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  1. RalphNYC

    Davydenko baby pics

    Found a great video of Davydenko when he was a baby, his hair really hasn't changed much in all these years :)
  2. RalphNYC

    Anyone notice Fed hitting a lot more Nadal-like forehands lately?

    In years past I never saw Fed follow through over his right shoulder - it was always the windshield wiper. But lately, even in Halle I see him hitting lots of Nadal-esque forehands. Not as insane and exaggerated as Rafa's but he's doing it, no?
  3. RalphNYC

    Grigor Dimitrov wildcard match starting soon

    Good luck to Grigor, I would really love to see him play a first round match on national TV.
  4. RalphNYC

    Has Federer's serve weakened, or are the returners just better now?

    Seems like Federer gets broken a lot these days, and generally struggles to win points on his serve. And guys seem to completely blast away on his second serve. Has it slowed down over the years, or are the returners that much better?
  5. RalphNYC

    Congratulations James Blake

    For winning the 2010 us open. The draw fraud has allowed the tru goat to hoof it right to his rightful victory!
  6. RalphNYC

    Federer the only one with the 90 sq in head size?

    I know people have discussed this topic a lot, but I never got why Fed uses the smaller head size and no one else seems to? What, in simple language, is the benefit of using a smaller head size, and why does no one else see the benefit?
  7. RalphNYC

    Nice photo of Novak and Rog in Paris

    I like Novak, he's always got a smile on his face. Great player of course too. Nice to see the old guard and the new comers getting along.
  8. RalphNYC

    Just got a Wilson BLX Pro Open and love it

    Like many here, I've been through a lot of racquets over the years, mostly Wilsons. After using the K95 (pre-BLX version) for a while and finding it to be a great stick but a bit heavy over a long match with a lot of backhands, I have found that the new BLX Pro Open is just the ticket. In my...
  9. RalphNYC

    Why don't the pros serve like this more often? I think a surprise dink serve would add a great element to the pro game, but it seems like some sort of taboo. Why?
  10. RalphNYC

    Is this a real Pure Drive GT?

    I got this racquet second hand, and since I heard about a large number of fakes circulating out there I thought I'd ask here if it looks legit. Thanks in advance - Ralph NYC
  11. RalphNYC

    Ernests Gulbiis

    Is there a better tennis player then Gulbis? Sure he might not win as many matches as other guys, but can anyone be called better than him?
  12. RalphNYC

    Ivan Lendl will play an exhibition match April 10

    from Associated Press: Atlantic City, N.J. (AP) -- Ivan Lendl will play his first exhibition since he retired from tennis 16 years ago in a new Atlantic City event. Organizers announced Tuesday that the first Caesars Tennis Classic will be played April 10 at Boardwalk Hall...
  13. RalphNYC

    He's playing, you know, me, who's won many Grand Slams

    ROGER FEDERER: I mean, look, he's in his second Grand Slam final now. I think the first one's always a bit tougher than the second one. But now that he didn't win the first one, I think doesn't help, you know, for the second one around. Plus he's playing, you know, me, who's won many Grand...
  14. RalphNYC

    You can buy Roger's racquet..

    and tell us exactly what it's like epay item number 170437551913
  15. RalphNYC

    It's so weird to watch the match again

    Watching the match on the Tennis Channel - as it seems to be in constant rerun - it's so bizarre to listen to Martina and Connors talking about how much better Federer is, how he's dominating tennis, how he could continue winning slams for years to come. And you watch through most of the 2nd set...
  16. RalphNYC

    Serena Apoligies To Linesperson Monday, September 14, 2009 Press Statement Amendment Hey guys!!! I want to amend my press statement of yesterday, and want to make it clear as possible - I want to sincerely apologize FIRST to the lines woman, Kim...
  17. RalphNYC

    US Open play for this weekend - trying to pick a day to go

    For those who follow this closely, can you help me get a good sense of who might be playing this weekend including monday at the US Open? I'm interested in seeing the top 15 men on any court, but haven't really got an idea of who might play when. I know Rafa, Murray, Del Potro are playing today...
  18. RalphNYC

    Have you guys seen this Witten episode? Been laughing out of control on this one for a while
  19. RalphNYC

    Federer's skill is not fully appreciated by the masses

    Watching again his matches against Murray and Djoker in Cincy last week it's hard to appreciate how good Federer really is. It's hard to appreciate his speed, his balance, his shot selection and execution. If you hit the ball in the court, he will get there. If you hit it a little short, he...
  20. RalphNYC

    Guillermo Garcia-Lopez has a great 1HBH

    Watching how solid he was against Verdasco (who had his own problems I admit) in Cincy confirmed my belief that the 1HBH when hit properly is just as effective as the 2HBH. And Garcia-Lopez hits it so smoothly.
  21. RalphNYC

    Agassi using what racquet in World Team Tennis?

    What is that racquet he's using now? The head looks as big as his whole body. He still plays great.
  22. RalphNYC

    Recent Study on Tennis Elbow - Flexbar

    NEW YORK, July 20 (UPI) -- Elbow or forearm pain from tennis or other activities -- tennis elbow -- may be eased with a specific exercise, U.S. doctors say. Lead author Timothy Tyler of the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma in New York City says tennis elbow, or...
  23. RalphNYC

    Looking for a racquet stringer in NYC

    I have been using gut lately and really like it, but need to find a more economical way to string more frequently. I don't have the room or the time right now to learn to string my own, so if anyone has a recommendation for a good racquet stringer in NYC that's not charging retail I'd love to...
  24. RalphNYC

    Would Bolelli have beaten Karanusic in the Wimbledon '09 final?

    What about Gabasvili against Lepentti? Or Chela vs Berrer? I've been losing a lot of sleep lately thinking about these possibilities! Please help!!
  25. RalphNYC

    ATP rankings

    Rank Name Points Change 1. Roger Federer (SUI) 11,220 1 2. Rafael Nadal (ESP) 10,735 -1 3. Andy Murray (GBR) 9,450 0 4. Novak Djokovic (SRB) 8,150 0 5. Juan Martin Del Potro(ARG) 5,705 0 6. Andy Roddick (USA)...
  26. RalphNYC

    2HBH has allowed me to play tennis again!

    I have no idea how it happened. Was playing frequently for years with a 1HBH that had become a great weapon. Was playing the BH side in my USTA 4.0 USTA league and handling it well. Walked on the court a few weeks ago, hit a BH and felt a sharp pain. Hit another. Another sharp pain. Haven't been...
  27. RalphNYC

    The Andy Murray Song

    I might change the lyrics to "Come on Andy, Andy Murray, drop your serves to Roddick in a hurry" ....
  28. RalphNYC

    Recommend a doctor in NYC area for tennis elbow

    I'd like to consult with a doctor about my elbow pain that occurred recently. Does anyone have a doctor they could recommend in the New York City area? Thanks!
  29. RalphNYC

    Who is more likely to beat Murray, Roddick or Hewitt?

    I personally would like to see Murray lose in the semis as payback for his antics...
  30. RalphNYC

    Nadal will miss Spains Davis Cup Quarterfinal next month

    MADRID (AP) — Top-ranked Rafael Nadal will miss Spain's Davis Cup quarterfinal against Germany next month. Nadal, struggling with tendinitis in his knees that forced him to skip Wimbledon, was left off the Davis Cup team announced Tuesday for the matches in Marbella in southern Spain July...