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  1. sonicare

    Novak Djokovic LONG 1 hour interview/podcast

    go watch it now!!!!! my god, i didn't think i could like him more than i already did. really nice guy
  2. sonicare

    Novak Djokovic LONG 1 hour interview/podcast

    go watch it now!!!!! my god, i didn't think i could like him more than i already did. really nice guy
  3. sonicare

    Tennis stats that make no sense

    Djokovic having only 1 USO and 2 wimbledons. Makes no sense. he is a much better hard court player than he is a grass court player. Made 5 finals at USO but only 1 title. And its not like he got cupcake draws at wimby. Beat nadal and federer to get his titles. makes no sense to me. Another...
  4. sonicare

    Peak Nadal's ownage

    Say what you want about nadal and goat hood. Fact of the matter is that right in the middle of nadal's peak, he got owned by the Serbian machine. 7 big finals across all 3 surfaces. Has this ever happened to a supposed goat candidate ? How can you be in the discussion of goatness when...
  5. sonicare

    Dominance or Longevity

    4 slams in a year vs 1 a year for 4 years 3 slams a year for 2 years in a row vs 1 slam a year for 6 years 2 slams a year for 3 consecutive years vs 1 a year for 6 years What do you guys think? Personally, I would take the former is all 3 of the above scenarios.
  6. sonicare

    Great interview with jimmy connors

    35 minutes of pure joy
  7. sonicare

    LTA chief executive getting paid £640,000 a year

    WTF Failure after Failure after Failure. Does anyone know if Andy Murray is a product of the LTA?
  8. sonicare

    Normalizing Björn Borg's slam count

    This is something I have been thinking about for a while. We need to normalize Borg's slam count because he played in a 3 slams/year era. So we have 2 options: - simple maths = 11 x 4/3 is approximately 15 slams. - add the most important non slam tournament that he won to his slam count...
  9. sonicare

    Pete Sampras Serve - Nostalgic Nonsense Breakdown Series 1 Episode 1

    Welcome everyone to my Nostalgic Nonsense Breakdown Series referred to as NN-BS in the rest of this post. Now that we have a 2 months break until we see some tennis again, I have decided to take some time out and educate some of the nostalgic peeps on this forum. It is a great opportunity for...
  10. sonicare

    Victor Conte and doping in tennis (Lendl, Rusedski, Chang and Sharapova)

    Right, For those of you know don't know who Victor is. He is the guy who helped Marian Jones pass hundreds of tests while doping her to the gills. He is the founder of BALCO. You guys remember Balco? read here...
  11. sonicare

    The GOAT is amongst us

    Hear me out... Del potro and raonic are the same height. Del poto may even be a bit taller. So, theoretically, Delpotro could have a serve like raonic Del potro with raonic's serve = GOAT Discuss and amuse me
  12. sonicare

    Deliciano Looking good

    Will win America's next top model. Discuss!!
  13. sonicare

    Australian open boycott? Whats going on here?
  14. sonicare

    Bigger star?

    Borg in his heyday? Or federer / nadal ? Can some old timers tell me? Also, who did more for the game as a whole?
  15. sonicare

    Why were all of these so called greats banned from slams?

    Someone just riddle me this. 1. Were they banned in the sense of "we don't like you so we will ban you for no reason" Or 2. were they banned in the sense of "I have to pick between x and y and I chose x even though I could have chosen y" I don't see option 2 as being banned. It's like me...
  16. sonicare

    Will nadal match federer's Olympic medal count?

    Federer won gold 4 years ago and had now added a silver. Nadal only has the gold. Will nadal be around in rio in 4 years time to match fed maestro or Is this going to be another area where fed is better than nadal ? Please respond. Looking forward to some thoughtful discussions.
  17. sonicare

    This is why Murray doesn't have a slam

    He arguably has the worst forehand in the top 10. And no, don't post some highlight video of him hitting winners. I am talking day in day out forehand. His is the worst in the top 10. Here is the current top ten 1 jokovic, Novak - leagues above murray and can take DTL consistently...
  18. sonicare

    Will nadal ever dominate roland garros?

    Like fed dominated wimbledon and us open? He needs to win 5 roland garros in a row to dominate a slam He needs to win 3 more in a row. Do you think he can pull if off? P.s. if you lose before winning 5 in a row, it resets. Just like a video game. You are back on level 1 Please respond.
  19. sonicare

    Rafa Nole Rome final on Indoor hardcourt

    and then Murray wins the french open. greatest clay season ever
  20. sonicare

    Most aces in a game?

    I was watching a isner match and he kept saving break points with aces. i think he hit like 5 aces in that one game and held. Does anyone know the record for the number of clean aces in one game?
  21. sonicare

    Rep system

    Can the mods please incorporate a rep system for posters? I think it would be good and highlight people who contribute a lot to the forum and also show people who troll on a regular basis. thanks
  22. sonicare

    Federer vs Kuerten enjoy :)
  23. sonicare

    Better at net? Murray or Djokovic?

    And remember gents
  24. sonicare

    How in the world do you hit this backhand? Its absolutely insane. How the hell did he manage to hit like a reverse banana shot. Watch closely and the ball swings in the air away from davydenko. pure madness.. never seen anything like it
  25. sonicare

    The physicality of todays match

    I keep hearing people saying that djokovic's style of play is physical which it is but not even close the nadals in terms of physicality. This got me thinking lets say that a total of 100 energy tokens were spent today on court. How much of those were nadal/djokovic. I would say djokovic 40%...
  26. sonicare

    Andy Murray tries the federer gillete trick shot Hilarious. LMAO
  27. sonicare

    What do you think of this "best of 3/5" compromise?

    Only in certain matches. Maybe master fnals and WTF finals. You have to win by 2 clear sets unless you get to 3. So, 2-0, you win 1-1, you gotta play first to 3 I think it is a good compromise and makes the matches even more dynamic
  28. sonicare

    Porn... tennis porn

    Just go watch this and appreciate the 1 handed backhand greatness and all court tennis. Tennis played like it should be
  29. sonicare

    Roger federer explored... Look what I found kids

    Come at me
  30. sonicare

    Marian Vajda: An Interview with a Living Legend Great interview. Props to him, very knowledgeable and honest.