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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    For anyone that has mild to a lot of arm pain, try using an anti vibrator. I used to get pain with Tour Bite in my Ultra Tour however when I tried it out with the Anti Vibrator, 0 pain. I like it :)
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    I have not tried Yonex Poly Tour Pro. I was stringing for this guy who used it in his modified Yonex DR100. From stringing it felt softer than Tour Bite and the black version felt kinda dimpled like Alu Power Rough but not that dimpled. It was really easy to weave in the crosses unlike Tour...
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Imo depends totally on the player and what the player can afford. I mean, our team uses just Solinco Tour Bite and we have 2 players (before the new ranking system of 2019) at 500 ATP, 1 at 1400 ATP, 2 at 1600 ATP and then theres me :) But when I strung some rackets for some players at a tourny...
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Well, I think I found my string for now. Solinco Tour Bite 1.25 strung at 46 pounds. Seems to play good in the Ultra Tour to be honest. Liked the feeling I got, a little like Alu Power. And my coach gets the reels quite cheap (75 euros a reel compared to 135 retail). Thank you very much to...
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Well, I tried Tour Bite soft today and that is a big no no for me. Strung at 50 pounds (Used 47 pounds in 18x20 blade) and the darn thing lost tension so quick! More than Alu Power for my feeling. Will try regular tourbite tomorrow strung at 44 pounds, see how my arm holds up. I wanted to ask...
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    Home Stringers: Go Hard or Go Home

    Where I live everyone uses RPM Blast or Head Sonic Pro... So I'd think those
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Dang whats up with all the funky and different strings. Half of the strings mentioned I've never even heard about!
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Ive tried Hyper G (46 pounds)/alu power (51 pounds) and i didnt like it at all. too much for my arm. I tried Tour Bite (47 pounds)/alu power (51 pounds) and disliked it more lol! Ive tried Alu power (52 pounds)/Original (49 pounds) and liked that combo a lot. Regular Tour Bite. I completely...
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    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    Hello! I am looking for a string cheaper and similar to alu power 1.25. I want to change because it isnt quite friendly on the wallet (well for me its 170 euros a reel) and I break really fast. About 1 hour in my Wilson Ultra tour 97. I am going to try Solinco tour bite again, see how it feels...
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    Good string combos?

    hello all I would like to ask you guys what your string combos are recommendations for a wilson ultra tour or head prestige. What are some good strings? I tried out luxilon alu power/luxilon original and i really liked it, any other recommendations? Thank you, J.
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    Wanted: Wilson Ultra Tour 97

    Hello all. I am looking for 1 (preferably 2) Wilson Ultra Tour 97. Racket preferably almost new. A 9.0 or 10... Preferably in grip 2. Please let me know Thank you, Jelle K.
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    Wanted: Wilson Blade 98 2015 18x20

    Hello! I am looking for some wilson blade 98 2015 18x20 304g rackets. preferably in grip 3, if not grip 2 is also good. Rackets preferably almost new, a condition 7 is also fine. The more available, the merrier ofcourse. Please let me know. Thank you, J.
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    Yonex Duel G line vs Wilson Blade

    On the Wilson Blade I use a Grip size 2 with a wilson leather grip but I have 'fattened' up the grip so I would say a 3 but a bit thinner. I know, its stupid. For strings I'm using Solinco Tour Bite. Thank you very much! I think I'll buy the Duel G 97 310g to demo for 130 euros. I am more of a...
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    Yonex Duel G line vs Wilson Blade

    Hello all, I currently use the Wilson Blade 98 18x20 2015 paint job with 3grams of lead at 3 and 9 o'clock and a wilson leather grip. I was wondering if you guys could tell me a bit more about the Yonex Duel G 97 310g and the Yonex Duel G 100 300g and how they compare to the Wilson Blade 98...
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    About to buy some gear...

    Hello all I'm planning to buy some tennis gear worth about 100 euros. The seller is based in Spain Europe however he said that he ships directly from the manufacturer in China. Being based in Spain myself too, would I have to pay import taxes? Thank you, J.
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    Head hawk touch in prestige MP?

    Has anyone tried this combination before? The head hawk touch in the head prestige MP? I used to play with Alu power but loses the tension so friggin fast J.
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    Grommets for pro stocks

    Yes, 98 sqin and 18x20 string pattern. Thank you very much!
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    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Anyone know where to get pro stock grommets?
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    Grommets for pro stocks

    Hello all. I play with the head TGT 293.2 pro stock in Graphene XT prestige paint and it is in need of some new grommets. Could I use the retail grommets from a head prestige MP Graphene XT on my pro stock TGT 293.2? And does anyone know where I can get pro stock grommets? Any help or...
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    Which Prestige MP from the lineup?

    Hello all I am going to be switching back to the head prestige MP and I would like some input from you people here on the forum which generation/model do you prefer. Do you prefer the? Grapehene Grapehene XT Graphene touch Youtek (ig) Microgel iPrestige Liquid metal Etc. Any input on how...
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    Going to Try Out the Yonex Series. Need help!

    Hello all I currently play with the Wilson Blade 98 16x19 countervail with the Wilson Revolve Spin 1.25mm strings strung at 22.5 kg and 3.62g lead weight at 3 and 9 o clock. I am going to try out the Yonex series. So I have 4 candidates - Yonex EZONE DR 98 (310g) - Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) -...
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    Does the Grommet on the previous version work on the new Wilson Blade 98 16/19 Countervail?

    My question today is does the Grommet on the previous version blade 98 16/19 work on the newer Wilson Blade 98 16/19 Countervail?
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    Are my rackets dying and why does it 'my' model feel different compared to the newer model?

    Update; I snapped the strings on racket 1 and I looked under the bumper guard for inspection and I noticed a crack at 9 o clock. It only runs half way around in the frame if you get what I mean. Could I restring it?
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    Are my rackets dying and why does it 'my' model feel different compared to the newer model?

    Never. Since I play on clay (not even my best surface because of the pace speed. Prefer hard) my grommets don't really grind away. The ocassional tournament on Hard I do notice that they wear away faster. On my racket 1 & 2 I notice that there are quite some cracks (or just the paint peeling...
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    Tennis Bag Size: Whats YOUR preffered size? (And whats in your bag)

    What I take with me to a regular training day 1x Head Tour Team 12R Monstercombi (Not available anymore) 4x rackets 2x 200m reel of strings 2x tennis balls 1x towel 1x elastic hard 1x elastic medium 1x skipping rope 1x pair of socks 1x shirt 10x tourna tac grips 10x head xtreme soft grips 1x...
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    Are my rackets dying and why does it 'my' model feel different compared to the newer model?

    Hello all, As you may know I play with the Head Prestige MP (the second latest generation (Here's a link to them (I think that's how you put it, I'm not sure, I have absolutely no knowledge on rackets or...
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    Lookin' for a new stick

    Hello all New to these forums and I am looking for a new racket. I don't really need a new one but the coaches and the head coach all say I need a new racket. I currently play with the Head Prestige MP with Luxilon Alu Power Soft 125 strings and Tourna Grips. My grip size is orginially a 3 but...