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    Not a Rafa fan here but credit where it's due. And you know if there's just one player who won't put up his feet now after this match, thinking he's already won it all, it's Nadal.
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    2022 Roland Garros QF: [3] Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    Is there maybe a chance Alcatraz is going to be straight-zetted today?
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    Prince updates

    Quoted for support!
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    Who was better, Barty or Kerber?

    The thing with Kerber was, she never really was as dominant. Even in her best years, you had a feeling she could lose any match she played, against any competition. So basically, her runs didn't seem as sustainable (as Barty's).
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    Who was better, Barty or Kerber?

    Barty and it's not even close (coming from a Kerber fan).
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    It really does boggle the mind - they get a partner in TW who should know a thing or two about online/social media marketing. And what do they do? Total abandonment of systematic distribution of information :(
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    Injuries in pro tennis

    Getting a bit tired of so many people *asterisking* individual players' achievements just because their opponents had some kind of injury they later chose to disclose. In pro tennis, just like in any other pro sports, injuries are part of the game and it's just not a realistic expectation that...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    You're right, and I'd be the first to agree with you. (If I were to search through my entire tt history I'd probably find a few posts where I'm lauding Prince for their innovations - I own O-port racquets myself (EXO3 Tour, its successor and a pair of O3 Phantoms.)) My statement you're referring...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    My guess is Prince is just taking an aim at all those older folks who used to swing a Prince back in the day. Synergy DB 26, Diablo MP and whatever comes next, plus the never-dying Graphite just aren't for new users and certainly these racquets do not fill a "hole" in the Prince line-up/racquet...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    TW, please bring it to Europe!
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    Rolex sponsorship

    Do you mean to imply the players ask Rolex to hand them a watch they can put on after the match (and not like "Where is it? I don't have it!"-Andy Murray) and generally endorse in Rolex ads? I somehow doubt this is the way it works. Instead, I suppose Rolex reaches out to the players because...
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    Rolex sponsorship

    Anyone still doesn't have a watch deal? Rolex will scoop them up :-D
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    Rolex sponsorship

    I was just surprised to see how many players use, er, endorse Rolex these days. I remember some years ago, the Swiss ski racer Carlo Janka became just the second Swiss pro athlete brand ambassador for Rolex - after Roger Federer, of course. This seemed to imply, at least for me, that it's a very...
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    New and Old Maple Leafs

    Can't really compare teams between eras. Just look at the number of players in the league now, combine it with the effects of the salary cap, and it's clearly impossible to have a roster full of superstars. Exceptions are possible, of course - if you're $18M over the cap, for instance ;)
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    Rolex sponsorship

    Why is Rolex sponsoring so many players on the tour? I figure they would be keen to have only "the best" players wear their watches, instead it looks like just about every second player with half a decent record (just slightly exaggerated) gets to be a Rolex ambassador these days :unsure...
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    Monfils moving on from Wilson to Artengo

    If there's one piece of equipment that's even more important to pros than the racquet, it's the shoes.
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    Your intro song for Australian Open 2022

    You catch Covid late for OZ Man you still wanna go You ask the gvt please But they still said no You miss two tourneys And no prep work But OZ politicians Are just a bunch of jerks You gotta fight For your right To NOVAXXX
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    I feel there are quite a few players I'd favor over Ronnie in a match right now - is it more about Ronnie being inconsistent or about them being truly better than him at the moment? One thing seems to be sure, however: Higgins has his number.
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    HEAD – Favourite paint jobs of Prestiges, Radicals, Speed, etc.

    I'll give it a go, starting from the Titanium line (even though that one really only applies to the Radical) and thus omitting the real classics: 1. MicroGel 2. Intelligence 3. LiquidMetal 4. Titanium 5. FlexPoint 6. -> last (continuing forward, it seems): A tie for everything asymmetrical PS...
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    Stricter rules on ATP bathroom breaks are coming

    Pros will adapt and carry yet another bag to the court. Contents: A portable potty.
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    Congrats Team HEAD

    Should add that you're referring to the men's Top 10
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    Racquet care morning

    Must be adding a lot to swingweight this way :-D
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    The elite 8 of the ATP Finals are now touring

    Someone should hand Meddy a cigarette
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    The elite 8 of the ATP Finals are now touring

    I only see one boss in this pic and it's Meddy. TsiTsiFly as his adjutant. Rublev assuming the role of the jester, Hurkacz totally insecure, Djokovic like a fanatic, Matteo wonders what clothes he'll have to present next, Zed only thinks he's one of the tough guys, and Ruud is just a puppy.
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    The elite 8 of the ATP Finals are now touring

    Couldn't they take their phones off them for this shoot?
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread

    Even though I haven't played in months, I can't wait for this stick to be released!
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread