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  1. mikeeeee

    Worst calls in any slam ever?

    Not exactly sure which forum this goes in but whatever, mods can move it. This US open had the worst calls I’ve ever seen in a grand slam, and probably of any top tier tournament. It was pretty painful especially with how much money they’re playing for (ok sure and legacy but let’s get real...
  2. mikeeeee

    Rublev wins match point with broken string

    SORRY SET POINT He is the Russian GOAT. He will accomplish what Davydenko could not. Bend the knee ""
  3. mikeeeee

    Hyper G length

    Yesterday I strung up two frames with a half set of Hyper-G in the mains. My string chart stated 20' was needed for the mains on both. I cut the string exactly in half but ran into length issues. - IG Prestige Mid: Did not have enough string at the end to pull correct tension on the final main...
  4. mikeeeee

    Ocho TNT

    I've noticed that Gamma has released a new version of Ocho (8 sided multifilament) with the solid core TNT features. I wasn't a huge fan of the poly Ocho but this has me interested because TNT is one of the better multi's I've used. I mainly use poly but if I can get the spin potential with...
  5. mikeeeee

    2016 Olympics- (R4)- Murray [2] vs. Johnson

    Muzz vs USA. Warming up now.
  6. mikeeeee

    Hybrid experiment

    Just bought 3 hybrid sets of strings. -Volkl V-Maxx -Prince Warrior Hybrid Power -Solinco Anguish/Tour bite I'm doing some experimenting with the multi in the mains or the crosses. The prince and Volkl sets have smooth poly while the TB is obviously shaped. Would the smooth poly benefit more...