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    Serbia Open and Belgrade Open are two different events?

    So which event did Novak actually win twice before?how did the tally work now with all the shuffling and two event in the same place?
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    What is this racquet in CX 200 paint?

    The throat look like a prestige, without the cap Or.maybe the old MW 200G?
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    How does Monfils with 35-17 win-loss and R2/R4/R1/QF at majors make YEC ?

    Jiri Novak finish 2002 at no. 5 without a title
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    I dont understand how double seeding work. Tecau and Rojer are unseeded in Bercy?!

    How come Marcel Granollers/Horacio Zeballlos are seeded 2nd even they are 11th in the race? How come Tecau and Rojer are unseeded? T&R qualifed for London but G&Z don't I.mean come on, its Nov now and the race and ranking should be 95% the same, unless G&Z won Bercy last yr But wait, doubles...
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    Worst players to ever reach x ranking

    I put Àlex Corretja for 2nd over Korda, one slam over two finals and WTF
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    Do you care if your game is "pretty"?

    I always do I not only tune my shot to be effective but also 'good' on eyes like full serves motion with back scratch one-handed backhand with full follow thru, close stance loopy forehand with full windshield motion I just cannot stand those abbreviated and hingy shots no matter how effective...
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    Oliver Marach Racquet

    what racquet does her use? seem same brand as his cloth
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    Is this the most disappointing Wimbledon semi final line-up in living memory?

    so Querrey now beat the defending champ 2 years in a row Berdych beat Fed and Nole back to back in 2010, might do it this time as well
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    why is Kotinen and Peers unseeded in Bercy?

    they are no 5 in the race after the title, so should still be in top 8 before the tournament lowly ranked Nestor and Bopanna are seeded
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    paint crack or structural crack?

    hit on the ground once when playing Thank you
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    Wich One Handed Backhand Would You Choose For Federer?

    Verkerk? j/k Guga to be serious
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    longevity in top 3 - Lendl Vs Fed

    Did Lendl had the highest longevity in the top 3? Something like from 1981 to 1991. However, he never get back to top 3 once dropping out How long can Fed stay in the top 3? By the way, does top 3 carry any significance than top 4 or top 5?
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    would the IG Speed Pro cap grommet fit on the old speed pro?

    poor paint quality, want to protect the head
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    would the IG Speed Pro cap grommet fit on the old speed pro?

    would the IG Speed Pro(in TW europe) cap grommet fit on the old speed pro?
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    Who will be a top doubles player after their single prime? Federer or Nadal?

    like Bjorkman does would they? could they? Nadal already proven to be a more accompolished doubles player than Federer. Couple 1000 doubles titles compared to the Olympic gold. I always wonder why Henman and Rafter (both with great volley) not continue to play doubles after they retire in...
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    Is it just me, or has Murray been wearing the same stuff since Australia?

    relax... that's what tennis fashion cycle used to be, one set of outfit every 12 months look at Graf for her 1988 Golden Slam, she was wearing the same apparel all four slams and the olympic
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    what's this black out Slazenger

    one of them is a pro, since she's sponsored by M. Benz
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    what's this black out Slazenger

    how you hit a low forehand volley textbook follow-thru after an open stance forehand eye on the ball after it left the string. Tennis is a fun game, so keep smiling!
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    (Mike) Bryan's Prince Racquet with Wilson butt cap at London WTF 2009

    no, a righty is holding the racquet, the guy is serving
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    (Mike) Bryan's Prince Racquet with Wilson butt cap at London WTF 2009

    K-factor was launched in early 2007. The Bryans switched to Prince in the summer of 2007
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    (Mike) Bryan's Prince Racquet with Wilson butt cap at London WTF 2009

    the Ignite they endorse did have the speedport hole, so it's a geniune Prince
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    (Mike) Bryan's Prince Racquet with Wilson butt cap at London WTF 2009 check out the video featuring Nestor and Zimonjic. At 1:22, it show Mike (righty) hold a wilson butt cap racquet. The shot is very fast so you probably need to pause and play to look clearly. Not sure if it's really Mike's racquet since the video is being...
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    who will have the best career if Federer didn't exist? Roddick, Hewitt or Safin?

    there were thread talking about who had a better career among the three, so let's pushed further discussing some what-if scenario. I pick Roddick as he was Fed's puppet on most ocassion Hewitt's decline was due to his hip injury and lost in speed, his most important asset, nothing to do...
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    when is the last Head Pro (Men or Women) to win Wimbledon?

    Was it Ashe in 1975? Agassi win in 1992 but was using a Donnay
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    Rafa first to qualify for YEC!Who will join him?

    there is only one spot for such case in 2002, going into the event, Costa ranked 8, Sampras ranked 12, Johnasson ranked 15 Sampras pull out, so TJ is in. If Sampras choose to play, then TJ was at best an alternate If the 4 slam winner in a year are ranked 8, 9, 10, 11, only the 8th...
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    Youzhny, Robredo, Berdych, Soderling, Tsonga, who has the best career so far?

    not intend to glorify Sod, i don't know it's only me or not, I always like Berdych game better than Sod. Sod's game is rigid and unorthodox, esp the serve, like reaching up for the candy jag. Granted it's powerful, and it's what take it to win. Berdych is like a smoother Safin, plus a...
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    Youzhny, Robredo, Berdych, Soderling, Tsonga, who has the best career so far?

    Let’s compare the above mid career players on their accomplishment so far. Berdych Berdych was part of the young guns, with Badgy and Gasquet. Much hype was expected from him, esp after his win over Federer in the 2004 Olympic. He didn't achieve what Badgy and Gasquet on slam level until...
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    Rank the 1 slam winners for men

    i would put Stich and Krajicek wwwwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy ahead of Costa and Johansson
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    how much is an Olympic gold in single mean to Federer and Senera?

    Agassi had it, Kafenikov had it, Mecir had it, even the Swiss Rosset had it Sampras didn't (did he even play?) Graf had it, Capriati had it, Davenport had it, Venus had it,Henin had it just wonder how importance is the gold in single in completing the GOAT package let's discuss
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    which is the best place (last event played) for Federer to retire?

    Edberg at Stockholm Sampras at US Open Agassi at US Open Chang at US Open Martin at US Open Guga at Roland Garros Goran at Croatia Davis Cup tie Henman at US Open (not sure) Bjorkman at YEC Woodforde at Olympic Woodbridge at Wimbledon Santoro at Aus Open (this year) Graf at Wimbledon