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    Injuries in pro tennis

    Getting a bit tired of so many people *asterisking* individual players' achievements just because their opponents had some kind of injury they later chose to disclose. In pro tennis, just like in any other pro sports, injuries are part of the game and it's just not a realistic expectation that...
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    Rolex sponsorship

    Why is Rolex sponsoring so many players on the tour? I figure they would be keen to have only "the best" players wear their watches, instead it looks like just about every second player with half a decent record (just slightly exaggerated) gets to be a Rolex ambassador these days :unsure...
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    Novak now has the chance

    to win bronze in the mixed competition. Adding to his bronze from the 2008 Olympics, this would give him olympic medals in both singles and mixed, an impressive feat, especially considering there's a 13-year gap (though the current Games are labelled Tokyo 2020) between his exploits.
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    Only 2 male players have never lost in R1 of a major in the Open Era...

    According to Eurosport (Matchball Becker from May 31 2021), only Borg and Laver never lost in Round 1 of a major in the Open Era. I find that statistic quite remarkable! Current status of the BIG 3: Federer: 6x Nadal: 2x Djokovic: 2x
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    Just imagine...

    If (when?) Federer loses today, Nadal will be the only one of the BIG 3 to not have succumbed to Uzbekistan's mighty Denis Istomin at a major!
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    Team left-handed vs. Team right-handed

    So maybe this has been done (multiple times?) before - I'm too lazy to use the search function... But anyway, just wondering which team would be better: The best lefties of all time or the best righties? Random rules: 4 starters and 4 back-ups per team. No ranking within starting 4 or the 4 guys...
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    A tribute to vsbabolat

    I've been visiting this section of the forum for quite some time now, and have seen some members providing really valuable information and insight into the world of tennis racquets. Today, I'd like to say thank you to an esteemed member who in my own opinion has made a great contribution to the...
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    Wilson re-issue (2015 Blade 98)?

    Hi there at TW, seeing that Wilson does do re-issues from time to time, is there any chance they might do the 2015 Blade 98 (18x20)? Seems like this is a stick still high in demand! (And of note: In Europe, there's a TW competitor who is currently selling re-issues of the 2013 Blade 98, both...
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    In a nutshell...

    Uncle Toni interview with German Tennis Magazin. Topic is the philosophy behing the Rafa Nadal Academy ( Note that the following quote is about training with kids and adolescents in general (so not about...
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    Can't believe I'm starting a thread! Anyway, here's something I didn't quite expect. First picture shows a Völkl Tour 10 Mid on top of an i.Prestige Mid. The Völkl has a 93in² head size, while the Head - well, let's generously call it a 90in² thanks to rounding ;) I'd say that's a large...
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    Head Graphite Pro TF

    Picked up a Graphite Pro Twaron Fiber in great condition - minus the grommets, which disintegrated quickly, which is, of course, to be expected with these old Head racquets :confused: It's the constant beam version, which Head is rumoured to have made for Boris Becker in order to entice him to...
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    How do you pronounce "Prince"?

    [Pranz]? [Prenz]? [Symbol]?
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    So I played on indoor hard for the first time

    and I absolutely hated it... The hardcourt type in question was "Hardcourt Greenset" - now I don't know anything about types of hardcourts and their evolution. The court manager claimed Greenset is easy on the joints, but my feet were hurting after 60 minutes of play, especially the toes...
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    Racquet musings

    There it is - I'm still enjoying hunting for racquets I want, but I'm having so much fun using my Fischer and Pacific racquets right now, I've even started typing 'racquet' instead of 'racket'... I don't know where this is leading me. Time to consolidate the collection? Get rid of racquets I...
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    "Put your head down and skate" - NHL 2016/17

    Yes, it’s that time of the year again! The World Cup of Hockey will wrap up with Team Canada winning yet another trophy on the biggest international stage, and then attention will shift to the NHL 2016/17 campaign. Who will win the Stanley Cup, who will surprise and who will disappoint are the...
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    MG Radical MP - original vs. re-issue

    Hi there, does anyone happen to know if the MG Radical MP re-issue has ever been available unstrung? My take is it's always pre-strung at the factory, but I'm not completely sure. Thanks for your help!
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    Novak out again!

    Lost to Blaz Rola at the Prague Challenger today. Is he going to be a better doubles than singles player? He did reach the final at Kitzbühel, teaming up with Thiem.
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    Racquet specifications

    Maybe this has been suggested before, but with the well-known poor quality control of most racquet manufacturers, I would love to have more information regarding the reported racquet specs on TW's product pages. I understand you report the average numbers concerning (all strung) weight, balance...
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    Your favourite racket in the < 95 in² category

    I love my Prestige "Mid", have two TGT292.1 at the moment. - When I was a kid, the Prestige Pro was already a "mystical" stick, and that was just a few years after its introduction. In the early 90ies, I received a brown Prestige Pro and a burgundy-red/brown Prestige Pro from my dad, but a...
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    Super Rugby 2016

    Sooo we're already in round 9 of the 2016 season, and it's not really a big surprise the teams to beat are all NZL-based. However, some exciting rugby is also being played by the Lions, which on paper don't have a star-studded roster as some of the other teams in the competition. And this year...
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    Pain in knee cap - which shoes?

    Hi there, I am experiencing some pain in my knee cap for the first time in my life. Went to a doctor and the diagnosis was nothing serious, just some irritation in the cap and I'm to take it easy for a few weeks. But as I need new shoes for the clay season, maybe someone here can help me out as...
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    Cuevas frame

    Anyone else think the clear YTIG CAPs look good on the black/red paint job? I like it!
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    Brown again... It's just unbelievable what this guy can do with his racket.
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    Didn't know costs of making Prince O3-EXO3 rackets was so high...

    Old video from 2010 (and it's in German), but if it takes about 5-6 times as long to prepare the mould of a O3-EXO3 racket as compared to a traditional grommets style racket, I can see why Prince abandoned the holes.
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    Hard vs. clay courts

    Apologies if this topic has been covered at length already here, but I was talking to a guy who played some US college tennis last year, and he told me the omnipresent hard courts (he grew up on clay) were not only incredibly hard on his body (ice, ice, baby!) and shoes, but also on his rackets...
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    Prince 2016

    Anyone seen this racket held by Jozef Kovalik? Is that a new Tour with a 95/98 head size? Love the color scheme on this one.
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    Apologies if posted elsewhere, but I'm glad that finally some new American pros are starting to establish themselves within the top echelon on the tour: Sock and Johnson are doing it, and now Young is picking up steam again, too. Add Kudla, maybe. And that's not even yet considering the younger...
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    Sticks and pucks - NHL 15/16 is upon us...

    Starting this wednesday. What are your expectations and predictions? How is your favorite team going to fare? From Lord Stanley's cup to a prize named Auston Matthews, there's a lot of hockey to be played. Making some mainstream preditions here myself: Ducks vs. Bolts for the cup, Yotes and...
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    Some (not too) subtle suggestions to make tournaments more exciting again...

    Ok, so I look up the draw for Halle and see Roger up against Kohl in round 1. - I'm thinking to myself "whoa, that could be tricky" and immediately realize that's what tournaments should be about: Interesting matches right from the start. I've grown so tired of seeing these Mickey Mouse draws...
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    Head LiquidMetal Radical OS

    A hidden gem, this one? I just got two NOS and MIA, will slap on leather grips and possibly 2 overgrips each to make them more headlight, but apart from that, I suppose they are quite nice :)