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  1. DNShade

    John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

    Just an easy way of getting a mark to sync sound - like clapping etc. Very common. Still done today even with top of the line HD cams when you are recording sound separately.
  2. DNShade

    UCLA area March 24-28

    You can play at the Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA - former home of the LA Open - anytime if there isn't an event or the teams are practicing or playing a match etc - for free. Stadium courts and outside courts. There are the Sycamore courts as well at UCLA which are nice too. Parking is...
  3. DNShade

    Espn/disney/abc must be furious

    Since ESPN is basically part of ABC which is all owned by Disney this was a just a decision on where to air - it's not like ABC outbid for it or anything. I'm sure they were disappointed but I doubt it was a major loss money wise.
  4. DNShade

    Why do people think underhand serves are disrespectful?

    Like a drop shot is a sucker punch? Or hitting to the area in the court where the opponent isn't? Or do you think you should call out exactly where you are intending to hit the ball every time and only hit it directly to your opponent at a nice respectful pace and right into their strike...
  5. DNShade

    Serena foot faulting on match point.

    NEVER is a warning given on a foot fault in a pro event. Not something that happens - EVER. Just like when you hit a ball long they don't give you a warning to "try to keep the ball in play next time" - but we'll give you the point. Come on. Do people even play tennis out here???? A foot...
  6. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Finally played with the Dunlop AO balls today. Got some good hitting and play in. Felt quite good. Reminded me of the old Dunlop A player balls back in the day and the Slazenger Wimbledon balls. They lasted well even after a good amount of time on court with a very consistent bounce. They...
  7. DNShade

    Gilbert does have the best nicknames

    Darren "Killer" Cahill is responsible for "Rusty"back when Hewitt was a youngster. He resembled Rusty Griswold from Vacation.
  8. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    I figured that Head/Penn would have to do something like that. Interesting. I'll let you know how the Dunlop AO balls play as soon as it stops raining out here in sunny California ha. I have a lot of experience with pretty much all companies balls - including the many types of other...
  9. DNShade

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Reverse slice technically - although people often just call it reverse serve.
  10. DNShade

    Dunlop Ball Partner for ATP

    I said this a few days ago in the AO ball thread that I had heard that Dunlop was going to be the new ATP ball Guess my sources were correct:
  11. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Yep what I heard is true - it's official:
  12. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Don't know what's going to happen with the Head/Penn ATP balls. I just heard that Dunlop was going to be the official ATP ball for tour events etc. We'll have to see.
  13. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Yeah - the Head/Penn ATP is good ball. I'll see how the AO Dunlop stacks up.
  14. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Just picked up some AO balls today. Will let you know how they play. And not sure if it's been reported or not - but apparently Dunlop is going to be the official ATP ball for all events replacing Penn ATP.
  15. DNShade

    Could you beat either one of these 70 yr olds? (Full match highlights)

    Exactly. And if anyone thinks that when they step out on the court with Mac that it's just a fun exhibition - that doesn't last long. Mac is still very competitive with Andy and with Haas who just came off the ATP beating Fed. Now are Andy and Tommy at their peak ATP level - of course not...
  16. DNShade

    How to get timing like Agassi?

    Donnie, you're out of your element!
  17. DNShade

    How to get timing like Agassi?

    So much wrong with that entire statement it's really quite amazing. Well done. Let's see - Prime Agassi was pretty much owned by Sampras even with Pete's "bad backhand" and yet somehow "old man Andre" with the major back issue had no problem being competitive with peak Fed, young upstart...
  18. DNShade

    Fed confirms the USO court is almost as slow as clay

    Um...No. Aussie has used Wilson AO balls for years. For 2019 they signed a deal with Dunlop so the new ball will be a Dunlop ball.
  19. DNShade

    just tuned into a match on Louis Armstrong...

    I was going to start a thread about this very thing!!! How the he11 in 2018 can the USTA or whoever made this decision think that this camera placement was ok? Unbelievable! We had court level cameras in Armstrong stadium in the 70's and 80's for f's sake. Now I'm getting nosebleed and...
  20. DNShade

    Bosworth 96

    Yeah it really just comes down to a feel and personal preference. There isn't anything different quality-wise. Both are top notch frames and basically are top level pro stock that you can have arranged to your specs and purchase directly.
  21. DNShade

    Bosworth 96

    I have the the Vantage version of the (same exact stick just got them before Paul changed the name) of the Angell TC 95 - 63 RA - 300g 12ptsHL with some added weight from myself. They play like the older Dunlop pro stocks I have which should be no surprise. Very nice frames. They and the...
  22. DNShade

    Bosworth 96

    That's an idea - ha. I spend most of my time at my house right in the San Luis Obispo area these days so anyone who is going to swing by Tennis Warehouse or just be in the area is more than happy to hit me up to meet for a hit and can try out any of my way too many sticks. Bosworth...
  23. DNShade

    Bosworth 96

    You can contact Jay or anyone at Bosworth and they will tell you the exact setup of Radek, Martina, Lendl etc. They can even set up a stick to be exactly like Radek's. I believe he had the grommet/bumper guard removed if I remember what Jay told me correctly.
  24. DNShade

    Bosworth 96

    I have three Bosworth Tour 96s. Very nice sticks - very good quality. Very much an old school solid pro stock feel to them. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I have always much preferred heavier solid frames myself.
  25. DNShade

    Forehand Tennis Serve

    Brian's serves are totally legal. He has played multiple ATP events. Been discussed to death many times.
  26. DNShade

    Forehand Tennis Serve

    THIS. What kind of delusional dimension is this guy inhabiting that makes him think he has the requisite skill, knowledge or experience to advise or "teach" anyone anything about tennis? He's writing articles? Seriously? With one look it is obvious that he is just some rec player (4.0 as...
  27. DNShade

    Santa Barbara 7/1-7/6 4.0

    That's too bad, sorry to hear that. Well obviously let me know when you are out this way again. It is a great area. I do make it out to AZ now and then and might be out there soon. So let's keep in touch. Feel better!
  28. DNShade

    How fast is this serve?

    100% correct.
  29. DNShade

    How fast is this serve?

    NOT reliable at all. This "how high it hits on the fence" is not an indicator of speed at all. By the way that's a decent looking serve so far. Much better than most of the guys chiming it to give you advice and tell you how slow your serve is I'm quite sure. Keep at it.