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  1. Lance L

    Most people overanalyze everything and focus on things that don't matter!!!

    The question is WHY do they focus on things that don't matter? Why is a 3.5 rec player using a hybrid string set up at two different tensions? Why worry so much about what exact grip is being used? I think the answer is that the fundamentals are hard, and many folks would rather spend their time...
  2. Lance L

    What are the attributes of a "modern players racquet"?

    A players racquet has always been a relatively low powered racquet. Because of this they also have to be relatively heavy. The advantage of a low powered racquet is it allows the player to fine tune the output, from hard groundstrokes to touch volleys. The disadvantage is hitting hard takes a...
  3. Lance L

    I'll be in Wichita 22-28July.

    If anyone is in the Wichita area and wants to hit let me know. Or knows of anything tennis related going on. I'm a 4.0 or so, but I'm wasn't thinking of anything serious, just for fun. Living in Halifax, I'm not even sure I will be able to move in the heat!
  4. Lance L

    Topspin single handed backhand

    Good luck. I've had a 1h slice backhand for decades and have been working on a 1hbh drive for years. At a certain point I realized I simply can't make it go and I started working on a 2hbh as well. It has been about two years working on the 2hbh, and just now I'm seeing it work. The wild thing...
  5. Lance L

    Trouble calling deep serves while returning.

    That is a particularly hard thing to call. I've always found it difficult. What I noticed for me what that I'd see the ball and think it was really close but probably out, and I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Now I realize that those balls really are out and I call them. This is...
  6. Lance L

    Is my double backhand unorthdox and weird?

    This is a perfectly fine way to hit the 2hbh. If you ever find it is holding you back, that would be the time to review it.
  7. Lance L

    Giving advice on court!

    You are on the right track, and it is pretty simple, don't give unsought advice. It is not about what you want, it is about what others want, and the vast majority of folks do not want unsought advice. I don't think it is about the relative levels either. Most of the time people don't what to...
  8. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    That is my thinking as well. That said I love an experiment to see how an idea translates into the real world.
  9. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    The base weight is 12oz, which is on the light side for what I like, so I have some room to experiment with.
  10. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    I'm going to try that, I enjoy experimenting with that stuff. I continue to have a question about weight and balance. Say I add lead at 9 and 3, change the balance from 8HL to say 3HL. This is going to change the feel of the racquet and should increase the power. Now, I add weight in the handle...
  11. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    Lets see. I guess so. They all have the same Kirschbaum poly. My standard tension is 45lbs, but the Prestige Pro is 35lbs. 35lbs sounds pretty low, I know, but on a 90sq in head(89.5?, 93?!?), 18x20 it feels great.
  12. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    Oh, I am working on footwork/fitness/athleticism/court movement! Like you, I work on that more than tennis, but it is slow going, and while the trend is moving up there are times, of course, where it swings down. Here in Halifax it tends to be very windy, and the PP makes a good "with the wind"...
  13. Lance L

    Does a wall give good feedback?

    Definitely not. I've found the wall to train me to expect a consistent ball coming back, a ball I know where it is going to go. It makes things worse. Where a wall can help is real fundamental technique work. Pick one thing to work on, say forehand extension. Feed a ball, hit the ball with a...
  14. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    The Prestige Pro continues to fascinate me. Love the feel but my balls land short. On occasion, however, when I'm moving really well and my form is good it feels like a magic racquet, like I can do anything with it. Unlike any other racquet I've used it feels like an amazing professional tool...
  15. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    Pretty close. 12.25-12.5oz and 8ish pts HL.
  16. Lance L


    My take is that it is less important to pick the right spot, and more important to pick at all. I think most of us hit the ball without any idea about placement. This makes perfect sense because it can be too much information to process in such a quick time. My goal is to shorten the decision...
  17. Lance L

    One odd shot you hit extremely will

    Half volley. My volleys are OK, overheads average at best, but I've always hit a great half volley. Even the really strange things where I have to reach a little behind my body to get the ball..
  18. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    I was specifically talking about the problem of heavy topspin with the ball landing around the service line. I've yet to see someone be troubled by this. If the ball is landing half way between service line and baseline or deeper, heavy topspin can be quite effective. I can imagine someone...
  19. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    I agree with you. I think it gets overlooked trying to find the racquet racquet power where most try to work around a racquet. What I find odd is how some racquets it works and some it doesn't. -I've got a K6.1 95 that is relatively more powerful for me but it doesn't work. -My ancient Prestige...
  20. Lance L

    Overpowered by flat hitters

    Hitting a lot of topspin in and of itself is not a weapon. Topspin is a tool. Having your ball land close to the baseline is a key strategy. Topspin makes it easier to keep those balls in. The problem is that adding a lot of topspin makes it harder to get the ball deep. If you put more of the...
  21. Lance L

    RA 77 and remarkably comfortable

    I've found the stated stiffness rating can give you a general idea, but can't be used to know how racquets will compare to each other. -I still occasionally hit with my old Max200g. Its stated stiffness is really low, 30's, low 40's?, but doesn't feel anywhere near that flexible when swinging...
  22. Lance L

    The One Handed Backhand vs The Two Hander: IT DOESN'T MATTER

    For the last year or so I've been working on both the 1hbh and the 2hbh. The 2hbh is new to me, trying to develop it. The funny thing is that by working on the 2hbh my 1hbh has gotten better. What I realized was that the vast majority of my 1hbh problem was a poor unit turn. As I more and more...
  23. Lance L

    Etiquette for partner's questionable calls?

    Remember, this discussion is about someone who is calling a lot of balls out that the OP thinks are in, some are on his side and he can see them in, and she is calling them out. Why is she calling balls out on his side? This is not a discussion about some iffy thing. His partner either has bad...
  24. Lance L

    Etiquette for partner's questionable calls?

    That is right, even professional line judges make mistakes. And what happens, the chair overrules them and everyone moves one. Imagine if the chair judge took the line judge aside for a moment, asked the line judge if he wanted to rethink that call, then if he didn't came back and changed the...
  25. Lance L

    Etiquette for partner's questionable calls?

    I say play it totally straight. Don't assume bad faith by your partner. If she calls it out and you see that it is in, overrule her and give the other team the point, or play it over, which ever makes the most sense. Taking her aside is assuming she is cheating, she will certainly think that...
  26. Lance L

    Need help with Drop Shots

    Yes, I would certainly say that your way is the norm.
  27. Lance L

    Need help with Drop Shots

    I think there is a big problem modeling your drop shot off of Brown. He has preternatural athletic abilities, and us mortals could never do what he does. My drop shots are nothing special, but I have improved them. The best concept I've picked up is to not think of a drop shot as a soft touch...
  28. Lance L

    What is the greatest novel you've ever read?

    Dune by Frank Herbert. The one novel I can reread every two years or so. Karla vs Smiley trilogy, John LeCarre. Three novels but I don't care, absolutely the best.
  29. Lance L

    Help me achieve my (depressingly low) goal!

    It is possible that some of your problem is mental. When you play are you trying hard to win, or are you instead trying to play well. When we play matches, it is easy to worry too much about winning and that can get in the way of playing as well as we are capable of.
  30. Lance L

    Help me achieve my (depressingly low) goal!

    I would say stop worrying about what level you are, and start working on getting 5% better. Thats it. Improve your fitness. Improve your technique. Improve your strategy. There is no magic formula, but at the same time it doesn't take much. 5% is all it takes. 5% is a lot of work, but doable for...