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    Clash 100 V2 or Pro V2 opinions?

    You could try Diadem Elevate FS/FS Tour both have 16x20 pattern like PAVS and very comfortable even with full bed of firm poly, actually plays better with firm poly than soft polys. power, spin, stability, maneuverability are similar to PAVS.
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    Clash 2.0

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    Crisp Poly for the new Ezone 98 2022

    I really liked Head Lynx Tour 17 on my 22 ezone 98 than the PTP or HG
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread

    Boom pro is more comfortable and has a bigger sweet spot than radical pro. maneuverability to me was similar, swings pretty fast but did feel tired quicker swinging the radical pro than BP. plow and spin was similar with both. FYI sold mine to a tw buyer on this forum and he loves it and said...
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread A friend had one so tried for an hour.. didn't want to give it back.. large sweet spot, very maneuverable, just easy to pickup and play for a player 'pro' frame.. throat felt like a prestige, seems like a mix of prestige/gravity/extreme in one awesome package.. thought i...
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    New Solinco Racquets

    From all the 100s I have tried this year this (Extreme MP, Extreme Pro, Clash Pro, Vcore, Vcore Pro, Ezone), for me, has the best combination of power, control, spin and comfort. Power level of Ezone/Vcore.. control level of Vcore Pro.. comfort level of clash in terms of I can hit for hours and...
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    New Solinco Racquets

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    Which Yonex is closest to G360+ Speed MP?

    I would say 2021 vcore pro 100 is similar to speed mp with 23mm straight beam
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Tried 3g total at 12 for 1 set play and did like it for serve.. at stock, serve is just ok.. but did not like it as much for ground strokes with weight at 12. might try with leather grip because i recall trying Vcore 100 with a leather grip was solid.
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Vcore Pro 100 feels more comfortable to me.. currently have poly tour rev 16g at 52 lbs and no arm discomfort at all after around 6-8hrs of total hitting so far within a week.
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    My current racket is 2021 Vcore Pro 100 and I had the 360+ Speed MP.. both great racket in terms of easy to just pick up and play.. both plays more solid then 300g racket but VPro 100 feels more solid and stable to me personally than SMP. SMP I think has bit more power/spin (launch angle is bit...
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    So I got my hands on a pair of Head Extreme Pro's... (2020)

    Awesome! did you ever hit/demo the MP version and able to compare? the spec seems identical except the HL balance with added weight meaning if you add a leather grip to MP, if it will be the same
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    If anyone wants to trade their blade pro 16x19 for my ultra pro 16x19 (grip size 4 1/4) then let me know!