is hearty in a mixed...
  3. SirBlend12

    The Leather Grip List

    Looking to make a comprehensive lists of various brands of leather grips. Try to list length, weight, width, and other characteristics so that everyone can get an idea of what's best for what they need. Somewhat for the purpose of customization for me (balance and feel in a racquet). Have...
  4. SirBlend12

    Quick Question About Flex...

    Let's say I have a frame that is 11.4 oz. stock with an RA rating of 70. Then I string it, bringing it to 11.9 oz. I have heard that the flex should then be ~67 RA. Would this be correct? Beyond that, I then add 6 grams of lead under the grip, and an overgrip, bringing it to 12.2-ish oz...
  5. SirBlend12

    Prince Response 90: What Should I String It With?

    Forget I had this thing and feel like giving it a hit soon. Late 80's prince so it's got that good 'ol 14x18 pattern. Graphite, Kev, Fiberglass for reference, quite flexy and headlight. Sugestions? Have at....
  6. SirBlend12

    Custom-Built Frames...

    Alright, I know this has floated around in another thread but I can't find it anywhere. Hoping for a list of all the companies that will custom build frames. I can think of Vantage and ****, but other than that my memory has failed me. Anything else I'm missing?
  7. SirBlend12

    Has There Ever Been An ALL Fiberglass Racquet?

    Usually you see all graphite, 80/20 of graphite and kevlar, fiberglass, boron, etc. but what about all fiberglass? For that matter, what about all Kev or boron?
  8. SirBlend12

    The "Hopeless Romantics" Club

    Thought I'd start up something fun. I noticed that everyone is always talking about tennis (obviously), rivalries, politics, their mids, their 1 handers, random junk about music, or are busy posting pics in the "Guys Only' thread. Where's the talk about relationships or other things of the sort...
  9. SirBlend12

    Standard (65 sq. in.) Split Shaft Racquets?

    Just wondering if any exist. I would love to give it a try if such a stick were available. A woody head with a graphite throat...
  10. SirBlend12

    Does anyone change their grip when serving into the ad court?

    Just curious if anyone does this. With the way I hit serves from the deuce side (platform stance, shifting to pinpoint through the swing, sideways parallel to baseline, with a continental grip), my serves from ad require a bit of alteration. Does anyone else alter a bit to compensate for the...
  11. SirBlend12

    Snauwaert ATP tour: Recommend Me a String

    It's either the 85 or 93 (can't be sure because as far as anyone's concerned it's a damn Lacoste). If you want to check it out before hand just search my username you'll find pics somewhere. Not interested in poly's. Suggest a tension as well, please:) Thanks in advance. Just wanna try...
  12. SirBlend12

    Info on this Racquet: (pics)

    Old Lacoste racquet. Don't know much about it, can't find anything on the web or this forum. About 12 oz, 90 sq in., 18x20 pattern, came with leather grip, had little rubber thing coming out of butt cap ala Equijet. Any info?
  13. SirBlend12

    Anybody heard of this Racquet?

    It's a Lacoste racquet, 90 sq in head, 18x20 pattern, says "TOP 341" on the base of the throat, has a diagram on the side of the beam that says "Accelro Dampener", with "Made in Belgium" on the other side, it's a forest green color, says "graphite at the 12 o clock position, has a leather grip...
  14. SirBlend12

    Anybody have pics/stats on new Adidas racquets BESIDES Barricade?

    I was hoping to find out about the other lines i.e. the Feather, Response, etc. Any info on these sticks yet?
  15. SirBlend12

    Does anyone else get horrid blisters from play?

    I always get the worst blisters on my hand. It may be because of my various grip styles, which I will admit are very odd to most. Just curious if anyone else gets 'em and if you have a remedy (other than not playing or playing "softer").
  16. SirBlend12

    Grass Courts Anywhere?

    I live in Northeast Ohio, about 10 mins from Cleveland, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any grass courts that are anywhere within 200 miles of here. It's alright if they are somewhat far because I like to travel, and may just end up somewhere distant from here.
  17. SirBlend12

    Cheapest 6-Point, 2 Swivel Machine?

    I want a good one, but some of these get super pricey. Suggestions?
  18. SirBlend12

    Advice on Starting a Team?

    I'm going to a very small DII school that currently does not have a tennis team. In the last 2 years they are rapidly adding Varsity teams that were Club or intramural sports, and tennis has still not made the switch. The thing is that about 4 years ago they went from being DIII to DII and...
  19. SirBlend12

    Help with a Gut Hybrid Tension

    Alright, so I'm stringing up a Microgel Extreme Pro with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 mains @ 62 lbs. I plan on using Bab Tonic+ 16 in the crosses. Any suggestions on a good tension for it?
  20. SirBlend12

    Head MicroGel Radical Pro vs MicroGel Extreme Pro

    I've been using an Extreme Pro for the last couple of months and loved it. The other day it fell to great misfortune when on an off hit the frame cracked very badly. So now I have to replace it. I had been debating also trying out the Radical Pro as I had pretty much only used Radicals before...