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    Paint used for "Black out" racquets

    When pros black out racquets, do they use spray paint? Does anybody know what they use.
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    "BLACK OUT" paint

    Does anybody know if pros who "Black Out" their racquets use spray paint?
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    Lower $75 (amount)free shipping for California residents

    As a California resident (paying sales tax 9.75%), I would make more purchases if TW lowered the "free shipping" amount from $75, or give discounts of 5% or something to counter the sales tax. TW is the best online tennis store, but wish you were in another STATE!
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    Does size matter?

    Are there studies out there regarding what racquet head size teenagers should use. I've had my kids use racquets from 95 to 100 (head size) I think choosing the right head size depends on the height, strength and playing style of the kid. What do you think, or have you seeb any studies?
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    Donald Young need's a new hat

    If Donald Young wants to play with the men, he needs to get rid of that funky hat. It's hard to take him seriously when he wears his hat side ways. He played really well against Hewitt, but I just couldn't get past his crooked hat. Just like Roddick got rid of his visor, Donald needs to...
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    Ana Ivanovic a head case?

    I thought her poor play last year was the result of starting a relationship with Adam Scott, (Aussie pro golfer) but I think she must have some mental issues. Her problems with her ball toss, (mental) and just watched her post match interview after her loss, she seems to talk too positive about...
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    Advise for parents coaching their child?

    There seems to be alot of coaches/instructors and parents who coach their own child on this forum. Can you coaches, like TomC, TCF and others give some important advice to all us parents who coach our kids?
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    Pros switch racquet, shoe and clothing co. what do they do with old equipment

    When pros switch to different tennis equipment companies, what happens to the old stuff? Does it go back, or do they give it away to friends and family?
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    need advise with TT Stalker

    I'm being stalked on "talk tennis" and need advise on how to handle it. Brief history, I had problems with this person several months ago, and thought that it had ended. I have never posted on him since then, but he has posted occasionally on my threads and post. On thanksgiving day, he...
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    Which country has the best system for producing pros?

    We all know that the USTA is a joke when it comes to producing professional players. But which country do you think has the best system for producing pros? I personally think the French has the best system.
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    Starting clamps???

    I really don't understand why anyone would use a starting clamp. The only reason that I can think of is that one's stringing machine clamps can't clamp the first cross string at the top of the racquect. Is that correct?
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    Henin, Hingis and steroids

    I was recently on my throne, looking at old copies of tennis mags, and noticed that Henin and Hingis have/had very pronounced angular jaws. It is know that this is a side effect of steroid use. Was the ban on Hingis (2 yrs.) really for coke? And was Henin's self retirement for other...
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    adjusting lock lever on prince neos 1000

    Does anybody know how to adjust the lock lever? When I pull the crank back to lock the string, the lock lever hits the plastic housing hard and sometimes it slips forward abit. THANKS
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    CC Genius vs Barricade V

    Anyone out there tried both the CC Genius and the Barricade V? Which shoe is better (terms of fit and durability) Thanks!
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    Florida or So. California?

    If you were given the chance to train in Florida or SoCal, which would you choose and why.
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    USTA listening?

    I'm relatively new to TT, but have noticed many critical threads and postings about the USTA (regarding junior tennis). Are there any USTA officials on TT that can address issues brought up on TT? If the USTA isn't listening, tell us how you made contact with an USTA official and if...
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    Sad observation

    My last child is now a senior in high school, and probably playing her last year of junior tennis. During a tournament this past weekend, I over heard two girls making fun of another player in the tournament. This girl they were making fun of, is a know cheater since she was a little girl...
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    Removing leftover tape off racquet handle

    I was replacing the original grip on my Yonex racquet, and had the hardest time getting the double sided tape off the handle. Does anybody have any solutions as to getting the tape off?
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    Asian number 1 in the world?

    Will there ever be a asian no. 1 player? Chinese population 1.4 billion, Japanese over 130 million, Korean 73 million and if you consider India asian's, then 1.1 billion. With a large population base like that, shouldn't there be a asian (male or female) number 1 in the world?
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    Highest entry fee in your section?

    Besides junior national tournaments, what is the highest entry fee you paid to play in a junior tournament in your section? Here in socal, the highest is $46.73 for singles $52 for doubles with no back draw. (CRAZY)
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    Should "foot fault" rule be changed?

    There is really no advantage to "slide into the baseline" when serving. Stepping into the court is a definite advantage. I don't think players "intentionally" foot fault. Bad technique, nerves or rushing are probably reasons why most of us foot fault. Rule should be changed so that a...
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    Ideal practice week for juniors age 14-18

    What would you consider an "ideal" practice week for juniors (14-18 yrs. old) that attend a traditional school?
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    Change Winter Nat'l to Indoor Nat'l?

    I would like to see the USTA change the Winter Super Nat'l to an Indoor Super Nat'l. 16's and 18's are held in Phoenix, AZ. 12 and 14's in Tucson, AZ. I like both cities but it is way to cold during the tournaments. Early morning matches are soo cold that there is frost on your car. Tucson is...
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    Should top juniors play for their high school team?

    Let's say if a junior is ranked in the top 20 of their section, should they feel obligated to play for their high school team?
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    Bad day of pushing

    What happens when a pusher has a bad day, they lose. This is what happened to Murray. When you play a push game, you don't have any game to fall back on, no game plan "B"
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    muscle memory

    ive read that once someone has made a certain amounts of strokes, that muscle will remember that action for the rest of its life. does that explain why on the wta tour, these players can come out of retirement and play so well.(clisters) remember when seles and capriati came back and won a...
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    ivy or scholarship to D1

    if you were recruited by both an ivy league or DIV 1 westcoast school, and was offered a scholarship to the westcoast school, which would you choose. remember ivy's don't offer scholarships, but will help you get into the school if your gpa and test scores are marginal
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    how important is it to win a match?

    there was a recent post about a guy who felt that it was important that he win a match by hacking (serving underhand, dinking, hitting drop shots, etc) is it that important that you play that type of game just to earn the "W"
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    faster courts helping us players?

    after murrays win the other day, he was asked about the speed of the courts, he said that they were faster then the two tournaments prior to the open is this contributing to the advancement of american players in the draw?
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    how to post polls

    how do you post a poll?