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    Self rated 3 strikes question

    Am guessing it depends on her dyanamic ratings for the matches she played. If they were in the 4.0 range then I'd think they would stay. If they were only in the 3.5 range then I'd guess she still has 0.
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    NTRP guidelines, are they strictly just guidelines?

    Maybe Maybe his last season of 4.5 he got bumped down to 4.0 and thus did Self Rate at his last rating.
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    That's It. I'm Going on Strike.

    Just read your post. Glad to see you've seen that be successful.
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    That's It. I'm Going on Strike.

    After 3 years of eschewing Tri-level since it was introduced in our area I think i may try and put together a team from our club next summer probably of the 3.0/3.5/4.0 variety since our club doesn't have many 4.5s. However I think I'm going to have a 3.0 and 4.0 co-captains. Tell them I'll...
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    Tips for captains

    When I captained I would often times send out a roster of who was playing but not assign courts until they got there. Not out of fear of the linuep being leaked but to avoid having to listen to people complain about their court/partner assignment.
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    That's It. I'm Going on Strike.

    I hear ya cindy. The tone deafness of the LLC is a big reason why I don't captain anymore. For years I captained and brought a lot of people into USTA. No more. It's sad that they won't listen to the folks that could help them grow.
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    Tips for captains

    How often did she end up with not enough players? After not being a chosen one a couple of times I just wouldn't show up anymore.
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    UTR Statistical Analysis done? Like 538?

    Dang. That's pretty disheartening.
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    What’s the better line up in dubs? Say for 6.0.

    Of course you think that. Higher level players always are surprised the lower level players can find a tennis court much less figure out how to hold a racket. I can assure you that there are 3.5 players who can dictate points off lower level players. Are they gonna commit errors? Of course...
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    What’s the better line up in dubs? Say for 6.0.

    @schmke have you ever run the numbers on this?
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    What’s the better line up in dubs? Say for 6.0.

    If there is a legit higher rated 3.5 player on a court against a 3.0 male and 3.0 female yes that 3.5 should be able to control play.
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    What’s the better line up in dubs? Say for 6.0.

    3.5 male and 2.5 female without a doubt. 3.5 male can dictate play and keep 2.5 partner out of trouble. No other combination gives you a clearly dominant player.
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    Need help with a ruling please

    Vox and esgee have this covered. 1st serve.
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    UTR Customer Service Willfully Incompetent

    But UTR cannot 100% verify he is the same person.
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    Tips for captains

    3.0 believe it or not.
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    Tips for captains

    Tried it that way once. Had people complain about the type of balls. These are supposed to be adults. I'm not their errand boy.
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    Un-flighted Round Robin being used for some Districts/States

    Sounds like the college football debate to which I answer, "Don't Lose"
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    Taken as a whole yes it's comparable. Looking at individual players the results can vary widely. If you're using it to determine the strength of teams it's a good tool. Using it to determine whether or not you're going to bump - well good luck with that.
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    I won!

    I want my 10 minutes back.
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    Un-flighted Round Robin being used for some Districts/States

    Don't like the tie breakers most of all. And actually it doesn't always result in an extra match. Sometimes it can result in one less match. I've been when we've played 5 matches in our pool before.
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    Un-flighted Round Robin being used for some Districts/States

    That's what they are doing here in North Carolina. Not a fan.
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    Tips for captains

    -Overcommunicate - I use e-mail as I can imagine the laughs I would get if I told the guys they had to download an app. Personally I refuse to use those group chat apps. -Have a full roster -Never schedule yourself to play (you'll get plenty of playing time just playing for the folks who bail...
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    How exactly does a (sandbagging) team keep winning year after year?

    This is my experience too, especially with guys. Can't tell you how many times I've received differing scores from guys that played on the same court. Just happened a couple weeks ago. Asked a teammate what a score was and he says 6-4 6-3. Get a text from his partner that it was 6-3 6-2 and...
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    Your Greatest Comeback

    Had another one last week. Split sets 6-3, 3-6. Got down 6-1 in tiebreak and then down 8-3 in tiebreak. Ran off 7 straight points to win 10-8.
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    Do we actually know how TR and TLS calculate their ratings?

    Usually Tuesday/Wednesday although ratings don't seem to get assigned until Friday or so.
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    USTA self-rate question

    This player has a very extensive junior record but not enough to be nationally ranked which is what the self-rate guideline requires. Player played #1 singles at his HS (large school in a decent size city.) Match against two established 3.5s was 7-6 7-6 though one of the opponents, whom I know...
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    USTA self-rate question

    Circling back to this because this player was just promoted to 4.0 after only playing 1 match. Seems it definitely had to be a manual intervention and not dynamic.
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    Heat tolerance and aging

    I love it when people complain about the elements, especially heat. Figure I'm in better shape than most of the people I'm playing so it's gonna bother them more than me.
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    Annoying chit-chat during changeovers...

    I actually enjoy a little back and forth. It's just a rec tennis match. My wife on the other hand hates talking to her opponents. Makes us playing mixed together interesting.
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    Rescheduling excuses - what would YOU do?

    Here we have a rule that the match must be completed within 14 days of the rainout.