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    How about Marin Cilic?

    The guy won the juniors at Roland Garros... Two years ago, right? How old is he now, eighteen? Do you think he might make some noise a bit later on?
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    Maria Sharapova

    Oh Maria Maria She reminds me of a west side story Growing up in Spanish Harlem She's living the life just like a movie star oh Maria Maria She fell in love in East L.A. To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah Played by Carlos Santana Stop the looting, stop the shooting Pick...
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    Greatest Swede of the Open Era after Borg, Wilander, and Edberg?

    I think we can all agree that Bjorn Borg is by far the greatest player Sweden has produced. Following him, we have Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg. Choosing who is number two and three between them is a bit tricky. Some people like to favor the fact that Wilander had one more slam, as well as...
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    Who was the tan chick that was always with Sampras in the nineties?

    Elena something I think? I don't know if she was with him into the late nineties, but she was always in his box with his coach and family in the mid ninties. Was she another coach, a trainer, were they dating, or something else?
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    Best Match of 2006?

    What would you say the best match of the year was (note that this isn't meant to be determined by factors such as your favorite player beating your least favorite player, but actually quality of tennis, entertainment the match brought, etc.). Just some matches you might want to keep in mind...
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    I had a near death experience today...

    There was a shooting where I live, and a stray bullet was shot into my house. If the bullet had been about two inches up, a little to the left, and I had been home at the time, I might still be here typing this, but I'd be dead while doing it!
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    Grand Slam Fairy Tale Runs

    Lets talk about some of the fairy tale runs that have happened in Grand Slam events over the years. The one that should be freshest in everyone's mind is Baghdatis making the final of the Australian Open this year. This one is noteable in particular because Baghdatis, and I don't mean to...
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    Why did Agassi and Gilbert split up?

    Was it just that they wanted to try something new after so many years together?
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    So... Why do so many of you dislike Nadal?

    There's been an awful lot of Nadal hate on this board, especially after the match today which I can't spoil in this forum. Why? I mean, if you have a good reason, then I've got no problem with that, and I'd hope none of you would have a problem with me liking Nadal. But if it's "just because,"...
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    How is "Medvedev" pronounced?

    As in Andrei Medvedev... The first tennis matches I ever saw were during 1999 Roland Garros, and I remember my mom pronouncing it Med-yed-ev, despite the spelling looking nothing like that. I recently heard it prnounced as it looks like it would be, Med-ved-ev. But then again, I don't know...
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    The next person to beat Fed at Wimbledon will become the next dominant player.

    Think about the progression of dominant players. Bjorn Borg was the dominant player in his day. He lost to McEnroe at Wimbledon, and McEnroe, in the early 80s, was the next dominant player. McEnroe lost to Lendl at the US Open, and for the latter part of the 80s, Lendl was the dominant...
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    Will we ever see someone become to a GS event what Lendl was to the US Open?

    Lendl getting the Open final eight years in a row is quite a feat. Think that anyone will ever do that sort of thing again in a GS event? I have a feeling that Baghdatis could be a possiblility for that sort of thing at the Australian Open. Pure speculation, of course.
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    In the all-time sense...

    Would you rank Mats Wilander or Stefan Edberg higher?
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    What happened to Arnaud Di Pasquale?

    Bronze Medalist in the 2000 Olympics, right? Beat Federer in the match for the bronze? You'd think he'd be up in the top fifty somewhere, aye?
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    Rate my purchase

    I just ordered the following matches- -Jimmy Connors def. Bjorn Borg (1976 US Open F) -Bjorn Borg def. Jimmy Connors (1977 Wimbledon F) -John McEnroe def. Bjorn Borg (1980 US Open F) -Bjorn Borg def. Ivan Lendl (1981 Roland Garros F) -John McEnroe def. Ivan Lendl (1984 US Open F)...
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    Spain drawn to face Switzerland in Davis Cup 2007 Round One

    You know what that means, of course. Who gets to choose the surface?
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    What were McEnroe's three losses in '84?

    I know he lost to Lendl in the final of Roland Garros, but besides that, what tournament, against who, and in what round were his other two losses? I'd look these things up myself, but the ATP site's Results Archive has been down for an ungodly amount of time.
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    Agassi is gone... Is this real?

    Is this the real life- Is this just fantasy- Caught in a landslide- No escape from reality- Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see- Im just a poor boy,I need no sympathy- Because I'm easy come, easy go, A little high, little low, Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me...
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    Master's Cup Qualification

    Is it the top ranked players, or the top finishers in the ATP race who qualify?
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    Carlos Moya def. James Blake.

    You heard it here first.
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    Wawrinka def. Chela

    Good good.
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    Players who could/should have won a Grand Slam bu didn't.

    Off the top of my head, I can think of Marcelo Rios, Todd Martin, Cedric Pioline, and Alex Corretja.
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    If they met at the US Open, who wins between Blake and Haas?

    They're tied for third most titles of the year in the ATP with three (behind Fed and Nadal). It would be a really great match I think, neither would win straight sets. If Blake were to win, I think it would therefore have to be in four sets, because if it went to five, I think the ghosts of...
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    Taylor Dent is on a commercial for the US Open Series

    But I haven't seen him play in a long time, let alone in the US Open Series. What gives? Or is he just attempting to qualify for the events and not being able to? Because it seems odd that he would be in an advertisement if he's not in any of the events.
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    Come on, Baghdatis!

    Down a set to Ferrer, 3 all in the second.
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    Attention: whealben and TennisProPaul

    Murray just beat Federer. As I said, if that upset happened, I would begin warming up to Murray. So I now owe credit where credit is due- Andy Murray is officially not overhyped, because he has now shown that he can live up to his hype. Although I still hold it to be true that until now...
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    Which players have the most raw potential and talent?

    This doesn't mean who is currently the best or at the top of their game, or who has the best results. Just who are the most naturally talented. Some players are very good, but they have to work very hard to maintain their status, say Ljubicic for example. That doesn't mean he isn't naturally...
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    If Fed retired today...

    Would he still have a decorated enough career that some would still call him GOAT?
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    Does Tim have a decent shot in Henman v. Murray 3?

    I'm hoping he does. It's always kind of sobering when you see players who have had success take the slow, painful trip down through the ranks. As for Murray, well, as you probably know, I don't particularly care for the guy, but that can change at any time. Most of my favorite players are...