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  1. Nostradamus

    Rafa Nadal New Richard Mille watch 2.3 million dollars

    Rafa has been wearing a new model richard Mille watch that weighs virtually nothing. and looks like there isn't anything inside. but if you want to buy one it will set you back $2.3 million . Now now, don't all rush to Mille site at once but you can order from there if you wish. I heard...
  2. Nostradamus

    Tournagrip Original XL Overgrip dry feel

    I have been using this tournagrip original dry feel for last 15 years and it's the pete sampras uses and it feels like dry cloth on your hand and absorbs sweat extremely well and stays dry. But last 2-3 months, when i bought it,,, It feels Different. it's still decently dry but it seem to...
  3. Nostradamus

    Nadal vs Warinka on now, and Djokovic vs Felix

    Wow, i can only imagine how much Armani paid these guys to put up this pre-wimbledon Exo on grass. but who Cares ??????? this is fun. This could be the Preview of Semifinals at Wimby this year
  4. Nostradamus

    WIMBLEDON qualifying-- genie bouchard, jack sock and more

    Genie is trying hard to qualify, and sock not sure why he has to qualify ? Sock is one of the dark horse to win it all this year
  5. Nostradamus

    Hydrogen pro tennis shoes by Prince

    will this shoe be available in USA ? it looks good.
  6. Nostradamus

    French open Qualies starts on 5/16

    i wonder if there is live stream for this. some great players in the qualies this year...
  7. Nostradamus

    OJai PAC 12 championships 2022

    Let's go Card. This year's tournament looks like best ever. Arizona has a strong team this year which will make it interesting. But this time on neutral site, Card should prevail.
  8. Nostradamus

    Open sude de france-- Montpellier open ATP tour event 1/31 to 2/6/2021 Goffin defending champion... LOL
  9. Nostradamus

    James Webb Telescope launched nominally and on its way. JOY to the world, best christmas gift ever to Human kind.

    we will finally know how the universe started and start finding the habitable planets out there.. This will be the beginning of colonization of our galaxy
  10. Nostradamus

    Mubadala EXO championships, Nadal's return Dec 16th There are some tough players in this tournament albeit Exo. Ruud and Rublev can embarrase these guys if they are off on the form. Murray being setup to play nadal. LOL anyway, how much money are they making ? must be big money for these guys to fly...
  11. Nostradamus

    Djokovic may not make australian open but his sister will ?

    Miss Djokovic playing in UTR tournament preparing to get into australian open qualifying. She is pretty good, not sure if novak is coaching her during off season
  12. Nostradamus

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    I am very confused about this format. Initially it's held in 3 different cities in europe then final is played somewhere. can someone explain ? The Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals will take place across three cities on 25 November - 5...
  13. Nostradamus

    ITA fall championships in beautiful San Diego, Nov 4-7

    Come out and watch all the action and watch the future of tennis in D1 college. Future superstars of ATP tour Arthur Fery and Basing in action.
  14. Nostradamus

    ITA all american starts next week in Tulsa, Oct 3rd to 10th
  15. Nostradamus

    Andy Murray and Gasquet and superstars in Rennes challenger this week. Does murray need this ? he needs more points i suppose to get his ranking up. Gasquet likely to play him in quarter i believe. Pouille is also in it.
  16. Nostradamus

    Thera cup electrical stimulation for recovery, does it work ?

    any experiences out there ? these seem to be convinced this works for tennis players at all levels, even better than the pump hammer. can this help with lower back problem ? Can this be used during the tennis match to help relieve the sore area ? if so why doesn't ATP tour trainers use it...
  17. Nostradamus

    Jill Teichmann gear and her hot form at cinci

    What racket and strings is she using ? must be working well for her
  18. Nostradamus

    Babolat Pure drive 2021 Grommets ?

    I called TW to buy new grommets and head bumper guards for my new pure drive 2021, and they didn't have it and had no idea when they will have more in stock. Do you have any information on when you will have some in stock ? My bumper guard has broken off in several places and needs to be...
  19. Nostradamus

    Tsitsipas with NEW shoes at Hamburg, What shoe is that ?

    So it looks completely different than uber 4 ?? what shoe is that ?
  20. Nostradamus

    New / Old Novak Djokovic stretegy applied in amateur league matches

    Hasn't been long since novak won his french open using this age old technique/ stretegy hitting the sharp cross court angles to really open up the court for his winning down the line forehand. I was playing singles match against this guy for local singles round robin, not USTA. and this guy...
  21. Nostradamus

    Advice to Federer, please play another warmup tournament next week

    Roger looked very slow and rusty this week and it showed in 3rd set against Felix. He needs another warmup before wimbledon or we are looking at early round upset. Please roger, play one more warmup next week.
  22. Nostradamus

    Is Federer celebrating today ?

    We all know Rafa and Roger are buddies and good friends,, not so much for novak. but Rafa unable to break Roger's 20 majors this week, and Novak can't catch roger either. I am sure Mr. Mistro is silently celebrating ?
  23. Nostradamus

    Grass season started with Nottingham, Big names in play, Evans, Tiafoe and more
  24. Nostradamus

    Towels-- french open and other slam towels

    Is the Wimbledon towel truly the best Quality towels ? or other slam towels better quality like french open towels, US open towels or Australian open towels ? Does anyone here have all 4 towels to compare ?
  25. Nostradamus

    Morotoglu, The Coach, does he know what he's talking about ? I was bit surprised by compilation of tips and his style of instructions. Contents in itself is something most of us advanced players know , but some new tips as well. But what surprised me the most was how he's able to translate the...
  26. Nostradamus

    Babolat Jet Mach 3, does the improvements make this best shoe in market ?

    Form Tennis magazine That’s the goal—and slogan—of Babolat’s JET Mach 3. The shoe franchise has established itself as one of the lightest models on the market that still maintains enough support to be a dependable game day option for serious competitors. The low-to-the-ground profile and...
  27. Nostradamus

    Is there any plans of carrying Bidi Badu tennis clothing products here in USA TW or TW europe ? They seem to have some of the hottest tennis clothing in europe. They seem to be very popular and have great products. Is there any plans of carrying these in TW ? Thank you
  28. Nostradamus

    Basilashivili won the Doha, What does this mean for Federer ?

    man who beat federer won the tournament which means he was playing some great tennis, destroying world's top players like RBA and Taylor Fritz. This means Federer was playing great tennis, and not far from dominating the tour again, i think. What's in store for federer this year if he...