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    Nadal US Open 2017 Shirts

    Pink/Black, Black/Pink, Black/Blue variations. Size Medium or Large. EMail me:
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    Nike 2005 Cool Motion Shorts (Holes on the back)

    As pictured. Sizes Small, Medium or Large preferred. Colours come in White, Blue and Black. Email -
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    Nike 2005 Sleeveless Shirts

    Colours come in Blue, White, Green, Black and Red. Faded pattern at the back as shown. Any size is fine by me :) Email -
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    Federer London 2012 Polo

    Will consider any size. EMail me -
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    David Le - Platinum Experience!

    Thank you @David Le for a wonderful transaction. Pleasant to deal with all the way! - From the buyer
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    Federer Miami/Rome 2006 Shirt

    Looking for this in any size :)
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    Beware new scammer tactic

    I had someone email me about an item I posted, even going as far as sending me a fraudulent Paypal email showing that 'payment' had been made. If I were not an experienced user who knew what an authentic payment email looks like, and to also check my Paypal funds for any incoming payments - I...
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    FS: Nike Federer Aus Open 2005 Blue Shirt Size MEDIUM

    Item Description (Brand) - Nike Federer Aus Open 2005 Blue Shirt Size MEDIUM Quantity: 1 Size: Medium Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used 6 times over a 3-year period. Otherwise the shirt has been stored safely away in a...
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    POLL: Federer's best tournament showing this year for 2017

    I voted for Shanghai just based on some of the outrageous attacking play and the way he overcame Delpo who was firing.
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    PERFECT purchase from raymond089

    I recently bought a Federer Aus Open 2005 shirt in medium from raymond089. Throughout the whole process, he was perfect. He provided clear communication and tracking details of the shirt. And his judgement on it's condition was thorough and exceptional. Thank you again mate!!!
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    Difference between hitting new and older balls

    Can anybody explain the difference between hitting a set of fresh new balls, compared to when they get older? I ask this in regards to how much more or how much less power you should be putting into balls that are older to keep them in and promote the right amount of topspin. Just curious to...
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    prostaff1 does it again. Second deal!

    Did another great deal with this seller. Excellent communication and very patient, even with other interested parties in his items he was able to discuss a deal with me and we finalised it again without issues. I cannot recommend prostaff1 aka N.S. any more highly! Thank you again.
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    WilsonD93 is a premium trader!

    I made a trade for some classic Nike items with David Wilson, and I am very satisfied. Excellent communication throughout the process and efficient steps taken to ensure accuracy and security of the items. Will hope to trade again in the future. Thanks mate!
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    WestCoastAce - excellent buyer

    Just sold a shirt to this guy. Very pleasant and easy to deal with. Also good for a chat. Thanks again mate :) I hope you enjoy the shirt you've been chasing for 11 years as much as you hope to!
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    prostaff1 is the perfect model seller!

    I had the best experience as a buyer with prostaff1. Fantastic communication, very friendly and happy to negotiate and discuss different options. I received my racquets today and they are in top shape! Exactly as described with conservative ratings. Really happy :)
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed Shoes

    Any colour and size considered. Email -
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    String recommendation wanted

    Hey all, I've just start learning how to play properly last month, after being an occasional ball banger for many years. I use WIlson nCode Six-One 90 and 95 racquets. With all of the talk of different racquets and the hundreds of strings out there, it's easy to get lost in the confusion. My...
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    Working 1-on-1 with coach

    Hey everyone, I've started getting one-to-one coaching with a young guy. I find his coaching methods to work really well with my game. I've had a greater improvement that I could have anticipated, and he picks up on the little things that I need to be mindful of in my execution. The only thing...
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    Yonex Super RD Tour 95

    Would prefer with 4 1/2, L4 grip. Email me -
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    Wilson nCode SIx-One 90 or 95

    Looking for these. Condition isn't a major factor, as long as it's not trashed/missing big spots of paint. Would prefer a 4 1/2, L4 grip. I have big hands. EMail me -
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    Quad engagement during serving

    I have just started putting work into my serve. I feel that my action requires a conditioned quad area, specifically the rectus femoris in the front leg. This comes into play when I am pushing off my front leg for the serve action. The day after it's feeling the effects of a good session and in...
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    Lleyton Hewitt Davis Cup 2003 Shirt

    Wanted in any size. Email -
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    Nadal Miami 2008 Chill Blue Sleeveless Shirt

    Wanted in any size, as pictured. Email me -
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    Advice wanted on solo practice methods

    Hey all, I have just signed up for a membership in my new area. And I couldn't believe the value. It was USD $60 for a whole year. I get to access the courts between 6 am and 10 pm, plus access to an indoor gym. But I won't have many playing partners until I start socializing and networking...
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    Yonie is a very helpful and top level trader!

    I put up an ad for a Federer Cincinnati 2015 polo, and received a reply from Yonie who offered to buy one from his local shop and send it to me. Only at the cost of the shirt and shipping. Such a wonderfully generous gesture. Sure enough the shirt arrived today in very quick time. Thank you so...
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    Djokovic Aus Open 2008 night shirt

    Any size is fine. Email me -
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    Federer Cincinnati 2015 Pink Henley

    Size Medium or Large preferred. Will pay a fair price. Email
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    James Blake J-Block Shirt

    Looking for this in any size. EMail me - Cheers!
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    Isingh - Great buyer and great guy!

    I sold a shirt to isingh recently and he was a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly and easy going. Will gladly do business again!
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    dgbeclih600 is a first class seller!

    I recently purchased a shirt from this guy. Swift communication and quick service. Tracking details included. Thanks very much for your CUSTOM!