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  1. RickN

    Combat Hyper Cool vs Combat Compression shorts

    Has anyone tried the newer and more expensive Nike Pro Combat Hyper Cool shorts? Are they worth the extra $5 in cost compared to the Nike Pro Combat Compression Short? Thanks for your input, Rick
  2. RickN

    I'm going to Indian Wells for the 1st time! Any need to know info?

    Is there a cost for the courts @ Hyatt? I know that Ruth Hardy Park is right by the Hyatt and they have 8 public courts. Anywhere is fine with me. PM me your email address/contact info. Thanks, Rick
  3. RickN

    I'm going to Indian Wells for the 1st time! Any need to know info?

    I'm up for a hit on the 13th in the morning if that works for you. -Rick
  4. RickN

    Fernando Verdasco To Yonex! Pics!

    Technifibre just signed D. Britton.
  5. RickN

    Federer to play in DC vs United States

    That's too bad, too far away for West Coast ppl to commute and then head to Indian Wells afterwards.
  6. RickN

    Federer to play in DC vs United States

    Any ideas where the venue will be?
  7. RickN

    Dunlop Aerogel 3hungred: different stiffness rating

    Just read it from the racket.
  8. RickN

    Dunlop Aerogel 3hungred: different stiffness rating

    I have a couple of Dunlop Aerogel 3hundred sticks which I bought a few months ago. The rated stiffness is 64 which correspond to the specs on the Dunlop website. However, my friend’s 3hundred stick has a 61 stiffness rating and the TW site also has 61 on their site. We bought our racquets from...
  9. RickN

    Lead swing weights

    Stick with the normal lead tape. I've tried the Gamma weights and experienced the same problems wtih them flying off.
  10. RickN

    Tennis in San Jose,Ca or Milpitas,CA

    I played with Jay when I was in Cupertino, good guy and great to hit with.
  11. RickN

    QUESTION about Tech. Pro Red Code

    It's not too stiff at all. Plays quite well.
  12. RickN

    Federer Ljubicic

    There were some amazing passing shots by Federer when Ivan rushed the net. You can see the wicked curve he puts on the ball to get it inside the sidelines during the down the line shots. After the match, I saw Federer's parents and Phil Knight (Mr. Nike) outside chatting with each other.
  13. RickN

    Who wants to hit in IW, Springs etc, during the Pacific Life Open?

    The email function is disabled for you, I'm not able to send it. I'm a 4.5-5.0 player, send me an email and hopefully we can meet up for some tennis.
  14. RickN

    Who wants to hit in IW, Springs etc, during the Pacific Life Open?

    I'll be there Mon (Mar 17) - Wed (Mar 19) and would be up for a hit also.
  15. RickN

    Tennis in San Jose,Ca or Milpitas,CA

    I'll be in the Los Altos/San Jose area from March 21 for 10 days if anyone wants to hit. I'm around a 4.5 player. Please let me know. Thanks, Rick.
  16. RickN

    Fabrice Santoro wearing Asics

    I think Nike is considered the best shoe by the pros. Grosjean, Haas, Stepanek, Ljubicic, and Santoro all wore Nikes at the US Open even though they don't get paid to wear their stuff.
  17. RickN

    Fabrice Santoro wearing Asics

    He can wear anything he wants if he doesn't have an exclusive shoe sponsor. Maybe all the hundreds of pairs of Oscillates that he stocked up on is running low. :D
  18. RickN

    Nike sizing

    I've worn both the NB CT1002 and the Nike BF2 and they fit true to size.
  19. RickN

    Donald Young

    And he's got quite the temper on him. I was watching him play Sam Querrey in Vancouver and he was cursing and throwing his racquet like a brat.
  20. RickN

    How much is Federer worth?

    Endorsements / appearance fees are 2-3 times the prize money usually.
  21. RickN

    soft poly that amazing???

    I really like the TCS as well. Even the 17 gauge (1.20) is more durable than I thought.
  22. RickN

    Has anyone tried the Polyfibre tcs?

    I've tried TCS 1.20 and it's very soft and offers very good bite on the ball. Probably the softest poly out there.
  23. RickN

    Daddy, will you tell me about Glucosamine?

    I found that liquid glucosamine worked a lot more effective than in pill form. i.e. Synflex, Flexicose, etc.
  24. RickN

    Fixing my foot blister for my match tomorrow :(

    What type of tape did you use?
  25. RickN

    Federer and 5 Sets

    I think Blake has the worst record. He's never won one before.
  26. RickN

    Rome player interviews?

    Thanks for the reply and sorry for the repost. I entered "interview" in the search field but your posting didn't come up.
  27. RickN

    Rome player interviews?

    Usually for Masters Series, there is a 'news' section of the site where player interviews are posted. I seem to have trouble finding it for the Rome tournament. Any help would be appreciated.
  28. RickN

    Your favorite discontinued frame?

    Volkl Quantum V1 MP
  29. RickN

    Dmitry Tursunov

    Best blog ever!
  30. RickN

    Andre Agassi sighted at UCLA!

    Seems as though he's just happy making the opponent suck air and not winning the point outright. It's more risky but once he gets an opening I think he should put the ball away and end the point.