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    4x Babolat Pure Drive Grip Size 2 for sale

    4 Babolat Pure drives for Sale in the Valencia area of Spain. Item: (Babolat/Pure Drive/2018): Grip Size 2 Quantity: 4 Head Size: 98sq Condition: (8-9 out of 10) Specific Time Used: Were bought Christmas time of 2018 General Description (very little scuffs on the bumper guards. In excellent...
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    5 Wilson Blade Countervail 18x20 For Sale

    Item Description Wilson Blade CounterVail 18x20 Grip Size / Size: Leather Grip 4 3/8 Quantity: 5 Head Size : 98 sq Condition (7.5-8 out of 10): *Specific Time Used : On and off for about 4 months *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Some cosmetic blemishes on 3&9 Price: $85...
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    Sony Smart Sensor vs Zepp Tennis Sensor

    Hello everyone, I noticed that no one on the forum has really put a comparison thread between these items so I took matters in my own hands. What are the pros and cons of each product? What makes one superior over the other? Comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you as...
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    Does Wilson or anyone else still make the Smile Emoji Dampeners?

    Hello Talk Tennis Members, Does Wilson or anyone else still make the Smile Emoji Dampeners? Just curious but looking here at the forum I see a lot of people enjoyed them and I ask myself why did they stop making them (the original smiley dampeners). Thank you for the feedback:)
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    Thoughts about the Gamma Rzr 100T

    Hello fellow TT members, Does anyone have feedback about the Gamma Rzr 100T? Seems to be one of the most powerful players frame(i.e within the 100 sq inch range). Thank you for your time.
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    Most Powerful Modern Player Frames

    Hello Talk Tennis, What in your opinion is the most Powerful Modern Player Frames to date ? Just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you as always.
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    Babolat Quality Control 2015

    Hello Talk Tennis, How are the current Babolat rackets being sold (the Aero Pro Drive Plus + to be specific) in terms of quality control (i.e. weight)? I'm aware there have been other posts about this subject but I haven't found anything recently and I would like to know if Babolat has...
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    Websites where you can watch live Tennis matches(for free)?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows of any good safe sites where you can watch live Tennis Matches (ATP TOUR and ATP Challenger Tour)? If anyone here knows please comment here below. Thank you for your time.
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    Diadem Solstice Power String Review...New String/New Company

    Hello to all members of Talk Tennis, This is my review on the brand new string that just came into the market called "Diadem Solstice Power" . Diadem is a new company and seems to have a good premise on their patent pending "Star-Core Technology. I managed to get my hands on a set and...
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    How Do You Make A Presently Stiff Racket More Flexible For Better Performance

    Hello Talk Tennis, Humor me please. Consider the following situation: How do you make a presently Stiff Racket (I.E. 67+ RA) more flexible without without changing the poly strings strung in the racket? Can't change tension either (tension is around 50-55lbs) . If any one of you...
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    Tourna Quasi Gut Armor String 16 Gauge Review

    Hello Talk Tennis, This is my review on the Tourna Quasi Gut Armor String 16 Gauge. Setup: It was strung at 63 lbs on the Pacific X-Force Pro (16x20) version. Full bed setup (no hybrid). ////////////////////////////// Putting the string on the racket: It had a tendency to get into knots...
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    Marcelo Rios Retirement

    Hello everyone, Does anybody know how Marcelo Rios is enjoying his retirement? What has he been up too the last few years? Let me know and thank you.
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    Best Short Shot-Makers Of The ATP Tour

    Hello Everyone, Like the title says I'm looking to make a general list (this thread) here on Talk Tennis to mention the fabulous short shot-makers of the current and past players of the ATP tour. The people on the list should be 5'11 and below. Now I would like for everybody to add who they...
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    Max Tension You Have Ever Used

    Hello everyone, Was just curious and would love to hear what was the max tension you guys have ever used on a Tennis Racket. Also what string and racket did you use? I personally have gotten as high as 67 lbs with the Prince Classic Graphite 100 with Genesis Black Magic (Full Bed). Let me know...
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    Isospeed Pro Classic 17 Thoughts

    Hello everyone, Does anybody have any current thoughts about this string? Looks like a great Multi-filament string at a great price. Also noticed it's out of stock till March:shock: Is that a company issue or its just that popular? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you as always
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    Flaring the grip of a Tennis Racket

    Hello everyone. Are there any instructions or threads on how to flare the bottom part of the grip on a tennis racket? Thanks in advance
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    Most Effective Yet Undiscovered Racket (Pacific BX2 X-Force Pro 16x20)

    Hello everyone, Here's my review on a wonderful gem that no one is really commenting about. The review is my opinion on the racket and it could very well be different to other users. Racket: This was the first Pacific/Fisher racket I ever tried. Coming in with Zero-Tolerance...
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    Hello TW, Where do you sign up to be part of the playtesting for Rackets,strings,etc? Thank you
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    Wilson Steam 99 Review

    Hello to everyone on the forum. This is my review of the Wilson Steam 99 and I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this racket. It came strung (freshly strung) with Technifibre Multi-Feel and from what it felt it was like roughly 55-58 lbs. I apologize as I did not have time to string this...
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    Prince Warrior 100 Review

    Hello everyone. For those interested, I strung the Racket with Genesis Black Magic at 55lbs (in my opinion it's a good tension starting point). I'm demoing it in its stock version. I used to use the Aero Pro Drive Gt model(standard version) a few years back which I liked a lot but thought...
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    Yonex AI 98 Review

    Hello to everyone on the forum. Here is my review on the Yonex AI 98 Tennis Racket: When I first got it I was very skeptical on the feel of the racket(since the only other Yonex I tried was the VCore97 and it felt to stiff for my liking). I strung it up at 55lbs(I personally think it's...
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    Upstart Tennis Companies

    As the title suggests are there any companies new to the tennis racket industry? Thanks in advance
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    TW Customizing Rackets

    Hello There TW. I wanted to know if TW customizes Tennis Rackets(for example racket matching) if we purchase the rackets from your company. If you do offer that service(s) how much would you guys charge? Thanks in advance.
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    Exo3 Tour 16x18 2014

    Are they going to have the newer version of the 16x18 Exo3 Tour? Thanks
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    Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G Racquet Review

    Is TW going to put a review for the Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G Racquet? EDIT: Will it also be available to demo? Thanks
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    16x19 versus 18x20 In Arm Friendliness

    Just as the title suggests if both rackets were the same and the string also which racket would be the most arm friendly. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
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    French Tennis Method

    Can someone explain the difference between the French tennis training method vs the USA and Spanish training methods. Thanks
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    Babolat Tungsten Tape

    I was wondering when the Babolat Tungsten Tape is going to be available on TW/TW Europe website. Thanks
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    The Tennis Of The Future

    To all the players that love the game of tennis! Post here on what you think tennis will be like in the decades to come. What new courts,rackets,and technology will we have in the near/far future? Let me know your thoughts.
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    Lubricant on strings for durability

    Would adding lubricant to poly strings help with durability? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks