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  1. Court Karma

    Opponent DQ'd

    I'm not often gleeful, but dang I feel vindicated to learn that the person who absolutely shellacked me and my partner was DQ'd. She self-rated at 4.0. Killed every opponent at 4.0. Played multiple 4.5 singles matches, going to 3rd set tie-breaks in all of them. I don't know what her captain...
  2. Court Karma

    Resolving Scoring Disputes

    What is the proper way to resolve scoring disputes - other than not getting into them in the first place? I always thought that if the server called the score, no one refuted it and the point was played out, then the called score was presumed to be correct. That’s why I’m pretty insistent that...
  3. Court Karma

    Doubles Serving Strategy for Tiebreaker

    In a set or match tie-breaker where your team has the first serve, which partner should serve first? I always heard the first point referred to as a “mini-break” and thereby concluded the first point was critically important. So under this perspective the person who has been serving best...
  4. Court Karma

    Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Journey

    Unfortunately, I've been on the PF journey for about a year. Doing my PT, my strengthening, my stretches. Lots of downward dog, massage therapy, anti-inflammatories, offerings to the Gods etc. I've tried two drastically different shoes, both with custom orthotics. I'm nervous when wearing...
  5. Court Karma

    4.0 Doubles Drill Recommendations

    I have not seen any real improvement in my game since moving up to 4.0 a few years ago. My game now is simply a more consistent version of skills I learned at 3.5. I'm not looking to move up to 4.5 but I want to be a super-tough-bad-ass 4.0 instead of a mediocre 4.0. I am banding together...
  6. Court Karma

    Duraplay Court - Aack

    Played for the first time today on a Duraplay court. Basically a grid of plastic tiles. When looking down at the court you are seeing a three dimensional surface instead of a flat surface. This was visually disconcerting to several of my teammates. Something about it made them feel motion...
  7. Court Karma

    Visor Recommendation

    Just to be clear, I am not trying to resurrect the hat vs. visor discussion. Hats don't work very well for me because I have a lot of medium length wavy/curly hair that does not stuff comfortably into a hat yet is too short to pull back. I'm primarily concerned with vision - that is cutting...
  8. Court Karma

    Court Position - Server's Partner

    In the role of server's partner, I'm not doing very well. I enjoy playing the net and have solid volley technique. When I'm in the correct position or if they hit directly at me I know where to put the ball. But I seem to be out of position more often than not. If we get through the initial...
  9. Court Karma

    Running App

    Can anyone recommend a running app? For a while I used Running For Weight Loss which was a "couch to 5k" training regimen. Best feature was the awesome disco playlists and gradual progression from walking to running. However, it did not sync across devices, skipped entire workouts, didn't...
  10. Court Karma

    Back on the Court Following Ankle Surgery

    Had surgery December, 2015 to address chronic ankle instability that was in turn causing calf and achilles issues. It took a full year but I'm finally back on the court and doing well. Here as a resource and to offer encouragement if anyone is in the same boat.
  11. Court Karma

    ATFL is "functionally absent." That can't be good.

    Went to an ortho seeking PT orders for my two chronically inflamed Achilles Tendons and recurring calf issues. I've struggled with the problem over the last 18 months or so. I've got custom orthotics, stable shoes, a stretching and icing regimen, etc. I've been struggling to work on...
  12. Court Karma

    Achilles pain alleviated by shoe change

    For nearly two years I've been dealing with calf and Achilles tendon issues. My Achilles issues especially have been worsening over the last several months, with swelling, "knobs" on my Achilles, morning stiffness, and general hobbling around for days after playing tennis. I've been limited to...
  13. Court Karma

    Partner Never Gives Opponents Benefit of the Doubt

    I've played a few USTA matches with a partner who always calls close balls out. They are always baseline or deep sideline shots and given my partner's preference to roam the baseline, she is always in position to make the call. I am quite familiar with the rules regarding this and my partners...